Using Up The Old Stuff

Certain photos seem to fall through the cracks so to say and are left hiding in desktop folders, here are three of them. I would love to have one of my 20-mile bike rides today since it’s sunny but the wind has really picked up once again and it’s in the 40s too. Damn… Think 110F degrees!


I took this iPhone photo the other day to send to the family. I’m amazed at the clarity of the original, unprocessed image. Usually, iPhone photos deteriorate when trying to shoot a long-range image like this. At the end of the day though, they are pretty ordinary photos…

A Colorful Strip

The Prisma app on the iPad transformed this photo from yesterday into something a bit more interesting. As I scan Instagram, I constantly see ads for AI applications that are supposed to transform your face or something else into a very different-looking image.

Every time I try one, they suck and the company wants $35 dollars a year or something similar. Oh hell no man! I remember Instagram before the ads came along when that damned Facebook purchased it. I think that anything that is touched by FB is basically cursed.

I’ve never had an account with those creeps. But, maybe I do now by default because of my IG account?

Edited in Prisma app with Aqua

A Local’s Perspective

Here is my perspective on the sudden windstorm that started about three hours ago. I wasn’t paying attention to the weather obviously. When these storms come along, my house starts making creaking noises and you can hear where the seals are not too good on the door and some windows.

We are overdue for this from my perspective since it’s been three weeks or so since a good blow blew through the valley. The photos of the Strip are unprocessed sans a slight brightening. On another note, yesterday I made a delicious pot of fresh chili. Man, that was so good!

But, bonehead me went to bed and forgot to put it in the refrigerator! I looked up some food safety information and decided to dump the entire pot down the kitchen sink drain. That really sucked, but it’s better than possibly landing in the hospital! There is a replacement slow cooking at the moment.

Some of you know of my love for chili, don’t you!

A Warped Strip

There are many functions in my photo software apps that I never use, here is one of them. The Vegas Strip looks like its buildings are drunk and falling over. Gee, how much does this happen in Sin City with its tourists? Sunny and just 69 chilly degrees are in store for the city today, brrrr! Click the pic.