Caged Rocks

I really don’t know what the rocks within the rebar are supposed to be other than caged rocks! Elsewhere, I have seen rebar shaped like a Saguaro cacti and other shapes filled with rocks. We have plenty of rocks here in the desert. Maybe this one is keeping a doorway into Earth closed, haha!

The photo of the Las Vegas Strip was taken at 60mm, not nearly enough gain or zoom but at least the sky is clear and the smog seems absent… The windstorms will be returning soon which helps keep the smog away in my opinion.

Some of you may have heard about an apparent cyber attack on the MGM and Caesars venues on the Strip. I can’t find any information that confirms that the attackers here and in the UK, actually paid a 30 million dollar ransom.

This is no surprise to me considering that the days of true, believable journalism vanished from America years ago. So putrid… My finger points at Liberalism and crooked government.

Driving Around Las Vegas

Driving around in this city can be stressful because of the crazy drivers who think nothing of cutting you off, tailgating, and more. Typical city driving, right? Gladly, I don’t have to do this daily! Sunshine and 87 degrees are on for today, I like the cooling trend after this scorching summer!

It’s Very Humid Today!

I considered a bike ride this morning but the humidity is very high for Las Vegas standards. Sucks! The photo of the Strip and Gass Peak shows how hazy it really is right now and it’s only 84 degrees too.

I refilled the Hummingbird feeders (very exciting) and now I need to download all of the 2023 Dropbox backups from my cloud storage.

The old backup drive has failed, I barely got 2023 off of it but that download was interrupted because the drive was corrupt.

It’s a good thing that I thought to pick up a new SSD drive several weeks ago, the files I had transferred back then are in good condition. That was close! The new SSD is much smaller than the old one.

The Strip At 60mm

Just four photos from yesterday fir this morning, the telephoto lens wasn’t in the truck with me so no zooming in that photo of the Strip which is currently blocked off because of that stupid F1 car race. We locals don’t seem to want anything to do with it. A high of 102 degrees is up for today.

I hear There’s A Hurricane Coming!

I have always believed that Las Vegas will always be safe from hurricanes. Until now. Imagine what the flooding could do in a desert! I think it was two years ago during the monsoons that the Vegas Strip actually had water flooding down the boulevard. that’s just crazy, isn’t it!

I intend to capture as much of this event whether its really bad or not so bad so stick around okay? Thr sky looks stormy this morning which has me wonder if this is an extreme outer band of that hurricane? Still, a high of 99 degrees is on it’s way for this Friday with much cooler weather following.