Las Vegas Valley

The Bloom

Early this morning I noticed my neighbor’s tree has begun it’s bloom again. Of course I had to grab a few photos! Homes in my neighbourhood are very close together so this tree is almost too large for it’s location…. Read More ›

Down In The Valley

I’ve posted this same location before but with the 70-300mm lens on the old D3300 body. It’s odd for me not having that zoom lens, I wanted to see how this 24-70mm lens captures it. Looks nice! But needs that… Read More ›

A Colourful Playground

Continuing with photos from the new Nikon, I decided to enhance the bright colours of this playground in the HDR app. OK, I went overboard a bit but the clarity of the photos remains. Now I will head into the… Read More ›

A New Nikon

Today I purchased a new Nikon, the Z6 series. After getting the battery fully topped off, I headed to a local park for some photos but did take several photos in my backyard first before the sun got too low…. Read More ›

Salt and Grease

Yep, I have an addiction to Western Omlettes and hash browns! Once a week or so I’ll allow myself this treat. It’s what this kind of food does to my blood pressure that make’s it kinda tough to eat it…. Read More ›

Neck Stretches

This lone duck was flexing his or her neck like this for a few moments, are you OK there buddy? 😂🥰 keyboard testing software online