Taking The Weight

These support pilings are part of the structure that supports the High Roller wheel, a ride I’ve never taken because it looks too damn scary, and there are no toilets in the cabins! These photos were taken long before the damn virus came to ravage people’s lives. Partly sunny and seventy-three is on tap for Las Vegas today, very nice!

Tourists In Grayscale

Going back to 2017, the cluster of tourists are standing along Las Vegas Boulevard on the Vegas Strip, waiting to cross one of the many (and dangerous) streets. Do yourself a favor, don’t stare at your phone screen! I see people do this almost every day anywhere in the city, and it’s a damn dumb thing to do when crossing on the zebra crossing.

The other photo shows a very common sight – tourists taking photos of each other at the large rock with Red Rock Canyon inscribed on it. You will see license plates from all over the States and Canada parked here. Thank you for your patronage, we locals visit this beautiful place frequently. So much better than the Vegas Strip, and cheaper too!

Many Vegas Locals avoid the Strip, no thanks!