Hoover Dam

High and Dry

Here are some older photos of Lake Mead in dire need of water which is still true. The waterline shouldn’t be too far from the Ladies’ Room in one photo. If Lake Mead were at full pond, those campers and… Read More ›

Railroad Pass

This is Railroad Pass which these days is more about the ninety five freeway which has been rebuilt and greatly improved as it passes through on the way to the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial bridge and into Arizona… Read More ›

Electricity Leaves The Dam

Here is another older photo from Hoover Dam. The transmission towers pop up from the canyon far below, transmitting that wonderful electricity that makes human life comfortable and even possible here in the Mojave Desert. I’m glad that Hoover Dam… Read More ›

Lake Mead in Need

Here are some photos from last year (2018) at Lake Mead. Sadly the lake hasn’t begun to recover but the scenery is still beautiful. It was the 1980’s when the lake was at full pond.

Old Hoover Dam Photos

I need to get back out to Hoover Dam soon before the full-on summer heat returns to the area. It can be incredibly hot in Black Canyon during the summer months! I’ve been here six years, the heat out there… Read More ›