Aunt Jane’s Pickles

I have a bit of history with this very old hand-painted advertisement on the side of a party store. As a child I remember eating pickles made by this company circa early 1970’s. Today I still love a good pickle…. Read More ›

Birds of The Basin

That is to say cute little birds in Calico Basin! There’s something so charming and adorable about little birds. As a child I enjoyed watching them flit about high in the trees. Perhaps this comes from those many years of… Read More ›


An old Van Halen song from many years ago said ‘that liquor in the night time breeds strange memories’. Yes it does and I remember those days long ago! Hence today I very rarely touch the stuff. This bottle of… Read More ›

The Mandalay

This image is the result of a serious crop job. The hydro lines at the top and crap at the bottom had to go, this is the best result I could get. The sad memory of the shooting remembered.

The Quincy Looper

The Quincy Looper engine was born in Quincy, Illinois many years ago and was my father’s favorite engine for the F Hydro class, the 1100cc class which was the biggest class back in the day when I was a boy…. Read More ›

Piston Power

This is an antique valve train on an old car, it still runs. Give me the power of petrol and pistons over an electric car any day! My sister recently purchased an electric car and loves it which is fine…. Read More ›