iPhone Magic

I made an oops when I mentioned that there were no more Seven Magic Mountain photos. These were snapped on the way back to the truck, the iPhone did a darn nice job, didn’t it? I’ve been getting my things packed up for tomorrow’s departure for Michigan, it will be so good to see my family!

Cops and Aliens

Two very silly photos in this post, the cop had a customer pulled over under an overpass along the 215 freeway, busted! The speed limit is 65, but many folks exceed that limit by a large margin. The alien sticker is on a pole where you enter and exit the long dirt path that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. What can I say, man, I notice weird things and get the shot! It’s currently 88F at noon O’Clock, let’s get hot, baby! 😂🔥😎🌞🌴

What It Looks Like

In case you’ve wondered what Las Vegas looks like heading north on the 15 freeway, here you go. Be super careful driving anywhere in Vegas, the 15 freeway has plenty of accidents which sucks. I jumped off the 15 and picked up the 215 westbound which becomes the 215 northbound after a few miles. If you want to head up to Utah and further north, just stay on the 15. Honestly, I despise driving here with all of the dipshits who should surrender their driver’s license at the DMV and take the bus. Just being honest! My driving record is clean…

Graffiti And A Dust Devil

I very much detest graffiti, it’s a blight in any large American city and sadly in the middle of nowhere too. My punishment for this is not fit for publishing, a slap on the wrist is all these hooligans apparently ever get which is pure bullshit. The dust devil is actually a very long way southeast of the Magic Mountains, the Nikkor 18-140mm lens did a darn good job of pulling in much closer. The dust devil is likely a dry lakebed.

A Visit To The Seven Magic Mountains

I haven’t been to this large piece of art in at least two years so I figured a trip down there is better than watching reruns on TV today, such a beautiful day! I took around three dozen photos of these brilliantly painted rocks stacked upon each other.

So, you are in for a bunch of boulders with lovely colors on them, and unfortunately, too much graffiti too. Punks with spray paint should be beaten. The website will tell you all that you need to know about the origin of this project.

The trip down and back was around 80 miles, not a quick trip but worth it on a beautiful sunny day about thirty or so miles south of Las Vegas along the fifteen freeway. I removed many people from these photos.

Another Sunset Photo and The Gloomy Desert

Yes, just one more sunset photo last eve, the colors are popping nicely in this one too. I did a great job of dirtying up Rainbow Mountain too, thanks to Photoscape X on the MacBook.It’s been beautiful today with the temperature hanging around 70 degrees, I’ve been pruning the bushes out front throughout the day. All that’s left to be done is to scuffle hoe the rocks to make them look less sunk into the ground around the palm tree.

The Other Sunset Photo

I saved this photo for this morning, it could be a sunrise too but not in the western sky. A high of just 70 degrees is in the forecast for today, substantially cooler than the last few days but old sol will still be high in the sky. I’ll be out of town in a few days, heading home to Michigan and my family, yay!