Grandma’s Donkey

Many years ago in the 1960’s I remember seeing this little cutie at my grandparent’s home in Linden, Michigan. They owned a large farm, it was a working farm and lots of fun as a little kid! The donkey was… Read More ›

Old Barns in Michigan

While not these barns, many old barns in Michigan are slowly crumbling and eventually collapsing which is so sad. Of course the money involved in keeping our old structures alive isn’t available. Slowly, one by one our Michigan heritage and… Read More ›

The Egg Bunny

The Egg Bunny is so funny! Next time I’m in Michigan I need to stuff this egg in my suitcase! Mr. Eggbunny is my mother’s creation.

Too Damaged to Repair

Here is another iPhone image from 2017 on the lake in Michigan. It’s a great shot except for being captured with an iPhone. Again, why the hell did I choose to leave my Nikon at home!! I don’t care if… Read More ›

Photo of A Print

This image is apparently an artist conception of a tiny town somewhere long ago. I took a photo of it, you can see my reflection in the glass it is housed in. My folks own this, it resides in the… Read More ›