The Human Body

This wonderful print of the human body was photographed yesterday in the waiting room of my doctor’s office using the iPhone 12. I would love to have this at home, and one of the employees agrees with me. What a day it is, currently 102 very windy degrees in the valley. I took a ride to the pharmacy for a new medication doctor is having me try, then a bit of a joy ride on the way back home as the truck slipped through those powerful Mojave Desert Winds. I think of that truck as my ship of the desert. Click the pic to enlarge.

To And From

Just a few photos on the ride to and from the doctor’s office this morning. Great follow-up news from the doctor too! Today has been one of those days that I have difficulty dealing with the drivers here. I could go on a rant about what happened but I will spare you the bullchit. 😎

Tree Flowers and Red Glass

Whilst waiting to get into the doctor’s office (it was very early) I walked the sidewalk and came upon a tree with these pretty flowers all over it, and the bees were busy buzzing all over it. Not a great photo but you get the idea. The red glass is the light over my booth table at Denny’s restaurant. After fasting for sixteen hours, I was a wee bit hungry! That was cheating because I swore off eggs and hash browns… Oh well.

Throwback To Black Coffee

I miss drinking coffee. High blood pressure prevents me from enjoying the buzz and aroma in the house which totally sucks! I’ve read many articles on this subject, it seems that there is no solid evidence one way or the other on this subject but I know 100% for sure that coffee does raise my blood pressure because I have a BP machine in the kitchen always ready to go. It’s a serious daily battle that I must win each day or in time, I’ll be six feet under before my time. Everyone’s system is different and there are so many different compounds in coffee that one diagnosis could never fit everyone. Would you like to purchase my mini Mr. Coffee?