The Build Never Ends

Every square foot of buildable land gets a home of other buildings on it. New homes will be built where these rigs are at. And I wonder if there are enough jobs to go around to pay for these homes? 59F and sunshine are on tap for Las Vegas today while it’s currently 12F in my Michigan hometown. I’m happy to be here in Las Vegas!

Big Blue Mountain View

Here’s another photo from a couple of days ago inside the Dell Webb community, the mountains to the west always look so nice with the palm trees in the foreground. On another note, I’ve been considering buying a new truck for a few weeks now so today I did some serious shopping. I checked Chevy, Ford, and Dodge.

I am on the hunt for a truck with a small-block V8 engine and a five or six-speed manual transmission and came up empty. The big three have stopped building trucks like this a good while ago which sucks. I did find one very nice Dodge truck with a 350CID engine and with a short box bed.

The numbers were decent for the trade-in value but the bottom line for me is that I attach plenty of sentimental value to my current truck. That is what stopped me from committing to a deal. Damn, that Dodge was so nice too! There will be other deals available down the road…

A Sick Duck

On yesterday’s ride, I came across this poor duck that just didn’t look right at all. He or she looks so disheveled and sickly and I feel so bad for the little critter. I didn’t notice it until I put these photos on the MacBook, but one photo captured the duck taking a dump! Yuck! Then, the poor thing decided to cross the road which concerned me as I heard a car coming behind me. Gladly, the car slowed down and allowed the duck to finish its very slow waddle to the other side. Perhaps the duck is nearing the end of its days. Live long and prosper, my little friend.