The Gray Foothills

The distant foothills west of my home are almost completely enveloped in gray clouds as this current low-pressure system works its way through the area. Another low-pressure center will follow on its heels, according to the National Weather Service.

Taking a very short walk this morning, the cold, damp air smelled reminiscent of my Michigan heritage.

It reminds me of standing alone in the wood both as a child and an adult listening to and watching the tall trees sway in unison high above me as though performing a beautiful ballet of nature. I will never escape who I am, nor my northern roots.

98.5 Percent Booger Free

Feeling rather bored today, I did a quick spiff on the truck and headed out for a Sunday afternoon joy ride. Why not visit the party store along the way too, aye? As the silly title says, the camera sensor still appears to be 98.5% cleaner after a good cleaning. I hope it will stay this way for a bit. I hope the weather forecasters are incorrect, and that the sun will shine tomorrow.

Say no to camera boogers!

A Cloudy Valley

Today is a large contrast to yesterday in terms of that beautiful blue sky that usually floats high above Las Vegas Valley. I decided late last night to head back to the ham radio store early this morning for two more items. While processing these photos, I found them actually more difficult to work with because of the lack of the usual bright sunshine. The sun makes a hell of a difference to me in this way. Other photographers prefer less sunshine or none, a polar opposite to my style of photography.