Thank You, Star Trek!

My good friend back in Michigan sent this cartoon to me a couple days back. Since I am a life-long Star Trek fan, I have to share this one! Think about it though, how many things from the original series, or TOS, have come to fruition? Live long and prosper, my online friends! πŸ––πŸ»πŸ˜Ž


I took a quick jaunt around the area to get the heck out of the house for a while today. Had a nice chat with my dad while parked in this little park. I feel a bit childless like this playground regarding the damned virus. I so want to see my children and the rest of my family but it’s not possible. The fence around the playground is like the virus, a fence that keeps families apart.

A sad sight

Star Shots

These are admittedly not good photos, but I don’t do night photography. There have been zero clouds at sunset the last few days, hence no new sunsets. I have zero plans for the upcoming holiday, do you? This holiday will be very different for many Americans. Myself? No difference really but there will be no trips to Michigan this summer either. John is not a happy camper…

Family Heirlooms

In this photo, the first three items in the little windowsill are my mothers regardless of her passing. The little donkey belongs to my grandparents regardless of them passing in 1979 and 1983. There is so much love here. πŸ₯° Love, the most powerful thing in this universe.

The Girls

Pepper the Shepard and Blondie are so missed! I actually feel a bit angry that It’s not safe and possible for me (or anyone) to travel to Michigan. I really miss my family and these sweet girls. Sadness once again sets in. On a bright note, all of my ceiling fans are being replaced today, and two Sago Palms are being planted in the backyard. Still a good day!

Circa 1981

A few days ago I came across this old time radio as I was surfing around the internet. I couldn’t resist buying it from someone on eBay as it’s a radio I wish I’d never sold back in 1981, the radio was produced until 1984.

Compared to today’s technology for devices like this one, it’s a dinosaur but I love the old radio! The photo shows what a mess it was before I took plenty of glass cleaner in a bowl, and probably fifty Q-Tips to it.

I was totally amazed at how well this old radio cleaned up, my guess is someone had it in a dirty garage. The darn thing looks not too far from new now. The receiver does work, but I need to get some Tuner Shower, split the case open and wash off the switches from inside.

Rotating them creates a lot of crackling which wipes out most of what little the radio can hear with just one little telescopic antenna! The tuner is strictly AM, SSB and CW. It receives from 150khz to 30mhz. Your basic shortwave radio frequencies.

More to come on this if I can get it cleaned up and sounding better, I can make a short video

Pepper Dog!

OK, I am digging really deep in the archives this morning for these photos. I spoke with my father the other day up in Michigan, just catching up on things with him. Pepper is doing well, gladly, her hindquarters haven’t become more painful for her as she’s a senior dog these days.

Blondie is well to, she’s much younger. I miss these babies! It totally sucks that I can’t make my summer journey home to see my family. It’s so good for the soul to be with those you love so much. A tiny tear comes to my eye…

Black and White Day

Actually, it’s a very good day, the photos almost demand the title. I had several stops to make today hence I haven’t uploaded anything until now. Our real, actual lives come first since blogging is for me an avocation.

Yesterday, my new chrome wheels were installed on my truck, and I very much like the look! No photos yet, nobody probably cares to see it anyway. Driving around today taking care of business, it came to me that I have come full-circle.

Back in the day, back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, my father and I traveled quite a bit to race his 1/4 mile drag boat. We were in several states over the three years we did this and it was an experience that I am very lucky to have had and I am so grateful for those days.

During those years, I was totally blown away by the beauty of the desert southwest in Arizona where we raced several times. I wanted to stay there. Fast-forward to 2013 and the now-ex and I moving to Las Vegas.

As I’ve said here before, I just didn’t want to move back home to Michigan and the gray skies, and cold dank weather most of the year. I made the correct decision in staying here! I am where I wanted to be those many years ago. I’ve now come full-circle!

The firetruck was moving, I clicked the camera very quickly for those photos

Repainting The Penn Central Caboose

This caboose is in my Michigan hometown. During the 1990’s I was involved in repainting this and the other cabooses located at this depot which was constructed in 1900. This time, the city has paid for most of the paintwork and using professionals who know how to properly prepare and paint the surfaces. Do it right the first time! Yep, I miss home and being near my family…

The link will take you to a website that contains Penn Central caboose information. These are not my photos, no copyright is inferred!

The Power Plant

The power plant is a 4.3 liter V-6 with 150+ HP. It’s a damn good engine, one that I have owned in several trucks over the years. Years ago in Michigan, I owned a lawn cutting business, the truck pulling the trailer had the same engine but was coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission which worked very well.

I also owned a 19-foot boat that had the same engine, but had some internal modifications for marine use, again a damn good power plant in that application. My only regret though with this truck is that it doesn’t have the small-block 305-cubic inch V-8 engine. I am very brand-loyal and drive GM trucks exclusively!

