Mojave Desert

Apocalyptic Sky

I finally caught a nice sunset tonight, snapped 12+ photos, let’s see what I come up with tomorrow… 🌞😎

The Beautiful Western View

Oh those beautiful Spring Mountains! I’ve become quite fond of the mountains that surround Las Vegas Valley and recognise them instantly when nearing Las Vegas from outside of the valley. Perhaps I appreciate them a bit more as I come… Read More ›

For Your Safety

Stay on the bloody trail! There are snakes and scorpions down there waiting to bite and sting you! In six years I’ve never had a problem walking around the desert floor…

Park View

Two more iPhone photos looking west toward Lone Mountain today, the Nikon does a better job overall…

The Blasting Wind

The high winds are baaaack! Yet another day of those damn blasting winds all across Las Vegas Valley. I enjoyed the last few days of wonderfully calm atmospheric pressure but of course the winds will return. This time from the… Read More ›

Charles Brown Market

A bit of an odd photo I guess, this nice little store is located at 712 Highway 127, Shoshone, CA 92384. I was on another day trip and stopped for this photo. From here it’s not too far to Death… Read More ›


This photo is from about two years ago while on a walk in a Wash along Hualapai Road, west side of the valley. It’s nice to live among trees like this. So different from Michigan.


These photos show the burnt to a crisp fire areas along Lovell Canyon Road circa 2014 I think…