Four Wheelin’

Here’s a set from yesterday with people riding their quads. I grew up with a quad under my bum but no longer ride these days. I really miss it! In the photos you can see the Strip and the landing field for Nellis AFB. These photos are much smaller than I usually upload as I’m having storage issues with WordPress. Each image is 250kb or less, they seem to look fine still. What do you think?

The Other Sign

This sign looks like the sign on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip but doesn’t get all the attention the south sign does. I think it’s just north of the Stratosphere Tower.

Another Walk in The Park

Here’s a set of ten from a couple hours ago walking the same park but heading north this time which provided a clean view of the Las Vegas Strip many miles away to the southeast. No wind today but there’s much more cloud cover. I passed the usual piles of dog shit that lazy owners refuse to collect! And one huge pile of horse shit. Such a poopy walk! These are all 35mm photos, I don’t like this set as much as yesterday’s photos…

More to come from this quick walk, photo 2 shows there’s no excuse for not packing your dog poop out!

The Vegas Strip

Here are ten photos taken yesterday of the Strip from several miles northwest. It looks much clearer now than it did a week ago when we had the rain, maybe rain helps hold the stuff down? Yuck. Or maybe it’s all about temperature. Anyway, I wish each of you a blessed 2020 my friends!

Going forward on this blog I am changing the post schedule to no more than two uploads per day. The reason for this is the fact that I’ve been uploading far too much each day this past year or so which probably has a lot to do with the lower comment numbers and likes. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.

Elevations and Lines

You are looking way down and east! My photography is often just plain old weird isn’t it? I tend to photograph things that aren’t likely to be of much interest to others. That said, I would like to know what you would like to see more of on the blog. More from the Vegas Strip? More street photography or Landscapes? I appreciate your input my friends!

From Northwest to Southeast

In photo one you can see North Las Vegas at center left, and a portion of the Strip at right. I am many miles northwest of the city on the southbound two fifteen freeway. This was not my exit… 🌴