Music Box

This old jukebox lives at my folks place back home in Michigan, this is a modernised machine that spins CDs instead of good old vinyl which I believe has a deeper, richer sound than a compact disc does. I’ll have another beer, please!


A Regional Jet approaches the threshold at our McCarran International Airport. The distant clouds add a bit of flair to the photo. The RJ is my favorite aircraft to fly in, short takeoffs and landings too. Let’s get high together! 😎

Swirling Light

Bored this afternoon, I snapped a photo of the dining room light over the table and processed the crap out of it. I used iColorama, Aurora HDR, and Photoscape X which are my usual workhorses. Meanwhile, the strong winds have returned since around ten this morning but still such a beautiful spring day in the valley with sunshine and 85 delightful degrees. And before ya know it, it’ll be 115 degrees again. I hope the heat is less intense than last summer.

Lunch With Out Of Town Friends

Today I met with some online friends who used to blog here on WordPress and used Instagram too. We have known each other via the web for three years now. Since they were in town we met up at a fun restaurant next door to the world-famous Pawn Stars shop, the same one you see on the television.

This restaurant is owned by Rick Harrison who owns the pawnshop. The food there is absolutely delicious! We three had a nice chat about many things including WordPress. The other photos were taken on the way home from lunch. Today is so beautiful, sunshine and 85 perfect degrees.

I have several more photos from today to share, please stick around!

I Finally Got My Yearbook

Forty-two years after accepting my High School diploma which is locked up in a safe these days, I finally received my 1979 yearbook. Whether I lost the original book or never purchased one I have no clue. Hey, this was 42 years ago so don’t judge me. Those high school days were so incredibly wonderful, I want to go back in time.

You may also want to do this! This yearbook is actually a reprint from a company that has been keeping these records for many decades. Regardless, I have flipped the pages for a short time tonight but already remember so many people and fun times. Why can’t we go back in time and relive some of the best days of our lives?

I am such a handsome dude!

Cuke Me

I love cukes. Since eating pickles is bad for my blood pressure, why not eat them before they become riddled with sodium? The organic cukes have a better taste and texture than the others do, why this is I don’t know but there is a yummy difference. Splash a little bit of Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on them, bingo, a delicious snack! And some of you thought I ate no veggies. Canned veggies are OK if they are the low-sodium kind but frozen is good too.