Las Vegas Locals


This is a rework of a previous sunset image, I used iColorama to alter it, sort of smooth everything over. šŸ˜Ž

Fire Trucks

And emergency responder trucks too. As I headed to and from my pharmacy today I came across four different units which just never happens. What are the odds? An odd question in a city based upon gambling right?

The Other Sign

This sign looks like the sign on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip but doesn’t get all the attention the south sign does. I think it’s just north of the Stratosphere Tower.

Around Lake Mead

Here are some archived photos from at least a couple years ago which show the extreme low water level at the lake. It’sĀ  unfortunate that the east coast gets all that rain the last couple years or so while the… Read More ›

Good Kitchen Wood

I finally dusted today, the kitchen table looked nice so I grabbed a 35mm of it. Isn’t it good kitchen wood… šŸ˜‚šŸ˜Ž

Welcome Home, Mr. Coffee

Meet my new and very bare-bones coffee machine, Mr. Coffee. I ran the first cups with just water to flush the system out in case there were any nasty bits left over from the manufacturing process. It makes four cups… Read More ›