Baked Turkey Kielbasa

This Kielbasa needed to be cooked up, so I popped it in the Breville oven late last eve. It’s a bit too salty but still really delicious! It made a tasty breakfast too. On a different note – I had an appointment at then this morning to have my permanent crown installed. I showed up on time, the crew got to work on this.

After several minutes of trying to fit the crown, the assistant called in the doctor. Guess what? The damn crown doesn’t fit as it should. Wonderful. To get the tooth ready for a different crown, I had to be numbed up again, and I despise this because I always bite the inside of my mouth which I’ve already done this morning.


This once again proves that we never know what each day will throw at us… It was tough eating lunch!

Less Hazy But…

Not quite all gone yet. The coming winter should see the air clear up over the valley which will be nice for a change but for now, it’s sunny and ninety-five degrees. How was your weekend? If you are wondering what has reopened for business on the Las Vegas Strip, have a look at this link and this link for starters.

Frankly, I say it’s still a bit too soon for this. Have people forgotten how many people have died from this deadly virus? Is Common Sense still on holiday? I have to say yeah, it left America long ago…

Wall Birds

These attractive ‘wall birds’ hang in a hallway at my folks’ place way down in Florida. My only issue with these photos is being in the damned portrait mode. I really dislike shooting vertically! You know, like those terrible phone photos and videos that were captured vertically? Please, folks, stop doing this when possible!

Grandma and Grandpa

This cute item belonged to my grandparents, I remember it being on a shelf in the stairway to the basement of their home in Flushing, Michigan in the 1960s when they had a big farm. There were also several little mugs with creepy old man sailor faces on them in this stairwell that always creeped me out.

I swear they were all staring at me!! Isn’t it so strange, the persistence of memory? The donkey was photographed against a white paper background about three years ago in my apartment.