Shots From Around Town

Today I took several photos with the new camera but these three survived the chopping block. I was going to go on a bike ride today, but suddenly I had the feeling that I had better not take that ride. It’s very much a gut feeling, has this happened to you too?

You are suddenly overcome by a feeling that something terrible will happen if you proceed to do that thing. This has happened to me many times in my 62 years on this planet and I have apparently always heeded the warnings.

Instead, I took a ride in the truck for new photos and got a call from my sister, we discussed my flying into Detroit at the end of June, and the first of July to stay with her instead of with my dad in the little guest house in my hometown.

Sounds great because her home is the same home I lived in when in high school. So many wonderful memories there!

Sweet Memories

I stumbled across this iPhone photo from last year while looking for something else in my cloud storage this morning. Isn’t it great that photos are sometimes dropped into the wrong folder? I can’t begin to tell you of the multiple sweet memories I have of this lake. Fun, family, and friends.

In My Hometown, 2017

This town is still relatively small today, but more populated than it was in the 1990s which sucks. The population increase cuts deep into the small town feel of this town amongst the corn and bean fields. Nothing stays the same does it… I came from the farm fields to Las Vegas ten years ago.

Photos were shot with the iPhone and are poor quality…

America Has The Solution…

Yet America chooses to not take action. Here is the full version of the red bike at Tivoli Village. How about that bottle of vape? Did your mother rub this wonderful-smelling goo on your chest too when you were sick?

And, the last photo was taken sitting in one of those very comfortable chairs the village has in the courtyard. Well, I better get outside and kill more weeds, prune the bushes, and cut the unwanted berries off of the Mediterranean fan palm!

Going Way Back

These iPhone photos are many years old and show where I used to work when I did commercial lawn work for 20 years. The old Ransomes mower was the first mower, then came a new John Deere 60-inch front-mounted mower deck and zero-radius turning. A great machine. I miss the hard work, it’s good for you!