My Mexican Fan Palms are scheduled for pruning July second and as you can see in the photos, they are due. Last week’s 90-degree temps appear to have made the fronds become very droopy. I’ve almost decided to have that messy African Sumac (weed) tree taken down too as it’s a constant battle with the dead leaf droppings daily. They are terrible, nasty trees!

An Old Sunrise

These photos are about five years old and taken on the way to work one morning. I quit that job, not because of the job but because of very poor management. I won’t tolerate being talked at, through, or down to by a belligerent employer! This happens too often to people…

On The Border

Welcome home to Nevada! Some of you may be aware that a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattle west-central Nevada around four AM this morning. I was sleeping and felt nothing, the epicentre was near Tonopah, Nevada which is a long way from Las Vegas. My home was not affected either, great news. I was awoken by my phone which was muted yet the vibrations from the phone woke me. My father and sister were calling from Michigan to find out if I am OK.


With the ducklings and duck parents nearby, I snapped these photos of the agitated water. Today has been seriously windy with gusts up to fifty miles per hour! Another Wind Storm…


On the way back from the store I hopped out for a few duck photos and came upon these little sweeties! The little chirping sound they make is so adorable!

Twisted Linq

The Linq on the Las Vegas Strip, this photo was taken May 2019 under or near the Linq. The wheel rotates very slowly, remember this before getting into a pod as there are no toilets!

Get high on the High Roller


These ducks were very noisy as they waddled quickly toward my truck apparently expecting something to eat. People, don’t feed them, especially bread! It has no nutritional value for them.

Rollin’ Me Down The Highway

Nevada Love, Desert Love! Two photos from a couple years ago. I called my dad up in Michigan this morning, haven’t talked with him for a week or so. We talked about many things including how the weather has been so cold and snowy for May, that’s just nuts!

I mentioned that I have considered moving back to Michigan at some point to which he replied that I have a wonderful climate here in Las Vegas, stay there! Yep, it’s damn nice dad! But dad, I did grow up with a snowmobile under my butt!! Fact is, I can’t tolerate the cold so well these days, I am a bit chilly when the temperature falls to the sixties! Better stay put eh?