iPhone Photography

My Chicken Soup

Yesterday I suddenly felt like some chicken soup so to the grocer I went. I changed this pot up a bit by adding double the carrots and one entire sweet onion. Maybe corn would work too, or another veggie but… Read More ›

Spear Fishing

I have plenty of old and antique silverware in the kitchen so I decided to grab this old spear and get to work! 😂

Fresh Coffee

Here’s another time-lapse video I made early today of Mr. Coffee making that first cup. Actually it was a one cup day, sometimes I vacuum down just one cuppa. This time I popped the iPhone on one of my miniature… Read More ›

It’s So Good…

Yep, I whipped up yet another pot -o- deliciousness! This batch has that better balance of flavour than most of my pots do regardless of being put together either exactly the same, or with small variations. Mmmm… The colours aren’t… Read More ›

The New Coffee Mug

While visiting the US Forestry building yesterday I spotted this nice coffee mug with Mount Charleston on it, sold! I like the color and shape and the fact that the handle isn’t glued on like my other mug. Just finished… Read More ›

The Nutmobile

Coming out the grocer yesterday I say the Nutmobile again! I saw this funny thing a few months ago somewhere else in the valley. And guess what? I loooove peanuts! As long as they are unsalted of course which is… Read More ›