Kona Green

I plan on getting Kona on the streets of Las Vegas tomorrow – look out people! 😂🚴‍♂️

Oleanders at The Main Gate

Waiting for the exit gates to open in my subdivision I snapped this quickie with the Nikon. I am glad that my HOA is finally getting things done around here. That includes telling home owners in my subdivision to stop… Read More ›

A Well Dressed Man

Stopped at yet another traffic light I grabbed the Nikon to capture this really well dressed man. I have zero idea what he was selling, possibly news papers or magazines? I admire his being so well dressed for his job,… Read More ›

Tattoo Photos

Yesterday when the weather was bright and sunny I stepped outside for some new photos of my tat since it’s not freshly re-inked now. looks great! I wanted to change the rose from blue (my favourite colour) to red, but… Read More ›

Home Things

Just a few photos of things inside my home. I’m stuck here you could say as I have to wait for the appliance repair dude to show up. It seems my five month old brand new Frigidaire refrigerator decided to… Read More ›

Blood Suck Morning

Here are two photos from early this morning, too early on the way to the hospital for a blood draw. Again… A beautiful sunrise today with nill clouds and a calm wind for a change. The latest Wind Storm lasted… Read More ›

Sky Life

I rarely get to travel in an aircraft, so when I get the chance I’m on it. Usually it’s flying to and from Michigan twice per year, as soon as the weather warms the hell up in Michigan, I plan… Read More ›