A Downtown Summerlin Memory

A very nice photo in my view, taken I think two years ago. This is a wonderful outdoor mall with tons of retailers and restaurants. It was so nice to simply wander this place, people watch, take some photos and have a bite of delicious pizza. A bit too greasy, but so delicious! Or, sample other tasty delights. Number three and I used to wander this place, today, I go it alone.

Life goes on regardless, what matters most doesn’t change…

The photo is visibly degraded to save storage space, thanks, WP.

Oops, Again

On my morning ride to the ham radio store, I passed this stupid sign again. Oops! Honestly, I carry plenty of regret for the many things that happened during those married years regardless of who done it. I am just so very grateful for how my life is today, in spite of the coronavirus.

Always count thy blessings!

A City Shut Down

This photo was taken today during a quick joyride. Will Las Vegas ever be the same? I’m glad I was able to be here to experience the city before corona was let loose upon the world. Evil.

Not a good photo without a telephoto lens…

The Old Timers

Welcome to five years ago way down south in southern Georgia. My father and I were on an antique car tour that covered a few hundred miles and crossed the Florida Georgia line a few times. This is an unforgettable trip with dad, one to be cherished. Dad is ninety-two years young now, and still taking these antique car tours! An amazing and wonderful man!

These are iPhone photos

Star Shots

These are admittedly not good photos, but I don’t do night photography. There have been zero clouds at sunset the last few days, hence no new sunsets. I have zero plans for the upcoming holiday, do you? This holiday will be very different for many Americans. Myself? No difference really but there will be no trips to Michigan this summer either. John is not a happy camper…