More Late Night Palms

Essentially the same photos as the previous post late yesterday with more processing. Early this morning, I received a call from my sister. My first thought was that something had happened to my dad. Thank God, nothing was wrong with him! She was calling to check up on me regarding the diagnosis of two clogged arteries in my heart. I love you too sis!

We talked about my situation and dads too. We talked about the family and how we seem to have drifted apart from other family members, it’s not like it was in the sixties and the seventies. Some have passed, others have been swept up into the current of their daily lives as we all have been. Sis made me aware of my daughter’s husband in the hospital.

She (daughter) never told me to which I said I feel like an outsider sometimes. I’m not going to call her and be a jerk about that, rather how is he doing? At times like this, I wonder if staying here after the third and final divorce was a good decision. Yes, it was. But I also feel like I should be home in Michigan too, it’s a crappy situation to be in!

Back When Fuel Was Cheap

Really cheap compared to today’s ludicrous prices, and that price is much higher in Europe too. I put this collage together last year I think. They are photos my Michigan buddy sent me. I have driven and been a passenger in several old cars like these that my family has owned and it was a real treat, nothing at all like our modern vehicles!

Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

Yuck. I wish I’d have seen the filth on that table before I ordered yesterday! Taco Hell, I mean Taco Bell dropped the ball! Strippers don’t get me excited. The last time I was in such a place was back in the 1980s when some friends and I took our buddy across the border to Windsor, Ontario where we could drink legally as the age was 18 at the time.

I felt very uncomfortable in that joint but meanwhile, my friend’s eyeballs were popping out as the gal gave him the lap dance and whatever else she did. No thanks, that’s so cheesy! Here I am decades beyond those days and strippers are still cheesy to me! So demeaning and derogatory to women and that makes me mad. Thanks for listening…