Vegas Weather

I think this is a pretty good forecast for the next few days, can you agree? I put the funnies in there for grins. I think the kid is correct, he chose the smallest numbers, right? And, I wonder if anyone has passed out like the old couple did in the gondola at our Venetian venue on the Strip? Maybe you need to reconsider your retirement plans! A quick question for you: would this site look better in pure white?

Radios and Toots

I’m kinda bored this afternoon after whipping up a fresh pot of chili which I kinda screwed up by purchasing all pinto beans and no kidney beans. Oops. I grabbed the silly horse photo from Instagram today, yeah, I have an odd sense of humor, but it’s true, isn’t it! My daughter loves horses, should I send the photo to her? 😂

Bad Gas and Alcohol Abuse

Good Wednesday morning folks! Howdy from the very chilly Las Vegas Valley where it’s going to hit 50F for a high-temperature today which sucks. I really want to get out there and ride the bike but don’t want to have to put on ten pounds of clothing to do it. The current windstorm is moving east and is causing some serious wind issues and severe thunderstorms in December, wow! Very strange isn’t it? I guess today’s bike ride will be in the truck instead…

These are not my photos obviously!

A bit Of Humor

Good Tuesday morning! Here’s something different this morning, no blue skies or sunshine although that’s what it’s like outside just now. Sunshine and 75F are on deck for today, I’ll take it! Great bike riding weather…