A beautiful Michigan Summer Day

Today was so beautiful, sunshine, a soft breeze and some puffy cotton balls floating overhead. Dad and I spent the whole hanging out and also hanging with some of his buddies too.

Tomorrow, we will take a drive down Woodward Avenue in an antique car to participate in the Dream Cruise, a custom car cruise that has been going on in southeast Michigan for many years now.

I have plenty of photos on the Nikon already, but I have no way to get them on this iPad. So, I have been pulling photos down from my cloud storage for these once per day posts.

These photos were taken on the way up here from Detroit using the iPhone. I’ll have to wait until I get home to upload the photos from the Nikon SD card. Bummer.

It’s lightly raining just now and around 75 degrees, very nice. I’ll take some boots from the cruise tomorrow with the iPhone so that they can be uploaded to this space. See ya soon folks.

By the way, it’s not easy to write a post on an iPad!

I Made It Here!

Just a quick note here with an unedited photo from the iPad. I can’t download photos I took today during the trip because the 5G signal isn’t enough. Grrrr. Tomorrow will be busy and fun, so good to see some of my family today too. Be well!

A Great View Of Las Vegas

This video was recorded with my iPhone in 2019, I am heading for Michigan. The video is a bit long at 2 minutes, feel free to not watch the entire video but it shows the Vegas Strip and the city west of the Strip. My truck is in the shop now, there is a recall on the airbag on the left side of the cab. I grabbed the dealership shuttle and am back home now. I really don’t want to sit around the dealership for 3 or 4 hours!

The Antique Ford

The original image of this antique Ford was greatly overexposed and was shot on my iPhone about two years ago. Not really repairable, I chose to have some fun with it using the Aurora HDR and Photoscape X applications on the MacBook Pro. In real life, this car has been fully rebuilt to its original state, beautiful!