Star Palm

This is all I have for the blog this morning, sorry. Just a blurry palm tree photo, LOL! Overcast and 57F are forecast for today which is kind of blah, isn’t it? It’s fryay so I hope you have a great weekend. 😎

The Backyard, Winter Look

If you’ve followed this site for a while then you already know what my very minimally landscaped backyard looks like. Nothing has changed since last summer except the hose is on the couch.

The hose has frozen just once this year which proves that the weather does get a wee bit chilly but nothing like the 12F my hometown in Michigan had in the morning a few days ago. No thank you!

Those woodchips have got to be swapped out sometime in the spring or late winter, they look like shit and have tons of leaf debris from the neighbor’s trees and my palm trees. The climate here in winter is very mild which I love.

I processed three of these six photos incorrectly before finally noticing that the HDR settings were wrong. Oops!

A New Camera

Recently, I’ve sold the Sony RX100 and the Nikon Z6 cameras and used the money for a newer, much lighter Nikon called the Nikon Z50. The camera body is much smaller and lighter yet retains plenty of functionality while using a 16-50mm lens which is quite small. These are some test photos I took this afternoon around the house. The camera has some fun effects built into it too, some of which you can see in these photos. I will use the 16-50mm lens for a while to learn its capabilities but can always add one other lens as the lenses are interchangeable on this body. More to come.