A Nice View of The Las Vegas Strip

I recorded this video with the iPhone one or two years ago departing Las Vegas for Michigan. The aircraft used a different runway this time that has a fine view of our very expensive Las Vegas Strip. Welcome to Sin City. We then gradually roll right for the northeast hop toward Michigan. This aircraft sounds like an Airbus A319 or A320, beautiful aircraft. I kinda love to fly!

East by Northeast

It’s such a beautiful day today I just had to get my bum out of the house! I am aware that the photo of the Strip is redundant but I want to show you how clear the valley looks on these very windy days here. The gusts are around forty miles per hour, not as strong as other windy days but look how clear it is looking east! The other photo is looking northeast where you see the Las Vegas Range which tops out about 6000 feet high, the photo/lens doesn’t render them that way though.

I need the 70-200mm zoom lens!

Overcast Strip

It’s been overcast and kind of gloomy all day today which makes me feel blah. Even the Las Vegas Strip seems sad and gloomy seen from several miles away… The 24-70 lens did a good job here.

Vdara, Cosmo and Aria

Three of many players along our Las Vegas Strip. It’s kind of funny that I have lived in this city nearly seven years yet very rarely visit the Vegas Strip. The place is just too damn crazy busy for me, creepy people and too many drunks! Would you visit the Strip more if you lived here?


The Rio

Here is a three year old Black and White taken along Flamingo Road, just east of the Vegas Strip. This photo was taken with the Nikon D3300. Have been to the Rio? I haven’t!

iPhone Photos on The Trail

I’ve been putting off processing these iPhone photos from a couple days ago. I started down the trail intending to walk the entire circumference of the little mountain but made it about one third of that distance. My heart just wasn’t up to the walk that day, something I’ve had to incorporate into my life. These photos are intended as test photos but they seem to look pretty good, I tossed four of them as they were zoomed in toward the Strip and just pixelated to death.


It’s Not Too Jiffy

There are a few different companies around the city that perform the smog testing on most everything with an engine around here but I don’t believe that doing this really helps very much. In winter the layer of smog hanging over the city seems persistent and never ending. During our windstorms, the smog seems to blow out of the valley.

Walk or drive to higher elevations around the valley and you’ll very quickly see that pervasive and nasty greenish cloud hovering over the valley easily. Of course, I’m no expert in this matter but from a resident’s perspective these very costly smog tests are not worth it.

Further, for my vehicle it costs me $500 every two years for that little tiny plate tab that tells the police that you’ve paid up. Is this nonsense really worth the costs…. And where does my five hundred bucks go?