Views Around The House

I apologise for not having something better to upload today but by gosh I just don’t feel like going anywhere today. One of the perks of retired life eh? So I grabbed the Nikon and grabbed some images from the front and back yards. This set is the front yard plus another look toward the end of the street at those beautiful foothills just west of me about four miles. The photo of the distant foothills is highly cropped to protect the privacy of my neighbours… 😎

On Top of The Deck

Here is another photo from yesterday on the top floor of the parking deck. The clouds were still hanging low in the morning, it became sunny later in the day which leads me to say that this morning is gloriously sunny but the NWS says there is a huge batch of rain moving north from California that will bring possible flash flooding to Las Vegas late today and into tomorrow.

And I just cleaned my truck up again dammit! Hey, we need the rain so badly, bring it on. The desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for a very long time now. I wish we could get enough rain to keep Lake Mead at full pond where it hasn’t been since the 1980’s.

Cloud Capped

I snapped these two photos this afternoon, you are looking north to northeast at the Las Vegas Range on the north end of the valley. Gass Peak at 6,943 feet is hidden in those clouds. Beautiful!

East by Northeast

It’s such a beautiful day today I just had to get my bum out of the house! I am aware that the photo of the Strip is redundant but I want to show you how clear the valley looks on these very windy days here. The gusts are around forty miles per hour, not as strong as other windy days but look how clear it is looking east! The other photo is looking northeast where you see the Las Vegas Range which tops out about 6000 feet high, the photo/lens doesn’t render them that way though.

I need the 70-200mm zoom lens!

The Crossing

Just a random photo here, this is where Charleston Boulevard crosses the two fifteen freeway with a dandy view beyond. The lens renders those foothills looking much smaller than they actually are.

East, North or South?

Your looking east here from a few hundred foot above the valley floor. Behind me are some small foothills at around three thousand feet or so. Which way will you choose? Head north, hop off at Ann Road, there are some great shopping opportunities and food options.

Head south, you’ll come to Red Rock Hotel and Casino at Charleston Boulevard along with great food and shopping in Downtown Summerlin! If you like, I can be your tour guide LOL!! 😎

Dark World

I snapped this photo when leaving the spillway a bit ago, going for dark and grungy… It’s kind of dark today anyway! Plate Tectonics did a fine job of pushing that rock to about 45 degrees.

A Drone’s Southern View

One more image taken by the DJI drone a couple or three years ago. The Red Rock Escarpment is seen on the right, the road is Charleston Boulevard seen snaking it’s way south where it will terminate at SR160 or Blue Diamond Road. SR160 crosses this image east to west very distant in the image and isn’t visible of course. SR160 west from this point will take you to about 5500ft ASL at Mountain Springs, NV. Continue west and you will arrive in Pahrump, NV in about thirty minutes.

Passing Views

To the right side of the image you’ll see a shadow of another vehicle aft of me. This tells me that I had the Nikon in my right hand and had turned it almost completely around to take this photo whilst I was driving. Children, I do not recommend this! All things considered, this was a lucky snap regardless of the crappy image quality… Oh well. 😂👍🏻

Sunlight and Snow Showers

Look closely, you’ll see the little snowflakes and that the sunshine has found an open shaft through which to touch the Earth. In the distance is our lovely Red Rock Escarpment shrouded in snow. I’m moving north at this point on Charleston Boulevard heading for home, as I move along I pass through zones of both snow and rain as the elevation is around 4000 foot ASL.



In this image note the tiny looking pickup truck then note the distance to the base of the Escarpment. My best estimate is one mile as I’ve hiked this distance elsewhere along the escarpment. As I like to say, distance in the desert isn’t the same as back in Michigan. It’s more difficult for me to discern this out here.


Looking North along the Red Rock Escarpment

In these two images when you look beyond the Joshua trees you are looking roughly northwest along the ancient fault line known as the Red Rock Escarpment. I searched for some geologic research papers on the geology of this wonderful piece of art but found nothing I liked to link to.


The west side of this fault line has sloping mountainous terrain and is part of the beautiful Lovell Canyon. I wish I had the health to hike into these mountains as it’s so beautiful on the Lovell Canyon side as well. I’ll wrap up this rather large set I took with the new Nikon Z-6 camera today.


Blue Sky and Palms

A few snaps from today. The road photo is looking west toward some foothills. I had just left a gardening place where I asked for advice on the proper time of year to prune my Mediterranean Fan Palm. Turns out this is not the proper time of year to prune it, it should be pruned only in the hot months during our scorcher summers. The palms are in my backyard… 😎


What’s Left…

Bonnie Springs Ranch was a nice place to visit. Today, some former employees are possibly still searching for work. Thanks so much to those greedy land developers who will eventually build homes here. Last I checked, you can’t take your supposed wealth with you to Heaven…


Dried Up Seed Pods and Beautiful Mojave Views

I had these ten photos already processed so why not upload them… I’m amazed at how much better I feel (though not outta the wood) after taking these apparently very powerful antibiotics. Wow. My lungs are much less irritated or ‘on fire’ since yesterday. Thank God for these drugs, and the many other drugs I take each day that keep my body going.

I am still very surprised at the difference this Nikon mirrorless camera makes in my amateur photographs, wow. It makes me look like I really know what I’m doing behind the camera lens! I’ve plenty of photos left to process which is a good thing because I’m going to be laying very low for the next two days to allow my strength to return. Here’s the latest set.


Nikon Zed 6, A Set of Ten

Here is the next set from today around the Escarpment and Red Rock Canyon. I went out there today because tomorrow is supposed to bring the valley about a quarter inch of rain. The desert southwest needs this rain so badly which leads me to say that it pretty much sucks that the southeast is being almost drown in rain and snow right now. Dammit.

Anyway, the more I use this camera the more I love it. There are still a few things I need to set up in the camera’s Settings, but man I’m completely sold on this Mirrorless camera. The color and clarity is so superiour in my non-professional opinion… Money well spent!


So Far I’m Very Pleased!

This morning I headed out of the city for my usual haunts around Red Rock Canyon, stopping at my favorite locations. While I am still learning the camera settings, the Nikon Z6 series is a hit with me. The clarity of the images is superiour to the Nikon D3300 but I guess it should be with the advances in technology and the fact that this camera is mirrorless.

That is to me what makes the largest difference. I used P mode almost exclusively, and manual focus as well. The Auto Focus or AF often won’t lock in clearly on some subjects. Some of the lenses I used on the D3300 body had the option for manual or auto focus which I did use both but this camera seems to work or like the manual focus mode better.

Much more to come, I’m looking forward to processing the Landscape photos.