Today’s Travel

Here are four iPhone photos from today in the Spring Mountains, or The Springs as I call them. ❤️ Beautiful Mojave Desert views ahead! Heading west on Lee Canyon Road Heading south on the 95 freeway toward Las Vegas Upbound!


We humans, possibly not the dominant specie on this planet are always on the move like colonies of ants.

Generations in The Desert

These photos have seen this space before but not recently. I processed them with an HDR app on the Mac, they do indeed look brighter, crisper and better than before. I tried real hard to be coy taking these photos.


Heading down from Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountains, you’ll pass through different life zones from Alpine to Desert zones. The bottom photo is misleading because there is a small mountain closer to you, yet in the far distance, the… Read More ›

Hoover’s Dam Wall

This is the main wall of Hoover Dam, taken from the much newer Pat Tillman Bridge that crosses the Colorado River. The dam looks a bit rough doesn’t it?

Las Vegas Freeways

Gratefully Las Vegans never need snowplows or road salt on the roads and freeways around Las Vegas Valley. If you want that crap, just drive up to Mount Charleston in winter! No thanks! Note the snowcapped mountain in the distance.