Dining Room Art

These are cropped images of the art that hangs on my little dining room walls. I still love them after more than one year now since I’ve lived here. They speak beautifully of the Mojave Desert I live in. Disclaimer: I did not paint the paintings, have zero copyright, and no watermark on the images. There, that should satisfy the legal stuff! Happy weekend, friends!

Joshua’s on A Fault Line

Joshua trees that is, not some fella named Joshua. Or Joshua in the Bible! The rock face you see beyond the trees is the ancient fault line, sometimes called the Red Rock Escarpment too.

Red Rock Canyon proper is about two miles north from this location. I will never become tired of the beautiful Mojave Desert!

Pods To Cast

Eventually, these big pods will fall to the ground after they have done their thing and the desert critters have eaten the goodies inside the pods. Yum!