iPhone Photos on The Trail Two

Here are seven more iPhone snaps from the other day, not very interesting really but you do see the Strip many miles away. Best guess is around eight or nine miles southeast of my location…

iPhone Photos on The Trail

I’ve been putting off processing these iPhone photos from a couple days ago. I started down the trail intending to walk the entire circumference of the little mountain but made it about one third of that distance. My heart just… Read More ›

The Crack

I snapped this image while walking back to the trailhead, the light coming through this small crack caught my peripheral vision. I think it makes a dandy black and white too. 😎🌵

Not So Barren

Not all deserts on Planet Earth are barren wastelands, the beautiful Mojave Desert that Las Vegas sets in is a beautiful example of what the yearly Monsoon rains can bring forth in the middle of nowhere. Both of these photos… Read More ›

On The Way Home

Heading home yesterday from the canyon I took the ‘back roads’ and grabbed these photos which include Downtown Las Vegas too. Those huge water tanks mounted high up are for tanker trucks to get water from for dust control. Controlling… Read More ›

Along The Trail

I didn’t intend to take a short hike yesterday but I did and was very surprised at how well I did walking up the gentle ups and downs of this trail I’d been on several times in seven years here…. Read More ›

Scooter Train

So today I got my bum off this couch and took a ride into the desert. Such a beautiful day, I just gotta get outta here! I snapped tons of photos of course, here is the first set. I’ve seen… Read More ›