A Very Windy Time Lapse Video

Well, the weather is right on time in delivering the windstorms this autumn! My house has been making the usual creaking noises again but I trust it won’t take any damage. Many homes here are built to withstand the scorching summers and apparently the many windstorms over the cooler months. My appointment is tomorrow for the two stents to be put in, wish me luck! I hope that you are having a great Monday.

Matters Of The Heart

Well, it wasn’t good news from my cardiologist this afternoon. The CT scan of my ticker a few days ago has revealed that two of the three main arteries going into or from the heart have very bad blockages. Hence, the doctor ordered STAT what I think is called a catheterization which will lead to two stents likely be inserted into the affected areas.

Talk about a big shocker! I am a bit scared, not afraid to say so either. However, this procedure is common and has a great success rate so I am optimistic that this will turn out fine. Speaking with my family about this on the phone, people they know that have had this procedure always feel much better after it is done. My dad is getting a stent next month.

In the end, this is up to God and his plan for me, my faith is strong. I trust in Him! I’m not looking for sympathy by mentioning this, it’s private stuff but I simply want to share this with my online friends that I enjoy so much!