Beer Pipes

I was having a brew with a friend at the local casino up the road tonight, snapped these photos with the iPhone since the Nikon would be a bit out of place. The pipes carry lots of hoses which transfer the brew from the dozens of different types of beer kegs which you can see through several windows. A beer lover’s haven. A bit abstract?

Egg Rabbits & Old Barns

Both photos are iPhone photos, from a summer visit to Michigan 2017. The barns house several different things, the little egg-rabbit is something my mother bought years ago as a decoration. We miss you mom. It’s another gray day here so I hit the grocer, the drug store and another item. No new photos today, tomorrow’s another day.

Wig Babe

Today I had two more of my own photos printed at my favorite photo place and passed by this business that sells wigs. Boy do they have the wigs in that store! Of course the little cog that controls the photography part of my brain was kicked into gear. I expected to possibly get busted taking this photo! She’s a bit creepy isn’t she? Will those eyeballs turn to you?