Crossing Dunedin Causeway

Here is an iPhone photo from 2015 taken while I was visiting family in Tarpon Springs. I often take the car with the old man’s permission of course, and go on a couple hour joyride. I used to live in Dunedin in the early 1990s and know the area very well. Do I miss Florida?

Read about the Dunedin Causeway.

Yes, but not the damned hurricanes and humidity. It’s so bad. Those are two good reasons why I decided to stay here in Las Vegas after my divorce. Florida is a beautiful state but it’s a bit like Nevada in that the heat isn’t for everyone. Gladly, we are spared the terrible humidity here!

Inside Firehouse Subs

Here is an iPhone photo of a painting inside a local Firehouse Subs restaurant, taken again about two years ago. I love their subs but I don’t like the higher blood pressure because of the sodium content! So irritating. That’s why we have blood pressure medications these days, thank God. My mother seriously loved Firehouse Subs! We miss you, momma.

Will You Take the Heat Challenge?

I have lived in Las Vegas for a bit over seven years now, to the best of my memory, this kind of heat has been here just once although it’s been close to one hundred fifteen before. This is extremely dangerous heat!

The National Weather Service is warning the public here ahead of time, taxpayer money well spent. I’ve seen these extreme temperatures before in Baker, California in years past, one hundred twenty is fairly common for that area.

Guess who’s going to be staying at home during these extreme heat days? I will try to avoid driving too, that much heat is not good for any piston engine!

Revisiting The Nursery Today

I have become increasingly concerned about the larger Sago Palm that was planted several days ago as it’s color has changed sharply. This morning, I took a couple iPhone photos of them both and headed back to the nursery where I purchased them.

The very nice lady that greeted me in the office is also a worker among the many plants and trees there (there must be thousands) around the property. I showed her the photos, and to my relief, she said the trees are doing fine.

The reason they fronds are changing color is heat stress from the walls on two sides of it, and shock from being pulled from the fifteen-gallon bucket it lived in for a long time. I have watered the trees as prescribed so I haven’t apparently killed them. Yet!

I am going to mix up some Moon Juice as they call it to fertilise them a bit at the woman’s suggestion. The name of the company is Moon Valley, hence the fun name of the fertiliser. Let’s see how this goes! Nobody wants dead palm trees in the backyard…

Two Days of Desert Heat

This week, Las Vegas is going to get scorched as the mid and late-week temperatures will push up to 112 to 114 degrees. Gladly, I had the HVAC tech have a look at my cooling systems yesterday. It’s a very old system, maybe as old or almost as old as this home which was built in 1996 but it’s still ticking along just like me! Could you live in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert?

And here is the forecast for the next several days!

The Eye Machine

While waiting for the doctor to come in the room after the tech did all of the testing, I was giving this machine a good looking over. The detail is amazing, a very complex machine that is made in Japan of course.

Chicken Lunch

This breast needed cooking soon, or it needed to be frozen so I made lunch of it along with some macaroni salad. Yum! I like them fried on the range top or on the grill, but it’s too windy today for grilling.Β  The wind tends to nearly blow the flames out!

Egg Me

Good morning from the valley! I was up and around just before six today and stepped outside with a new portable weather station which told me the temperature at the time was eighty-three degrees. At six AM! One hundred degrees is forecast for today. My egg yolks were too solid again, maybe I should have had a bowl of chili instead… πŸ˜‚

A Chicken Breast Lunch

Yep, just the chicken breast and a few 50% less sodium Lay’s Classic chips! I ate most of the chicken, the rest goes in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Less sodium chips, yay for Lay’s! Hopping around WordPress today, it came to mind that events around the world are having an effect on the blogging community. My stats have changed in the last two weeks, have yours?

An iPhone Sunset

Instead of using the Nikon, I tried for decent sunset photos via my iPhone Ten. Yep, I still use an older iPhone! Why? Because it’s paid for, and it still does everything I need it to do!

Sky Palms

After making the video of the pigeons going nutty for a buggy breakfast, I turned around and snapped these iPhone photos right behind me. Usually, my iPhone photos process very well, these two nearly identical images are no exception. It’s another palmy, sunshiny day!

Yesterday’s Travels

Just a couple snaps, today’s forecast is for 104 degrees or so. I like air conditioning! I am waiting for the electrician to arrive to change all five ceiling fans, the old fans are just that. Old, squeaky and wobbly when they rotate. Blah! A home is a hole into which one pours money!

The bottom photo is at Lake Mead Boulevard and Buffalo Avenue

Super Hot Pavers!

I was in the backyard a bit ago and tried stepping on the pavers barefooted. Oh heck no! I thought to grab the temperature gauge I use for cooking and see what I get. OM Gosh, that’s incredibly hot! Note to self – always wear your shoes outside! πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯🌡🌴


Meet my workhorses, an older version of an iPad Air, and the trusty MacBook Pro. These two devices do all the work regarding this meager photoblog. And occasionally, the trusty iPhone Ten chimes in too. You know what, the darn things still work so well that I just can’t justify the cost of replacing any of the devices. If it works, don’t fix it!


This is an iPhone photo taken at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. This a bit like a rear entrance to the casino and food area on the south end of the building. Good food, everything is always clean and neat. The hotel is on the 215 freeway and Charleston Boulevard. Do have a visit!

Baked Chicken with Macaroni Salad

Today’s lunch was yummy! This chicken breast needed to be cooked soon or it would have gone down the garbage disposal in the sink. I ate the salad right out of the tub since I live alone, just like I chug milk right out of the jug.

My mother always knew when I was doing this when I was a kid. How did she know?

Should the chicken have been cooked on the grille outback, it would have had butter and a bit more seasonings on top but as-is, the flavor was great, and no butter was flaming up inside the Breville countertop oven. My Breville Oven.

My full-size oven under the range top has never been used after more than one year!

Hard Yolks

This morning I overcooked the yolks, no runny yolk to be soaked up with toast! It could be worse… I drove by one of my local favorite breakfast joints today to see if it’s open and it is! Omlet and Hash Browns soon… Yumz!

The Bird Splat

Yesterday morning as I slept, I was awoken by one large bang! I knew instantly what had happened, having experienced this before. That first bang was in Michigan many years ago when a large bird, say a hawk, flew right into the large living room window.

Bang! I’m still surprised that the window wasn’t shattered. Since I was wide-awake after the loud bang in my bedroom, I popped my head out the door to see if there was a dead or stunned bird laying on the ground which there wasn’t. Good news! Splat

The Bridge

The Bridge is on my folks’ property back home in Michigan. I’ve painted that bridge as needed over the years, rode quads and snowmobiles over it so many times.