Pulling Out The Oldies

These photos were downloaded from my SSD back drive. After looking at them and the file numbers, I realised that these are some of the very first photos I took with the old Nikon D3300 camera. And I still regret selling that camera. These photos were captured at the state park near Red Rock Canyon, and up against the Escarpment, or fault line. One great thing about that old camera is that it never had the dust intrusion problem that this Nikon Z6 series has had.

A Palmy Day

Good morning from my backyard where it’s 41 degrees currently, a high of 57 is forecast for today. Meanwhile, back home in Michigan, it’s 32 with a high of 34 today. Do the math! I’ve been thinking about how much I seriously need to get out of the house much more often.

A short hike in my favorite basin sounds good, there are two other places I like to walk too so get off your couch potato ass, John! It’s getting motivated to go that’s difficult. I had a nice text chat with my dad yesterday, his left knee recently had surgery, and the knee is healing much better now, so wonderful. Nothing can slow down this 92 years young guy!

What are your plans for the coming week? Work I suppose but there’s more to life than that. I’ll try to get my ass outta the house for some new photo opportunities, and some exercise for a change!

A Super Fast Hike

Getting out of the house for a while today, I did a short hike along the west side of Lone Mountain, it’s so beautiful outside today. I stopped at the beginning of the trail that leads to the top of Lone Mountain for a moment and grabbed these photos. I really wish I had a heart that could handle the ascent to the top but it wouldn’t be a wise decision to try hiking the trail.

Hikers and A Big Birthday Party

I found a photo of that huge birthday party I mentioned the other day that I missed, it shows even better how many people were in attendance, wow. The other photo is just cars parked by hikers and climbers. Boring stuff, I am outta photos today! But that chili I made yesterday made a dandy breakfast…

Lovely Rocky Textures

And colors too! I of course knew that these wonderful textures were along the trail a fairly long way out (for me), and I wanted to capture them again.

The last time I photographed them was with the old Nikon D3300 body and different lenses.

My color-enhanced photos do a dandy job of capturing their beauty, but it’s no substitute for seeing them with your own eyeballs. I was back out there again today but didn’t hike out there again.

It took millions upon millions of years for these surfaces to look like this, imagine the stories they could tell us. Stories such as how it was to be at the bottom of warm tropical seas millions of years ago. Wow!