A Rainy Night In Las Vegas

The sky dropped rain on the city yesterday on-and-off through the day. It was raining when I hit the sack last night and it was still raining when I awoke at 5:45 this morning. And it’s still raining as I type these words, the rain tapping on my dining room skylight is a pleasant sound. A sound I rarely heard here in the Mojave Desert.

A reminder of where I come from where rain is a frequent visitor. I captured the icy scene in my backyard yesterday afternoon as small hailstones tapped on the skylight which makes a very different sound than does the rain.

I feel a bit lonely this morning. Living by yourself isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, usually, I am fine yet the rain also can augment that feeling of being cut off from the family. This feeling never stays around long, the day is young.

A Peaceful Life

Looking at these photos from yesterday this early morning, it struck me just how much humanity can learn from the peaceful life and way of living these birds have. No worries except for the next meal and guys with cameras getting a bit too close to you. No coronavirus worries. No bills or taxes to pay. Only a peaceful, simple life.

Food Shopping Flowers

Once again I snapped a few photos of the lovely flower arrangements at my local grocery store. And as usual, I gave a nice comment to the lady behind the counter who was putting the bundles of flowers together. Some of the bundles have a Happy Valentines Day attached to them which makes me think about the reasons I still live by myself, and still have no desire to date a woman again. It’s like starting all over again which doesn’t sound too appetising but life today is much better! 😎👍🏻

A Farm Windmill in The Rain

This photo is not as old as I’ve made it to look. It’s an iPhone photo I took while stopped at one of the planned venues on one of the days we toured in dad’s old antique auto in 2015. The person that owns this location had an absolutely incredible collection of pretty much anything antique made in the United States. That collection has got to be worth millions of dollars.

Well, my little photo isn’t worth that much, but it is worth what you see and think of it! These little windmills seem to be the original, and far less ugly, predecessors to our so-called ‘modern’ ugly-ass three-bladed windfarms.

I strongly dislike them aesthetically, and will never believe in them as a replacement for known, tried-and-true power sources that have helped this country to thrive and grow for so many decades. How ‘green’ am I? As green as the cash in my wallet…

A Sign of The Times

My truck was due for another oil change since another three thousand miles has been added to the odometer. Since it was new, the engine oil has been changed almost exactly every three thousand miles, some say higher than this is OK but I don’t buy that. Think of what happens inside your engine. There is plenty of heat and friction that can quickly break down your oil’s viscosity which translates to engine wear and repair bills sooner than they should be needed. So, go change your engine oil!

While waiting for the crew to finish the truck ahead of me, I noticed this face mask kiosk. A true sign of the times in which we live today, would any one of us even believe that this situation would exist in a few month’s time? And that a kiosk would be selling face masks in the parking area of a party store, oil change place, and the car wash? Oh, and Roberto’s Tacos?

Human Kindness

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. What the world needs now is Human Kindness. I took this photo probably two years ago on a day trip down to Laughlin, Nevada. I was on the dock and noticed this man helping his wife with her shoes after a chilly wade in the Colorado River. These two are truly in love forever. It’s still very true and always will be, love is the most powerful thing in the universe.

Jackie DeShannon – What The World Needs Now

Rescue Me!

Please rescue me from 2020! Some of Las Vegas’ finest on a mission, sirens screaming, lights flashing.