Vegas Life

Palm trees, mountains and sunshine. I love my Mojave life! It was a huge decision and was given more than plenty of thought before finally making the decision to stay in my adopted city. Good on me!!

Durango at Summerlin Parkway

Taken yesterday on the way to my pharmacy, I crossed over the bridge that passes over Summerlin Parkway. Looking west you see the Red Rock Escarpment many miles west of me. The Escarpment is a Fault Line.

In-Flight Wing Photos

OK, I admit that this type of photo is rather cliche’ but yours truly loves to fly! This aircraft was a Boeing 737 I think, in any case it was a seriously big aircraft. In this set you see parts… Read More ›

Valley of The Smog

Not intended as derogatory toward Las Vegas, the always present layer of smog is easily seen. It’s a good thing that there is mandatory vehicle smog testing in this city of over two million people.

Drone Selfie

The selfie thing has never been popular with me, it’s far too narcissistic but here are three oldies…

The Summerlin Peaks

This is an older photo, I tried to clean it up but it didn’t cooperate much… The Summerlin Peaks are located on the west of the valley.

A Bit of The Mummy

While I was out and about today I was able to get a bit of Mummy Mountain in this frame. It’s not visible further south if your up against the west side of the valley. The Mummy is 11,545 feet… Read More ›