Wrecked Eggs -n- Taters

Yummy! Super fast and simple to whip up! I was considering heading up the street for a greasy breakfast but just didn’t feel like leaving the house just then so why not create my own version of wrecked eggs -n- taters? It’s the same breakfast but it’s already paid for and I never need to tip me! And I’m not a cheap tipper either!

As The Rains Receded

I was on my patio having a quick chat with a neighbour when I spotted this gorgeous scene unfolding to the East. I dashed for the Nikon which happened to have the 70-300mm lens on already and grabbed these photos. I believe they still look better to the naked human eye though. But these will do! It’s been so different here with the rain going on hour after hour. It’s reminiscent of those all day rains back in Michigan. Real soakers that make your yard all squishy and muddy too.

I’ve scene some video of flash flooding here in Vegas, and also South in California too where the forest fire burns are now turning into dangerous mudslides. The West Coast is getting a pounding with the storm moving inland from the Pacific Ocean, which will eventually end up making things tough for folks way up north according to The Weather Channel and other sources. Tomorrow I plan to head into Red Rock Canyon to see the flood damage from the Washes, and maybe around town a bit. Weather….

The Captain’s Chair

This is my sister’s boat in Michigan, I snapped the photo with the iPhone last August while at my daughter’s wedding reception. I grew up on this lake and know boating well, having been driving them on this lake when I was just fourteen years young. I tell ya, if time could be rolled back, this is where I’d want to be circa 1968 through 1976. The best years of this older fart’s life! So it’s always a major treat to return here, it settles my soul and grounds me. Judy Garland was right – There’s no place like home!