It was Just Good Timing…

Late last night, I grabbed the iPhone and headed to the backyard to shoot this video.

My neigbours behind me in a different neighborhood kept the party going until around one AM. It was just happenstance that they launched another rocket just as I began recording, the recording does not capture the very deep-sounding BOOM! As the rocket launched. I was fearful for my home.

I was angry and rightly so. I hope the fireworks will be outlawed inside the city borders someday, too many people are hurt every year by these things for lack of knowledge and safety issues.

Horse On The Loose

Imagine what could happen should this larger-than-life horse actually gets loose and runs onto Charleston Boulevard? The carnage… He’s at the north entrance to a large and very high-end neighborhood. The pigeon is giving you a great glamor shot, isn’t it?

The photo of the rollercoaster locate at New York, New York is also about three years old. The high temperature today will reach only 99 degrees and believe me, you can feel the difference. Have a great Sunday!

Beautiful Rocks, Distant Views

This is the continuation of photos from yesterday. The one large boulder is inside the Valley Of Fire State Park, such a great place. The photo showing the road disappearing into the distance is the road that runs from the fifteen freeway into the state park which is several miles from the freeway. In one photo, you can see the bathtub ring that shows how terribly low Lake Mead is. Today, Las Vegas has 104 degrees in store. Hot!

Once again, WP seems to have ruined the colors and quality of my videos!

Indoor Abstract

The early evening sun shone into the room, I shot this with the new 200mm lens and using the special effects mode that is built into the Nikon Z50 body. No processing was done except for the watermark and resizing to around 185kb. Just a little photographic fun this evening.

Las Vegas’ Finest On Their Way

At the drug store, I noticed these guys waiting for a traffic light on Charleston Boulevard at Durango Drive. They were not on a run to an emergency. I spoke with my dad on the phone a bit ago, just checking up on him as does my sister. When your dad is 94 years young, you just really want and need to stay in touch!

🔥What a day it’s been with 10r degrees and very high winds whipping the trees around as though they were whip snakes! But, it’s a fabulous 73 very comfy degrees on my favorite couch. By the way, I did see two people riding their bicycles in the heat and wind today, that’s crazy! Sunburnt! 🌞