Black and White Joshuas

A bit out of focus yet still makes the cut. A rain squall was coming over the top of the Red Rock Escarpment in the background which seemed to lend itself to the photo. 😎


Well, today was yet another day I’ve had to stay out of my new house because of the interiour painting going on. I’m sick of this shit and my house STINKS! Yeah, I knew it would and that this would… Read More ›

Travel Solace

Some areas of the Mojave Desert have very little bush, trees or scrub. It’s a lonely desert. Pardon the glare, please!

Today’s Travel

Here are four iPhone photos from today in the Spring Mountains, or The Springs as I call them. ❤️ Beautiful Mojave Desert views ahead! Heading west on Lee Canyon Road Heading south on the 95 freeway toward Las Vegas Upbound!


This is my dining room tonight. Lovely, isn’t it? Home painted first, then furnish. 👍🏻😎