How Low Can It Go?

This is some seriously dry weather recently! This area of the Mojave Desert has been on a fire alert recently due to the extremely dry air and high winds, which have now gone. Gladly, no fires occurred. When I’ve returned home to Michigan, the amount of humidity always gets to me, the air seems so thick!

Just 9% humidity!

Midnight Blue

This photo has been in this space before but looked very different. What is it?

This is an ‘art’ structure that sits at the entrance to one of those big-dollar neighborhoods in Summerlin, too much money for my bank account! It’s been re-processed with iColorama, Aurora HDR and Photoscape X.

Plenty of tweaking, eh? Was it worth it? It looks a bit Outer Space-ish…

Alta Drive, West

Here’s a random drive-by photo I took yesterday. The tall buildings in the distance are the Queens Ridge condominiums located on Rampart Boulevard. I put Liberty in too, this is a different version of her.

The Patio

These photos follow the previous post where I was waiting for my food to be delivered outside to take home. I was obviously bored, my brain runs too fast to be idled for very long!

I could do much more with my photos, everyone talks about how great Photoshop is. I find that software far too confusing for me to use, unfortunately.

If I could just sit down with someone who really understands Photoshop, then I’m sure I could pick it up pretty quickly.

Youtube videos don’t cut the mustard with me for a couple of reasons, one of which is my sincere disdain for anything Google. And that by the way is the one reason I will never use the Blogger platform again.

I swore off Google over one year ago. I guess you’ll have to deal with the way I create my photos! I’m mostly happy with them anyway.

City Views

This morning I was on a mission to the local ham radio store, I grabbed these photos along the way. It’s bright and beautiful today, but just fifty-nine or so degrees. Seventy tomorrow, and eighties by the weekend. Great!

Goodnight Sunset

Good morning! This was last night’s sunset as seen at the end of my street. I had the 24/70mm lens on and thought that the 24/200mm lens was attached. The photo came out pretty good anyway, aye? Today’s forecast is for 79 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow will be different with just 59 degrees for the high, too cold!

The Blues and Greens in My Backyard

Such a perfect day today! I was enjoying the relative quiet in the backyard a bit ago and decided to haul the tripod and Nikon back there for these quick photos.

It’s wonderful when all of the damn dogs shut their freaking yaps up for a bit.

The neighbors kitty-corner to me are playing their Hispanic music and enjoying the pool. Come five PM, you’ll that familiar pshhh pop! When my can of suds opens! 😎

Flight: Poetry In Motion

I’ve always been fascinated with aircraft, anything that flies regardless of having wings or helicopter blades.

Over the years, I’ve found that these commercial jetliners have become my favorite aircraft, possibly aided by the fact that most of us have logged thousands of miles in these flying beer cans with what are pound for pound the most powerful engines built, strapped to the wings.

Since the damned virus took over the planet, I’ve seriously missed flying, and of course, seeing my family back home in Michigan twice a summer.

This Southwest Airlines aircraft was photographed on approach to our beautiful McCarran International Airport about a year or so ago.

I have two favorite places I like to capture these beautiful machines from, one is directly under the approach path on the east end of one runway, the other is nearby where I can capture them broadside. I love the sights, sounds and even the smell of the spent Jet A fuel as it wafts over me, so fun!

One More Mural

Yeppers, just one more mural, I am almost finished with uploading the many photos taken at Tivoli Village a couple of days ago. Today’s weather has been nothing short of perfect with glorious sunshine and seventy-seven degrees, just perfect! Just ignore the military choppers from Nellis AFB flying overhead.