Hoover Dam, Airliners and Desert Life

Here’s a nice photo mix for ya from different years here. The airliner photo and the closeup of the Joshua Tree are framed and hanging on my walls here. Believe it or not, getting a photo like an airliner just above my head isn’t easy to do. It’s a matter of proper focus and great timing on the shutter button. Today’s forecast is for 100F and 25% humidity, perfect! It’s so beautiful in the backyard this morning!

Hoover Dam and Shadow Birds

That and some rather evil-looking graffiti too, who the heck draws stuff like that and on the public property too? These are again older photos. Honestly, I’m not too motivated today except for heading to the grocer for ingredients to make another pot of chili. A nice day to chill in the backyard later when it warms up a bit.🌴

Powering Las Vegas

Here are some old photos of the beautiful Hoover Dam, two of the photos are iPhone photos. I haven’t been there since before the damn virus came along but the dam is now open to the public but with restrictions. Maybe I’ll head back there when I return from Michigan. The blog will go silent for a few days unless I can sneak in a post with the iPhone which would be difficult, much more so than uploading to my Instagram account. Stick around, I’ll be back!