Lovely Rocky Textures

And colors too! I of course knew that these wonderful textures were along the trail a fairly long way out (for me), and I wanted to capture them again.

The last time I photographed them was with the old Nikon D3300 body and different lenses.

My color-enhanced photos do a dandy job of capturing their beauty, but it’s no substitute for seeing them with your own eyeballs. I was back out there again today but didn’t hike out there again.

It took millions upon millions of years for these surfaces to look like this, imagine the stories they could tell us. Stories such as how it was to be at the bottom of warm tropical seas millions of years ago. Wow!

Walking The Boardwalk

What a wonderful day this has been! My crown was cemented over tooth number 20 this morning, I then proceeded out of the city and back to Calico Basin for a walk.

This time, I just walked the Red Spring Boardwalk though, a much easier walk for my compromised heart. I took about two dozen photos, here are four of them for you.

What Kind of Plant Is This?

On the hike yesterday, this odd-looking plant was along the trail. I touched it gently, it’s very sharp! I didn’t find it in a search, but one thing is certain – you don’t dare touch it! Aren’t my old tennies so attractive? Nope.

Take A Hike!

Today’s weather is so glorious that I just have to get the heck out of the house. I hopped in the truck and headed out of the city to you guessed it, Calico Basin!

I prefer hiking here because I know I can handle the terrain fairly easily. The air temperature was hovering around 65 degrees with very little humidity at around ten percent.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002, since then I’ve adapted and know my limits. Add to this, three herniated lower lumbar’s which cause a bit of pain after a bit.

But gosh dang I refuse to allow these medical conditions to shut me down, Man! Today, I used the 24/70mm lens which was a good choice over the zoom lens for today.

there were quite a few people out there, as a courtesy to others, I wore my mask when others were near and kindly stepped off of the trail a ways to let them pass.

It’s a beautiful day to be kind to other people on the trails! These photos are from the start of the short hike before I arrived to the beautifully pattered stone I will show next.

The Tiny Hiker

Can you spot the lone tiny hiker atop Lone Mountain? Lone Mountain is around just 550 feet high and is a local favorite for residents to climb via the trail on the north slope. I’ve mentioned this little mountain in this space before. I would really love to climb the trail and summit the peak, but my little heart just isn’t into it…

Find The Toothpicks

Here is an old photo that was taken when I was hiking in Calico Basin. This entire area is a rock climber haven, there must be thousands of places to challenge these people. I admire the area for the beauty of the boulders, big rocks, and where the shallow sea that was once here, has left evidence of ancient seashores. Once an ocean, today the beautiful Mojave Desert.