Joshua Trees

The Beauty of The Mojave Desert

This view is one of many that keep me living in Las Vegas! To walk among the desert plants, to hear the wind and the sounds of the desert is for me a powerful experience that I cherish.

Desert Death

Photo taken at Red Spring in Calico Basin, not sure if this was a Yucca or a Joshua tree! It looks like a melted mess…

Mojave Distances

Distances here in the Mojave Desert seem different to me because of the lack of trees down here. Take a drive up to our Spring Mountains and the Alpine altitudes, you’ll find all the trees you could ever want. I… Read More ›

The Noir Joshua Tree

Dark, dank and dangerous is this dark Joshua Tree, lurking somewhere in the Mojave Desert waiting to penetrate your body with it’s hundreds of deathly sharp tines! Be careful where you roam!