Around Lake Mead

Here are some archived photos from at least a couple years ago which show the extreme low water level at the lake. It’s  unfortunate that the east coast gets all that rain the last couple years or so while the… Read More ›

I Turned Around

Yesterday I wanted to try for some bird and squirrel photos but the high number of humans out there had me want to head home. So I did. These are the three photos I grabbed before heading back. Sucks…

State-Owned and Valley Views

The landscape photos were taken yesterday while out and about, the chopper is owned by the State of Nevada. It’s not illegal to search the internet by searching the aircraft registration numbers. It’s actually public information.

Don’t Mind The Smog

Continuing on after the last set, I’m not proud to show you the damned smog floating in the valley. It’s nasty but what can be done beyond riding bikes instead? Be real. Clark County won’t allow you to drive legally… Read More ›

Vehicle Recall

My truck has had a recall notice for some time, today I finally went to the dealer and had the recall performed. It’s software programming, nothing more. It had to do with the braking system and computer which is serious!… Read More ›