Lonely Road North

This not so exciting image began life as a black and white image. I kept it only because it seems to evoke a sense of loneliness, or a lonely traveler. This fits with my life rather well today. I came… Read More ›

Blondie in Mother’s Chair

Blondie loves my mother’s chair that she sat in for years doing her crossword puzzles and other things whilst whipping up her wonderful meals each day. Great taste in furniture, Blondie! I miss you mother.

Have a Seat!

This fella is waiting for the crosswalk light to tell him it’s OK to roll across the road yesterday. Las Vegas locals going about their daily routines.

Get Me Sedated!

I had to laugh at this sign advertising getting blasted! And what a coincidence this is as well. I’ve needed some serious dental work for a bit now, today is the day I went back to my dentists and got… Read More ›

Through The Decades

Beautiful memories of family, some alive some not stay with me and comfort me the days of my life… โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

A Kiddie Party in The Kingdom

OK, I’m attempting to be very enthusiastic with my titles lately! A bit ago I stepped outside for some sunshine and eighty one degree love. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear the party going on behind my home! Obviously this is a… Read More ›