20 20 Vision

Good news from the eye doctor, my eyeballs aren’t falling out! My eyes are in great condition inside, there are no blood vessel issues or anything else, wonderful. I do have 20-20 vision by the way. These not-so-good photos were taken quickly while driving obviously, don’t you ever do this yourself!

The Gouge Is Getting Better

Yeah I know, this is gross! But at least the damn thing is healing which is great for a type 2 diabetic. You really need to not damage your hands and feet but man do I mess that up! That’s a nice big slice, eh? I’m going for a bike ride shortly, catch y’all later, hopefully with no new cuts.

Fuzzy Photos For You

And, I’m not proud that they are fuzzy! I was on the way home from the doctor’s office when I grabbed these photos from the truck. I didn’t have an appointment with the doctor today, I actually had to drive to that office to ask that one of my prescriptions be refilled. Why?

This company that I won’t name has decided that their patients should call a call center to get a message to their doctor rather than simply call the actual doctor’s office. This has resulted in my being pissed off because when I called twice, I got a person whose native language is NOT English.

I had a hell of a time understanding these people and hung up both times. Hence, I actually drove to the doctor’s office this morning to get one prescription refilled. My doctor was there and actually came out to the waiting area to apologise for this problem which is also messing him up too.

He is finding prescription refill requests from LAST WEEK! He apologised a couple of times and I said no worries, it’s not your fault, Doctor. He suggested that I contact the company and give them my two cents about this crap which I will do shortly. Thanks for reading this nonsense because that is what it is.

When my doctor’s contract is up with that company, he is moving on and I will go with him to his new office.

The Devil’s In The Dust

And, that is why these photos are so fuzzy! Damn devil… I just got off the phone with a representative from my healthcare company and man was it frustrating! Why, oh why do these companies hire people that are not native English speakers? I told the man that I was having difficulty comprehending him and he tried harder. We got the job done but come on American companies! Stop pissing us off with this nonsense.

Lamps Of Tivoli

Drugs, that is what today has been about for me. I hit the pharmacy for two refills and also tried again this morning to get my doctor to call in an antibiotic or something that would help my sinus dry out. That was a joke, the guy on the other end could not speak proper English again, so I just hung up.

Our medical system was not good before Covid, today it’s slipped down a few more notches in my opinion. So frustrating! While at the pharmacy, the young lady behind the plexiglass asked me if I had received the latest version of the Covid vaccine.

It turns out that I did not have it so I rolled up my left sleeve for yet another vaccination. So far, I haven’t felt like puking! I am double-vaxxed, double-boosted, and now have a new updated Covid vaccine. We never know what each day will throw at us, do we…

After The Stress Test…

I headed out looking for food and took these photos with the 16-50mm lens along the way. Mexican food took care of that fasting hunger very quickly. I could not complete the entire treadmill portion of the test, so I was given the Lexi test to complete the treadmill. You don’t run on the treadmill, rather, you are injected with a drug laying down that makes your heart beat really fast, you sweat and you feel basically like you are going to kick the bucket! This is the second time I have had this done and man does it suck!

Patriotic Sky and Botox

These photos are from a bike ride a couple of days ago. Why would I take a photo of an ad for Botox? Because I find using it to be potentially very dangerous and I’ve never understood why anyone would allow this substance to be injected into their body.

The sign is too close to the sidewalk by the way, whoever put it there! It was tricky getting the two palm trees to pop out of the right side of that photo using an iPhone. A viewfinder would really help.