My Back Yard


This is a rework of a previous sunset image, I used iColorama to alter it, sort of smooth everything over. 😎

The Good Morning Moon

Each morning I step outside in the backyard to get a sense of the weather and sniff some kind of fresh air, this morning the half moon greeted me from high above so I grabbed the Nikon with zoom lens,… Read More ›


Mr. Tortoise has been in this space before, here he is today bathing in the warm Mojave Desert sun sporting some different looks. Tortoises like to spice it up a bit too. 😂🌵🌴

Mountain Snow This Morning

Taking care of business this morning I saw this beautiful mountain snow! Once again the gloom has moved east and away from the valley leaving an enhanced view. The other local ranges have snow too of course. Top photo by… Read More ›

Snow on The Summerlin Peaks

Coming home from the grocer just a bit ago I noticed that the gloom had made a nice white deposit atop the local peaks, it’s an odd and very attractive juxtaposition of mountain, snow and palm trees!

A Gloomy Backyard

Today is dark and dank. Gloomy and wet. No, I’m not grouchy or complaining, I find the sound of the rain on my dining room skylight rather soothing. It reminds me of another life in another state way up north… Read More ›