Las Vegas’ Finest!

iPhone photos of some of our finest people here! Well, the truck anyway, I said thanks for what you do as I passed the firemen heading into the store. A job only some could handle doing but not me! The… Read More ›

Shot Gun Shells and Liquor

When I had a concealed carry license some years ago, the instructor did a great job in teaching the class and running the tests needed to qualify for this license. Among those teachings is that any kind of alcohol and… Read More ›

Many Memories

Standing in this one location I see many years of work and play, good times with my family and time well spent with my mother, God bless her.

Posing Whilst Eating

As I wandered around the Christmas party happily snapping away, my niece’s son froze for this photo without my asking him. Such a young ham, he’s got two years of high school left. Again, where have the years gone? The… Read More ›

The Family Christmas

Here are four photos from last Saturday with my family up north in Michigan where there was zero snow on the ground, yay! It’s always sad though when we have to go our separate ways after having so much fun… Read More ›

My Boy and I

Here is me in the bathroom the other morning being a dork and showing my addiction to photography by taking this shot not long after hopping out of bed! My boy is of legal drinking age these days, it’s kind… Read More ›

Stretch -n- Flap

These photos may be the best of the lot from the other day, the bird was such a willing subject for me! I wonder how much this bird weighs in at as it’s certainly not small. The flight muscles for… Read More ›

Memes on Life Experiences

Oh the irony! Meant to be funny yet containing pieces of truths of all our lives. Time is truly the fire in which we all burn. Our lives are incredibly finite.

Navigating The Concrete Snake

Here is an unusual photo, it has only one car in it! Las Vegas freeways are almost always busy with people going about their lives as they navigate our concrete snakes to get where they need to be.