Spring Mountain Ranch State Park 4

Here is round four from the state park yesterday, this time showing the few photos I snapped inside the old Ranch home, originally built in the late 1800’s. For each of these sets, I used the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens which now I wish I’d have pulled the 18-55mm lens out for these interior shots, and even for some of the outdoor photos. I really love the wide-angle lens effect but somehow the way my eyes perceive these particular wide-angle photos, they just seem to be a bit fuzzy. My workhorse lens is usually the 70-300mm Nikon zoom lens. Next time…

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Today I again visited Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. There is a very good reason for the name, there are fresh water springs popping out of the ground all over this area. One would not usually associate water with the desert but the Spring Mountains have the perfect name. My walk today was roughly two miles total and let me tell ya, my out of shape body is grateful to be back home relaxing on the couch! Oh to be twenty one years young again…

There will be three or four posts ahead from this beautiful state park, I hope you’ll stop by again!

Heading For the Body Shop

Yesterday, My vehicle door was once again torn from my fingers by the most recent wind storm which caused the Link which stops the door from opening too far to again go BANG, breaking the Link inside the door again. No body damage, but seriously? I have to pay out of pocket for this of course. Total cost? Approxamately $110.00 which isn’t much but again! Anyway, just a few photos from this morning’s northbound run up the 215 freeway toward the bodyshop. Note to self going forward: Park facing INTO the wind! Las Vegas windstorms can be really damaging!