Lucy belongs to my neighbour, she is the most well balanced and sweetest dog ever! His owner found her in the desert as a pup so I’m told… Regardless, she is a sweet dog!

Click my cute face!

Steel Butterfly

This steel butterfly was placed here by my mother many years ago. It hasn’t moved more than ten feet in all the years. My mother was a wonderful decorator both outside and in. She refused magazines such as Better Home and Garden (I think that’s the right name) for photos and interviews. She passed in 2012. I have no idea how my father deals with this after 64 years of marriage. This is an iPhone photo, trust me, it looks better in full Black and White.

Photos From 2017

Good morning from lovely Las Vegas! I am currently out of new material so I’ve dug deep into my cloud archive for something to upload today. These photos were all taken sometime during 2017 in Michigan while visiting the family back home. Some are iPhone Seven photos, others are via my trusty old Nikon body. Happy hump day my friends!

It’s Chili!

Once again it’s time for another random pot of my world famous chili! No two slow-cooked pots are ever the same when I build them. Do you love Chili was much as I do? Remember – Chili is not just for cold weather, enjoy Chili any time you want year round! Disclaimer – my world famous chili really isn’t world famous… 😆