I know… men and their pickup trucks! πŸ˜‚

Back To Sunset Park

Today is so gorgeous that I really wanted to get out of the house, so off to Sunset Park again. I took the city streets down there and man what a pain in the ass. Honestly, I’ve never witnessed so much driving ignorance in my life. These dolts take some unbelievable chances with other people’s lives and property. And turn signals? Duuuuhhhhh what is a turn signal?

I took the 215 freeway home, much faster and mostly dolt-free.

Here are the first photos of around sixty that I snapped this morning. The last time I was here, the island had a whole lot more overgrowth on it, it looks so much better now. And you can see the Easter Island statue better too. This place is a waterfowl paradise for the many ducks and other birds that hang out around the manmade pond.

After photographing some wonderful birds, I crossed Sunset Road looking for a few airliner photos on approach to our McCarran International Airport. There were several flights touching down and lifting off which I am happy to see, yet I believe it’s still too risky to fly. I rang my dad in Michigan about flying up there this morning.

He and I are on the same page with flying right now, I think it’s still too risky to make my usual summer journey up to Michigan to visit my family. That really sucks so bad! Chatting on the phone or texting is better than nothing, but you can’t hug your children over the phone! I miss my family so much. It’s a price I’ve paid for staying in Las Vegas after the divorce in 2016.

That said, it was the right choice for me, I love the desert and the city, sans the drivers!

Watching TV

The iColorama and Impresso applications were used to create this image about two years ago when I was still living the apartment life. Not good times… So much better today!

Swirly Glass

These photos are of a large decorative glass bowl that belonged to my mother. Now it and other items of hers live here with me in the desert. I miss you, Mom.

The Bridge

The Bridge is on my folks’ property back home in Michigan. I’ve painted that bridge as needed over the years, rode quads and snowmobiles over it so many times.

Rollin’ Me Down The Highway

Nevada Love, Desert Love! Two photos from a couple years ago. I called my dad up in Michigan this morning, haven’t talked with him for a week or so. We talked about many things including how the weather has been so cold and snowy for May, that’s just nuts!

I mentioned that I have considered moving back to Michigan at some point to which he replied that I have a wonderful climate here in Las Vegas, stay there! Yep, it’s damn nice dad! But dad, I did grow up with a snowmobile under my butt!! Fact is, I can’t tolerate the cold so well these days, I am a bit chilly when the temperature falls to the sixties! Better stay put eh?

The Diner Experience

If you are like me then you enjoy a random, unplanned stop for a breakfast or lunch at places like Denny’s or the Black Bear Diner here in Las Vegas and other locations. The friendly servers, watching the cooks do their busy work and of course that greasy food that tastes so delicious but probably isn’t all that great for your health! I miss this experience…


These are iPhone images from my travels in the last couple years or so. I’ve got plenty of video of landings and liftoffs too but video doesn’t seem to capture the interest of many of you here.

Video isn’t so easy to work with either since I use Vimeo now as WordPress is greedy with storage. My photos are now uploaded at 150kb’s or so too so they may appear just a bit crusty.

That sucks but thanks again, WordPress for diminishing the quality of my photography.

The Spires of Excalibur

This is a really different photo, I love the colors and architecture of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. When I first moved to Las Vegas, the now Ex and I attended that really fun show they have very often where it’s Jousting and other fun things in the program to watch while you are served the most unusual foods. Foods that were made back in the day. The waitresses wear period correct costumes too, I recommend a visit when the world restarts. I’m not sure where I was exactly when I took the shot but it was taken with the old Nikon D3300 body.

An Old Potbelly Stove Tool

Gosh dang if I can remember or find the actual name of this tool! Funny thing is I remember using them back in the 1960’s as a kid with the family, deep in the Michigan wood. We were at the deer hunting camp on the 120 acres we owned back then, fun memories!

All bunk beds, a picnic table and a very minimal kitchen. And of course your basic outhouse behind the cabin which was near the old fashion hand pump that pulled water from the ground.

I can still remember that water too, it was the coldest, clearest and most delicious water ever! The pump was on the very edge of a cedar swamp at the base of a hill. Wonderful memories, great days in the 1960’s!! Lord, I miss my family members so much.

Showing My Age

Do you remember any of these eleven items? I do from a few decades ago! Obviously these are not my photos, and I drew the smiley face. 😬

Pretty Girls!

My father’s dogs haven’t made an appearance in this space for a while so here are some old photos of them. I miss these dogs so much and my human family too of course! This will pass!

Pepper is the first photo, Blondie below!

What Happens to Old Stuff?

What happens to these items? Will they simply turn to dust in time? Do you ever wonder what happened to that bicycle you loved as a child or toys from childhood? How about those boats that my family owned when we lived on the lake as children so many years ago? Are they rotting away in a landfill somewhere? Why do things vanish? I’m going lockdown nutty! πŸ˜‚

Old stuff going away – slowly