This Is True

I do appreciate very much my home, it’s warm in winter, cool in summer, and resides in a beautiful valley surrounded by tall beautiful mountains. Life is good, God is good! Disclaimer, this is not my photo of course.

She Just Stopped And Walked With Me…

It was so odd, and something that I’ll always remember. On the way home to Las Vegas today, I was riding the flat conveyor belt that whisks you along through the different gates at DTW, or Detroit Metropolitan Airport. My back was (and still is) bothering me so I happened to lean way down on the black handrail.

I mumbled to myself that wow, my back really hurts. I didn’t see the lovely blonde woman to my right who was walking in the same direction on the regular floor. She was beautiful. Our eyes locked for what seemed like two minutes but were likely five seconds. She asked me “what?” I replied that my back is painful.

She wished me good luck with my back and walked away. Who was she? My soulmate? Or, just another random occurrence in this life because life is already too weird, right? As a three-times divorced man, I am actually not interested in dating even after six years. Yet, I am of course lonely in just this one way.

The door is open to another lady in my older days but I am very wary because of past life experiences. But, who was she? Yet another mystery in my life. Life is a circle, we may yet meet again…