Birds of The Basin

That is to say cute little birds in Calico Basin! There’s something so charming and adorable about little birds. As a child I enjoyed watching them flit about high in the trees. Perhaps this comes from those many years of… Read More ›

Yesterday Was Tough…

These days I find it extremely difficult to handle the negative thoughts from years gone by in terms of failed marriages and lost relationships. I’m not a fan of Valentines Day. Thanks for allowing me to say this.

Posterised Me

A goofy set. The color version was taken in Michigan a few weeks ago at our family Christmas gathering, such fun and good for my soul to all be together again. It was processed with iColorama. The posterised version was… Read More ›

A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

Sitting inside Subway a couple hours ago the guy you see here and his little rodent dog were wandering around the storefront as he put the rodent down then picked it up again. Repeat sequence twice. He then wandered off… Read More ›

The Creepy Dude Revised

I’m in a stay at home mood today, so why not pull up some old photos from my SSD backups? I reworked Creepy Dude again, this time adding some symmetry and other effects. He sits in a little black plastic… Read More ›

Sanford, Michigan 1965

The photo below shows my father on the left racing his biggest competitor in 1965 on Sanford Lake, Michigan. I was just five years young! These are surely the years where I developed my love of all things boat and… Read More ›