The Steel Butterfly

The Steel Butterfly has been on my folk’s lawn for many years. It’s been repainted as needed. Wonderful family memories from the 1990’s!

The Bugmobile

My sister owned a blue bug like this in the mid 1970’s, we had fun riding around town in it, that air-cooled engine and manual transmission remembered. These tough old bugs will outlive all of us!

Drag Boat 1979

Actually more like 1979 or 1980. This was a time when I had just graduated High School and was traveling with dad around the country racing this liquid quarter mile drag boat. Exciting and wonderful days they were! The man… Read More ›

Mother’s Bell

Hi mom, it’s me! I brought another one of your things back home with me from Michigan, I hope you don’t mind mom. I just want to keep you close to my heart. I miss you every day mom. ❤️

Lonely Road North

This not so exciting image began life as a black and white image. I kept it only because it seems to evoke a sense of loneliness, or a lonely traveler. This fits with my life rather well today. I came… Read More ›

Blondie in Mother’s Chair

Blondie loves my mother’s chair that she sat in for years doing her crossword puzzles and other things whilst whipping up her wonderful meals each day. Great taste in furniture, Blondie! I miss you mother.

Driving the 1910 Mitchell

A photo from my recent flight to Michigan to see my family. Dad moves the now sold 1910 Mitchell, lovely colours with the Nikon and the 35mm lens. I’m glad I took just this one lens on this trip!

On The Rail Again

An odd pattern I follow when visiting Michigan and the family is that I seem to end up at the Amtrak depot for photos and usually end up setting my Nikon on one rail like this. An odd habit! But… Read More ›

Chief Pontiac

I posted this bust about two weeks ago after returning from my trip to Michigan but neglected to mention that he is Chief Pontiac. Sorry about that Chief! He is responsible for name of the city of Pontiac, Michigan which… Read More ›