No More Droning Along

Yesterday I sold my DJI Spark drone. As with a car or other certain items, I lost some money on the deal. Instant depreciation. So why did I sell the little aircraft? I was and still am disappointed. Disappointed with the weather as this winter has been the windiest winter I’ve seen in my five years here in Las Vegas.

It’s just too bloody windy in Las Vegas for such a small drone. Also, I have been fearful to fly the drone because of the incredible, and rather ridiculous to a degree, flight restrictions. No, you can’t fly here! No, you can’t fly in the BLM Scenic Loop area! I’ve received glares that tell me to piss off while flying the drone. Enough.

The sole purpose for my purchasing this drone was airborne photography. Sure, it took decent photos and video considering the little itty bitty camera onboard. But, it ‘s not going to keep up with my Nikon, it’s lenses and ND filtres obviously. So, that’s the end 0f my drone days. And I’m OK with that too. All the photos and video were saved.

The End.