Let’s Go Back To The Desert

After a soft sunset, we head back out of town to where the Joshua Trees are with their seed pods. 85 degrees and yet another high wind warning today with gusts to 50 between 11AM and 11PM today. I’m just blown away at how windy 2022 has been so far. The winds greatly increase the risk of fire danger which sucks.

Joshua Tree Seedpods

Here are some closeups of the large seedpods atop the Joshua Trees each spring. This article is pretty interesting and talks about the big fire in 2013 that burned so many Joshua Trees down, 27,000 acres of land were burned. This was the year I moved to Las Vegas. The smoke was insane, it was flowing to the northeast but never seemed to blow directly into the city, thank God! I had some fun messing up two grayscale photos.

That’s The Peak

Looking at the mountains in the photo, the peak that is bald is the top of Mount Charleston which stands at 11,918 feet high. Also, notice the Joshua Tree forest in the foreground. My desert people as I call them like to grow below 6000 feet. While near the Lee Canyon ski lodge, I saw a group of wild horses hanging out in a meadow. I should have stopped and taken the photo but they were a long way away. Such beautiful horses!

Desert Monday

Partly sunny and 72 very windy degrees are on tap for the valley today, this is day two of this windstorm. The bike is repaired, but no ride today. What happened to Saturday and Sunday? Waking up this morning I thought it was Sunday but my phone had other ideas…

We know that time always passes or flows at the same rate but it seems to flow more slowly and more quickly on other days. How can this be? Are our human brains being fooled somehow, or by someone? The world may never know or care…

West Of Las Vegas

Good morning, I have some lovely Joshua trees for the blog this morning. Hop on Charleston Boulevard westbound and you’ll eventually find yourself in this beautiful location. 68 degrees, a partly sunny sky, and another windstorm that is in progress are the forecast for today. My bike is going into the shop this morning for a new tire and tube this morning. I’m sure it won’t be cheap but it’s got to be repaired.

Desert Road, Desert Views

Good morning friends, I’m getting a later start than usual on the blog this morning but oh well. Here is the next slightly redundant set of photos from yesterday. Twenty-four hours can make a big difference, yesterday was sunny, today is overcast with the sun barely poking through the clouds. Overcast and 73 degrees are the forecast for today which does not include a bike ride thanks to the rear tire still being blown out. I will load the bike into the truck bed late today for the shop tomorrow morning. Happy Saturday!

Bikers, Blooms and Critters

Here is the next photo set from this morning, the bike in the foreground was extremely loud which I absolutely love! The bird is called a Mountain Bluebird if I recall correctly. Its call is like three screeches in a row, there were three of them flitting from bush to bush as the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels scurried about below. People were tossing bits of bread for them which made me cringe a bit inside. As with birds, bread has zero nutritional value for them.

Joshua Trees Beginning To Bloom

I took a nice ride out of the city today on the hunt for blooming desert wildflowers but found none, but I did see that the Joshua trees are beginning their bloom. Soon, there will be large pods or seed pods, that’s a guess. In any case, they are fascinating to see and photograph which means another trip out there pretty soon.

Sunshine and mid-70s out there, the perfect day for photography.

I also had a nice chat with two guys that rode in on their street bikes. Plenty of guy subjects were discussed along with memories of the good old days when we were weekend warriors and long-haired leaping gnomes flying through the air, a bottle Jack in one hand, a doobie in the other.

Ahhh yes, the 1980s were purely fabulous. Can we go back to those days, please? I’m still 21 years young in my head, but the body says oh hell no, you ain’t doing that, boy!

Desert Road To The Wall

The road turns south eventually and heads for Blue Diamond Road which can take you back to Las Vegas, or turn right and you’ll climb to 6000 feet over the pass and head for Pahrump, Nevada. It’s 37 degrees right now, my furnace just popped on and Vegas will see around 63 degrees today which isn’t too bad I guess. Warm enough for a bike ride for a change. This blog has never been about politics in any way, but I want to say that I stand with Ukraine. Putin is the new Adolph Hitler. Pure evil that spreads like the coronavirus.