iPhone Photography

Talk to Each Other!

I will be 58 years young this month and I can testify that people inadvertently use their devices to avoid conversation with others. It’s almost as though the art of pure conversation, pure human communication and connection is threatened. I… Read More ›

Milzow House

Good morning. Here is a crappy iPhone photo from summer 2017 in Michigan. I grew up on this lake and know the Milzow family. I’m not happy with my decision to not have brought along my Nikon for this trip.

iPad Telly

This was a couple days ago, watching the tube via my iPad and the Cox Contour application. It works just fine as long as you have access to a really good cell tower signal. Otherwise, it buffer’s too much. That… Read More ›

Turkey Dinner

I snapped this iPhone photo the last night I was at my apartment the other day. These are a few of my neighbours, the blonde woman in the sweater at left did all the cooking and invited some of us… Read More ›