Another random shot from today, this gives you an idea of distances and a slice of some residences. The mountains in the distance are many many miles away to the north, some peaks are around 8000 feet which this image… Read More ›


On my way home today I captured these photos whilst stopped at the light. You can’t see either damaged vehicle, one is out of frame to the right, the other is behind the NSP cars. They were pretty darn beat… Read More ›

A Downhill Run

I’ve been out and about most of today looking at homes, It’s time for my own space. I’ve looked at several over the last few days. More on that later, but I had to grab the Nikon and get these… Read More ›

The Lamadre’ Today

I may not have spelt the mountain range name correctly. Captured them with the Nikon whilst underway today. Children, do not attempt this, it can be seriously dangerous to shoot photographs whilst underway! Click me, I look better bigger.