High Temperatures and Delicious Sausages

Once again Las Vegas has a forecast for 111 degrees, it seems to be a popular temperature around here this summer. In due time, the temps will recede to normal for this time of year but it’s been tough. I can’t be outside for too long with my health issues. I’d love to get my Kona on the road for some exercise. Those sausages were totally delicious for breakfast yesterday!

The cooking directions said to put one cup of water (I used two), boil the water and cook for several minutes. Then, drain the water and cook for about eight to ten minutes. After the water was gone, I added a few small plops of butter to the pan, reduced the heat, and slowly heated them. So delicious! All they needed was eggs and toast on the side, yum!

Linq Pod

This older image from about two years ago has been in this space before but it looked a bit different. I’ve tweaked the color depth a bit. The photo was taken in the parking lot from roughly one thousand feet away. I used iColorama to create the swirling effect. By the way, there are no toilets in those pods so then watcha gonna do when the urge hits ya? 😂

The Dirty Drive Train

Last night I twisted the 60mm macro on my old time Nikon body and got to work snapping my Kona Bike chain drive. The bike is actually super clean as I use the same polish on the entire bike as I do on my truck. But that chain and sprockets appear filthy as hell in these macros. Yeah, I was bored LOL!! 😂


Kona Ride

Yesterday I took the Kona out for a quick ride, only got these two iPhone ho hum photos. 😂😎🚴‍♀️


Here are some unusual photos of my bicycle tires and wheels. I really doubt that many folks photograph such things in detail but I’m not your regular amateur photographer either. I just returned home from an hour and a half bike ride, it was really nice as the weather is so beautiful once again today, perfect for biking!