Baked and Grilled

Recent things I whipped up! The baked chicken is so basic yet made a dandy lunch today, the grilled cheese was made late yesterday. I don’t have those flat cheese slices (yucky) so I used shredded sharp cheese instead, worked pretty good! I recall eating grilled cheese as a little boy, everything mother made to eat was always so delicious! We miss you, mom. ðŸĨ°

The Zed Six Lens

Good afternoon y’all! Late last night, I decided to clean up my Nikon Z6 series camera and lenses, the little crusties were cropping up a bit too much for my liking. I was using a small six LED flashlight to find the crusties anywhere on the camera. I liked the reflection of the flashlight (Torch for you British), in the lens, so I grabbed the iPhone to get these photos. I tell ya, if there’s even a chance for a photo opportunity, I’ll be going for it! Call me ‘photo addicted’!

Krappy KFC

A couple days ago, GrubHub delivered this overpriced, soggy meal. The chicken was supposed to be crispy, it was nowhere near to crispy. The serving size of mashed taters was pathetically small. I’ve not eaten a thing from KFC for a long time because it upsets my system, to put it politely. I had a feeling I shoulda ordered elsewhere, yuck!

Krappy KFC, sorry, colonel…

The FT-25

Here is the little VHF radio I purchased a few days ago, I unboxed this a couple days ago. I’ve been programming these radios for decades and I’ve gotta say that programming this radio was not an easy feat. The menu system is a bit difficult to navigate, and I have yet to enable the CTCSS feature. Without this enabled, you can’t access many repeaters. I am a loyal Yaesu radio customer, I have been for decades but come on, Yaesu! A great radio, sans the menu system.

Mojave Life

All I can say folks is thank God for air conditioning!! I stepped out to the backyard a bit ago to add round two of water to the Lantana plants, I can’t be out there too long considering my heart issue. Yikes! I’m a guy who grew up with a snowmobile under his bum, who now lives in the middle of a scorching desert! It’ll cool to the mid-80s overnight… Those poor tourists! 😂

Unboxing a New Radio

Two days ago, I received the second two-meter radio I ordered. I have two of them, one in the house, one in the truck. I used to have a bunch of dual-band radios that were 2 meters and 70cm, both amateur radio bands. They operate in the FM mode, not AM, and are nothing like a CB radio. You also need an FCC license to transmit with these radios.

I have been licensed since about 1982 when I gave CB Radio the boot, but do still own just one CB radio for that rare occasion I want to pop the radio in the truck and play around with it, breaker one-nine! Haha. CB isn’t as popular as it used to be back in the late 1970s, I think every kid in my high school had one. Today, it seems to be mostly for the truckers.

Today, the new 2 meter VHF hand-held radio will show up via Amazon Prime, one more radio to be programmed! They are so easy for me to program, having literally decades of experience with radios of many types. And feedlines. coaxial connections and radio tower installations too. As you can see, I have had a lifelong love for all things radio!

It’s Taco Time!

Well, it was taco time yesterday roundabout noon! The tacos are as good as they look and I’m sorry that they weren’t made in my kitchen. I’ve made tacos at home a few times, I’m due for another visit to the grocer soon so I best grab the Fixin’s, right! Tacos make everything OK.

Mmmm ready for destruction!!

Theft Of Services

I believe that this is called Theft Of Services. A brilliant mind deposited this large quantity of household goods into this private bin, leaving no room for the store to dispose of its rubbish. Some folk are just born to be assholes… Ya never know what will pop up on this blog, eh?

Carbs On a Plate

A late-night snack, compliments of the Breville!! I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple days now, it’s rather boring. I don’t know what else to add to the blog besides photography of course and I am not a writer in any way.

When blogging becomes a chore, then perhaps it’s time for a change. The virus has certainly changed my habits regarding the blog. I simply don’t want to go out and about that much anymore because it seems too scary and dangerous.

I find that Instagram is much more interesting and enjoyable because of the high level of interaction with my 200+ followers. That’s not a ton of followers but that’s OK. Because of this, I have considered closing this blog down more than once.

And ya know… Almost nobody would give a shit LOL!! 😂 Now shut up and eat your fries…

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Here is an old iPhone photo taken at Denny’s on West Sahara Avenue. I miss those delicious breakfasts! The man in the kitchen was almost always there. Different cooks seem to make the same meal slightly differently, so then how can food quality and consistency be maintained?

Town Square Mall

And once again we have crusty iPhone photos! Why do I do this?? This outdoor mall is a really nice place to walk around, lots of retailers, and plenty of food options too. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard at Sunset Road south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Bonus – If your an aircraft lover as I am, this location is for you. The mall is across the road from beautiful McCarran International Airport. The location offers very close-in photos of aircraft departing or landing, depending on the current wind direction relative to the runways.

Michigan Memories

Yep, it’s an iPhone photo…

This iPhone photo was snapped in 2017 at my daughter’s wedding reception at my sister’s home. She and I grew up on this lake, such wonderful years, so many great memories. Sister purchased the home from our folks and have lived there for many years now. I usually visit the lake once a year but not this summer. Dammit! I’m sick of this bullshit. And you?

The Moon Has Spoken

I again drove back to the nursery today where the Sagos were purchased. I showed the gal the photos to which she quickly replied that the trees are not dead at all. We’ve had an odd summer this year as the summer heat arrived one month early, then came five or so days of one hundred eleven degrees and a bit higher. My Sagos are getting baked, but not to death!

A mistake I was unaware I was making is the wetting of the fronds. I never would have suspected that this was a bad thing for the trees. Oooops! Tonight after dark, I’m going to mix up another batch of Moon Juice and feed the trees along with watering them, but don’t water every day now as too much water will cause the roots to actually rot. Wow… We live, we learn.

Their Sagos are stressing too!

Corny Morning

These four ears were in the fridgy a bit too long, so this morning I plopped them in the pot and chowed down! Such a tasty treat, I haven’t had sweet corn in a long time.

Breakfast -n- Lunch

Once or so per week, I’ll whip up eggs -n- toast. Fast and easy to make. I made a fast jaunt to the ATM then headed home but the thought of three yummy tacos was burning in my brain.

Almost home, I swung the truck about and headed back to the taco place. I really wish there were an authentic taco joint near me because the chain joints really don’t make the best tacos!

Tacos make everything OK again, a fact of life my friends!

Then and Now

These are all iPhone photos, the first two were taken early this beautiful, sunshiny morning. The bottom photos were taken early last year not long after I purchased the home. Wilson’s cage was under construction! Those nasty, messy shedding pieces of crap trees are gone!