iPhone Photography

The Sole Survivor

There are some tiny new flowers trying to grow but they aren’t making much progress, the big flower seems to be the last big gasp of life for this plant. I’m just trying to see how long I can keep… Read More ›

VooDoo Shadows

Hopping back in my ride yesterday I noticed these fun very long shadows on the side of this restaurant. Photos via the iPhone ten and I intend no free advertising for this company!! 😎 Should I try the wings? 🤔

Back Yard Burger Time

And yummzzz it was delish too! Yesterday I was craving a Hot Turkey Sandwich, hello IHOP! Today I opted for red meat. A simple burger with as little added sodium as possible, nothing like those gigantic juicy burgers my mom… Read More ›

Temporary Housing

This was one of two rentals on my recent voyage from Michigan to Florida. For about $125 bucks you can rent this room, not much to see really but the room was super clean, had great cable TV and the… Read More ›

Blood and Bruises

I’m still nursing that damn kidney stone but with zero pain thank God! I’ve had some x-rays yesterday, have an appointment next week for an ultrasound too. I have other options now for removing the stone which I have yet… Read More ›

One For The Birds…

These sweet metal birds live on the wall at my folk’s condo down south, I’d like to take them home! 😂😎 These are iPhone 10 images

Traffic Jam Hell

On the way to Florida last week, I got snarled in likely the longest damn traffic jam I’ve ever been in. About 2.5 wasted hours on the Interstate 75 southbound around Cinci Ohio continuing into Kentucky on the other side… Read More ›

On The Ground and Aloft

One of these iPhone photos shows the beautiful rolling mountains below us as we approached Las Vegas last week from the east. In the other photo, the plastic inner window the outer or both created a weird but nice bokeh… Read More ›

Lake Mead

Say hello to our beautiful Lake Mead as I passed over it heading home to Las Vegas last week. If your a Vegas Local then you already know how dire the situation is with the lake level. Lake Mead has… Read More ›