Navigating The Concrete Snake

Here is an unusual photo, it has only one car in it! Las Vegas freeways are almost always busy with people going about their lives as they navigate our concrete snakes to get where they need to be.

In The Evening

After the sun sets below the western mountains I enjoy setting here, the warm breeze blowing around. A cold brew in hand, the birds settling in for the soon to come darkness in the valley. A part of my Las… Read More ›

I Am A Michigander

And will always be one! American by birth, Michigander by luck. No, I’m not considering moving home to Michigan but when I take these trips back up north it brings back so many fond memories and some bad ones too…. Read More ›

Bug Flowers

My mother had this idea many years ago, she’s passed away now but her bug flowers are replanted each spring. These photos are a good example of how far phone camera photography has to go to catch up with “real”… Read More ›

Taking A Break

I will be taking a break from uploading any new photography until August 16th. This blog needs some serious attention in the Back End. In order to recover storage space, I will be deleting at couple thousand posts at minimum,… Read More ›

Passed Out

I snapped this photo last year behind a restaurant as I was walking to my truck from the store. I went inside and alerted the manager on duty about this poor fella passed out or sleeping or both, behind the… Read More ›

The Loneliest Seat

From my post-divorce apartment days, the lonely life continues today. A very direct lifestyle choice. I can’t take the drama and strife of relationships anymore…

Summer in The Valley

Here’s a view looking west on Lake Mead Boulevard today. It was only 102, I can feel the difference today versus the last few days at 108 which is coming back next week. Summer in The Valley! 😂