iPhone Photography

Departing from Tampa Bay

This is the best airliner departure video that I have taken, period! The only ooops I made was a left finger over the camera lens briefly. The rate of climb is so amazing in the Airbus A320 aircraft, such raw… Read More ›

The Pot Roast Lunch

I was in the mood for something with gravy on it yesterday, this pot roast lunch was perfect for this and boy was it good! Thank you to Denny’s for this yummy lunch. I’ve been hitting this same location up… Read More ›

Red and Yellow Make…

Orange if the portions are proper. I was building a burger a few days ago, took this iPhone photo of this sans onions and why I did this is still a mystery… No burger is complete without diced onions!


Some iPhone photos from my travels… It’s kinda tough to set still for long stretches.

My Corner

Somewhere way down there is my place and my area of Las Vegas. Also, at left just above centre you can see Lone Mountain all by itself, so tiny at just 600 feet high.

A Steamy Breakfast

So delicious! But what is this? It’s a southern style meal wrapped in chicken with a yummy sauce and veggies inside, topped off with the fresh chili I made just yesterday afternoon. My chili reached two hundred twenty seven degrees… Read More ›

A Black Bear Brunch

This morning when taking my morning round of meds I noticed that one of my regulars was completely missing. I searched the house and found nothing. Seeing an opportunity for a ride I headed south for my pharmacy and got… Read More ›

Durango at Washington

Just an iPhone photo from today heading back from the pharmacy. Five refills today, wow! I forgot to grab the Nikon. It’s been so nice lately weather wise, no wind storms, lots of sunshine and great temperatures. It’s that magic… Read More ›