Mojave Desert

Northbound Durango

From today, I’m heading north on Durango Drive toward Vegas (the road), the Lamdre’ are seen several miles west of me. The mountains are actually much taller than the photo renders them…

From Boulder City to Las Vegas

Here are a few 215 freeway photos showing Las Vegas from several miles to the southeast. Note the snowcapped mountains, likely Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak, high in the Spring Mountains. Looking closely, you’ll see the Stratosphere Tower and other… Read More ›

Yesterday’s Storms

Have given way to beautiful sunshine, yet it’s too bloody cold today! I’ll settle for the sunshine, thank you! Anyway, here are five more photos from yesterday’s excursion into the stormy desert. It was about ten degrees colder up there,… Read More ›

The Gray Ceiling

In this image, the gray clouds appear very low and almost touching the desert floor. This area is around 3500 foot ASL or there abouts. Spell checker doesn’t like my word ‘Abouts”. Too bad, I grew up using it!

Snow In The Desert

Today I took a drive into the Red Rock Canyon area for some winter photos. Really don’t like getting my truck dirty but it’s worth it for the photos I just can’t get in the summer months. It was 42… Read More ›

Ivanpah Solar Array

This is an old photo from 2017 or 2018? Not sure. That’s the Ivanpah Solar Plant located just across the state line in California. Photo taken from the metropolis (haha) of Primm, Nevada, sometimes called State Line.

The Same But Not…

Two nearly alike photos from this morning, I see a bit of snow up there! Not surprised, it’s been so damn cold and windy the last several days. This doesn’t seem like the last two years when it wasn’t as… Read More ›