The Next Seven Days

I haven’t done this in a while, so here is an iPhone photo of The Weather Channel’s forecast for Las Vegas Valley and environs for the next week. These forecasts will change though as usual. Stay frosty, people!

Breakfast and Lunch Today

Today has been a very tasty day as you can see here! There were just three eggs left so I ate them. Then, took another ride to get out of the house. Once again, Robert’s Tacos was calling my name so off I went. No willpower! Like I’ve e said before, a taco can make the world right as rain again. It’s sunny and 95 just now.

Perfect Blood Pressure

Having chronic high blood pressure, I’m very adamant about keeping an eye on my BP. You have to be on top of this a few times per day as the consequences are harsh. I’m in not such good shape for a guy my age!

Crappy iPhone photo…