iPhone Photography

Heat Damage

My apartment complex is around twenty years old and as you can see, years of the early morning sun have warped and melted this frame around the window glass. Also, sometimes I lean over the steel railing around the patio… Read More ›

The New Pot

Nah, not that kind of pot! I ate the rest of the previous pot for breakfast today! While at the grocer this morning I grabbed the makings for another pot. Can you tell the money is a bit shy this… Read More ›

Baby Bird

On a walk yesterday I came across this tiny little cutie that presumably fell out of it’s nest a bit too soon as it couldn’t fly just yet but it was sure trying to lift off! I darn near stepped… Read More ›

Summerlin Farmers Market

Just two photos via my iPhone, I was in Downtown Summerlin to purchase a case for my new iPad 6th generation. The old one is three years old, and the battery just won’t hold it’s charge any longer. Not sure… Read More ›

Petrol Station Fire!

As I walked out of the smoke shop, I was hit with the sounds of Las Vegas’ finest heading for a truck fire at a fuel station across the road, wow! I didn’t have time to get the Nikon set… Read More ›

Eye Exam

A bit different angle from yesterday’s version of this image plus one through iColorama for fun.