Palmy Blues

Here are some photos, taken before noon today, it’s yet another fantastically beautiful day in Las Vegas! Currently sunny and 82 degrees. I so much enjoyed chatting with most of my family yesterday via phone and text, this helps me feel less alone as I currently live alone again. Yep, and this is a very directly chosen lifestyle. It’s a great life if you can handle being by yourself most of the time and certainly not meant for everyone.

Anyway, here’s some beautiful blue sky over Las Vegas for y’all.

Back on The Rocks

Here are eight more rocky photos from the other day for ya, I need to go back out there next week! I’ve been talking and texting with the family today, so wonderful. I miss everyone too much. Most of us are back home in chilly Michigan, but one of my nieces is in California though, we are the west coast crew haha!

Beer and Chili

Beer and chili, an explosive combination! I whipped up this pot of chili very early this morning, I poured a tallboy into my new stein last night. A funny thing about drinking from that stein though, I felt as though I were back in the early 1980s drinking from a breast-shaped mug that had that same flavor that I can’t really describe. Something is different, perhaps it’s the lack of the familiar taste of beer from an aluminum can?


Where the weak are killed and eaten. That is what this Tee from 1979 says. I wore this shirt during my last year of high school and into the 1980s, it’s long since been retired as have I but I just can’t part with it.

Tattered and thin, it still holds so many great memories and some wild ones too. Do you also have memories of those wild nights and days? Days you’d like to relive, others that you would like to forget? Hehe…

Pepper, May 2012

Pepper is a beautiful girl that has lived with my folks for a long time. She is of course much older now and has the unfortunate hip issues that the German Shepard breed has. She was still getting around rather well though during my last visit which is now over one year, no thanks to the virus. How deeply I miss my family.

Something Old, Something New

Good morning! Happy Tuesday wherever you are today. So what’s new? Just the photo of my Lantana that is still growing like weeds, they’ve stopped sucking up so much water though because it’s cooler now which is nice. It’s been in the 60s overnight which feels a bit cool. Cool to me since I’m used to 100+ degree weather.

What’s old? That not so good image from the iPhone, taken in 2017 I think back home in Michigan. Damn, why didn’t I take the Nikon with me on that trip! The same trip where I went to my daughter’s (delayed) wedding reception and got some shitty iPhone photos instead. I have been wanting to take a ride into the mountains again, but I never seem to make it out of the house, my leather couch is just too comfortable…

My Daughter, Horsing Around!

Ever since she was a little girl, my lovely daughter has loved animals, any kind of animal be it the Guinea pigs she had as a child, dogs, and cats which she and her husband own these days. The horse isn’t hers but she wants to purchase the horse! She sent these to me yesterday. I wish I could give this sweet lady a bear hug!