Powering Las Vegas

Here are some old photos of the beautiful Hoover Dam, two of the photos are iPhone photos. I haven’t been there since before the damn virus came along but the dam is now open to the public but with restrictions. Maybe I’ll head back there when I return from Michigan. The blog will go silent for a few days unless I can sneak in a post with the iPhone which would be difficult, much more so than uploading to my Instagram account. Stick around, I’ll be back!

Boulder City, Nevada 2017

Digging deep into the old files vault, I grabbed these not-so-sharp photos from the Nikon D3300 to post this afternoon. There are more photos than just these from that day. I purchased the many Navajo Pottery pieces you may have seen on the blog in Boulder City. I should take a ride back down there to see if that store is still there and take a walk on the pedestrian bridge if it’s open. Last I checked, you can visit Hoover Dam with restrictions in place of course. I’d like to try the Nikon Z6 there too. Are we fed up yet with the crap this damn virus has caused?

Old Photos of Lake Mead

These photos are at least two years old using the Nikon D3300. Notice the water level and the white ring showing where the water level should be. I drove to the bottom of the boat ramps that have been extended several times which would put me fifty or more feet below the surface of the lake if it were at full pond.

There are actual shipwrecks and a WWII bomber aircraft somewhere under those waves which divers visit. Last night, I did a redesign of the blog, based on a website I came across while searching for information. I was able to get a one-pixel border under the menu bar but not around the post area, I’m still hunting for that code to modify it.

A Past Visit to Hoover Dam

These photos were taken from the Mike O’Calllagahn – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. I used the older Nikon D3300 body and the zoom lens. The damn is open again for viewing, but with limited access. Photos never do the dam any justice as you really can’t grasp the sheer size of Hoover Dam without actually being there!

The Final Tivoli Photos

Are ya sad? I’m not haha! This means I now have to go on a new photo trip, do you any ideas or suggestions? Hoover Dam is open again, but with restrictions according to the website. I think a visit to the bridge walkway would be a much safer choice at this time.

I’ve photographed the dam from the bridge walkway before, but never with the Nikon Z6 and the Nikkor 24/200mm lens. Another great option is another ride up to Lee and Kyle canyons in the Spring Mountains.

Great Mojave Desert views from over 8000 feet above the desert floor, and lots of beautiful mountain scenery to photograph. What do you say? Have a dandy weekend, everyone.

A Crusty Drink

I am not sure, but I think the white crust is Calcium of some kind that is dried all over the stainless steel. The same crap that creates the “bathtub ring” at Hoover Dam as the canyon walls are extremely steep near the dam, and the water level is very low.

This is why I never drink the tap water here! The water is fine for showering and washing clothes, but never drink the Colorado River water. The water smells like chlorine added by the city anyway, just as it did when I lived in Dunedin, Florida during the 1990s.

I have tried the filtres that screw onto the kitchen tap, they never seem to last and don’t taste as good as the costly bottled water, hence I buy the expensive bottled water. In my defense, the bottled water is far more portable, and my bottom two drawers in the refrigerator are always stocked with super cold, delicious water always ready to go!

Black and white on top, grayscale below.

Art Deco

Here are a couple photos from maybe three years ago at the beautiful Hoover Dam via the old Nikon D3300 body. Not very good photos but you get the idea! Art Deco is a style that I wish would come back in vogue, it’s a beautiful style of architecture and art from what was in some ways, a better, vanished time. I miss those visits to the dam. Read about the figures here.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Here are some goodies from a bit back. Photos will never truly capture the real size and beauty of our Hoover Dam which powers not only Las Vegas but other states in the American Southwest. I intended to take another half day trip to Boulder City over the winter but never made it, bummer.

When you walk on the dam itself, have a look over the edges and see the intake towers, you’ll soon realise how magnificent a structure it really is. And it was constructed in an era that never had the kinds of construction tools that are available today, the workers were brave and great Americans too.

More of My Backyard

Are ya sick of seeing my simple, basic backyard yet? Honestly I’m quite bored as are so many I’m sure. I even scuffle hoed the few weeds I found both front and back today. It’s almost as though I’m thankful for the stupid weeds that give me something to do! Pathetic eh?

I have far more than enough photography from long ago to keep this blog going but I don’t wanna bore people either with old photos or the same old shit either… I’m wanting to take a couple photo trips too, one is the Hoover Dam, the other is driving all the way down to Laughlin, Nevada along the Colorado River. Actual, real photo opportunities!

Faux  Green Grass
Mr. Tortoise
Exciting photo of my chimney!