Good Morning From the Backyard!

Today’s forecast is for total sunshine and one hundred four scorching degrees. Regardless, it’s another beautiful day in Las Vegas Valley. I hope each of my American friends are having a beautiful day, stay safe and be well!

Still Surviving!

Two days in and I’m still following the watering schedule given to me by the crew chief who delivered the new Sago palms. The Lantana seem happy too as they get full sunshine and indirect light too through the day. For now, I parked Wilson atop the tubing junction that waters the that palm tree. Another lovely day is underway with 102 degrees forecast. 🌡🌴🌞πŸ”₯

Star Shots

These are admittedly not good photos, but I don’t do night photography. There have been zero clouds at sunset the last few days, hence no new sunsets. I have zero plans for the upcoming holiday, do you? This holiday will be very different for many Americans. Myself? No difference really but there will be no trips to Michigan this summer either. John is not a happy camper…

The Moon Glow

Taken last night, well after dark I was surprised at how well the photos came out. I have removed the grainy look and added a smoother look for the sky. No Moon Doggies were seen when photographing!

Stuck In A Folder

I have several folders on the Mac desktop, photos sometimes get dropped into a wrong folder, hence I pulled these two out of the void. I’m heading out for an eye exam, who knows what photos await…

Adding Lantana to The Backyard

Last night, I thought about adding some color to the two pots on either side of the yard. Last year, they had Indian Blanket flowers which looked great but died off. Lantana is commonly used here for both homes and other places such as office building complexes. It’s easy to maintain according to the folks I’ve spoken with, we shall see how they do as I follow the watering guidelines given to me at the nursery. It will add a nice pop of color to the backyard.

With luck, the Lantana will spill over the edge to the ground.

More Backyard Photos

I missed these three photos yesterday of the new palm trees, so here we go. I was up almost at the crack of dawn this morning, so I went back there to give the new trees their morning watering. It’s just 73 right now, so nice!

The New Sago Palms are Planted!

Today, the nursery I hired showed up right on time to plant the new palms I chose several days ago. They did a great job and took care of the old water lines, taking both locations from four to two ejectors. As a minimalist, I think it looks perfect. Very simple and clean looking backyard.

These trees will grow very slowly, just what I want.

The Piggy in The Window

Well, today has been a bit busy around my house with five new ceiling fans being installed (looks great) and two Sago Palm trees being planted in the backyard which finishes off my very minimalist design. They look great too! Damn, I’m good. I’ll snap some photos of them.

The Sagos need water every morning and evening for two weeks, then they should be OK with the volume of water they receive from the irrigation system. Always be sure to drain the very hot water from the hose first though as it will doom the trees!!

So how much is that piggy in the window?

The Girls

Pepper the Shepard and Blondie are so missed! I actually feel a bit angry that It’s not safe and possible for me (or anyone) to travel to Michigan. I really miss my family and these sweet girls. Sadness once again sets in. On a bright note, all of my ceiling fans are being replaced today, and two Sago Palms are being planted in the backyard. Still a good day!

The Mahogany Fire

Yesterday, a wildfire started burning in a campground called Mahogany near Mount Charleston. I searched the local news sources again this morning, I couldn’t find any solid information about how much if any containment was happening.

The major problem for the firefighters is the lack of resources, and the very strong winds we’ve had since yesterday with gusts to fifty-five miles per hour. A recipe for disaster. I hope that today the firefighters up there will make some headway in containing the fire.

I would post a link for you, but there aren’t any good choices. I took these photos from my backyard last eve, I am gladly a very long way from the fire, hence the photos aren’t much to look at. Honestly, I don’t like them.

Sundown, Cool Down

After yet another scorching Las Vegas summer day, it’s always so nice when the sun dips behind the western mountains. Having a cold one in the backyard after dark under the palm tree, the warm, soft breeze blowing and swirling around you is always a treat after the big heat.

Flapping For Bugs!

As usual in the morning, I stepped outside to get a feel for the day’s weather. I could already hear the pigeons flapping madly in the neighbor’s tree! I slowly walked into the backyard, making occasional stops hoping to not spook the birds into flying away. I got close enough for this video using the zoom via the iPhone. They are flap happy bug eaters!

Another Sunset For You

Here is last night’s sunset. Not as vivid as I would like but still nice. Photos were taken in my backyard, and looking west down my street. Today’s forecast is for 108 degrees, we need a cooling trend! My truck will have its shiny new wheels installed later today, that’s the extent of modifications I will do.

Other than a new battery and tires, the truck is completely stock except for the wheels. I believe in keeping cars and trucks as-is. Anything more, the vehicle becomes less dependable in my opinion.

Good Morning, Blue Sky!

I admit that my palm trees appear too often on the blog but oh well. I snapped this beauty directly after photographing the feeding frenzy being enjoyed by the pigeons on the neighbor’s Sumac trees. Having a look at the weather app on the iPhone, today’s forecast high is 108 degrees. The next few days will be slightly cooler, yay! Such is desert living…

The tree looks much better after pruning!

Pigeon Behaviour

For a good while now, I’ve been watching pigeons flying in and out of the African Sumac trees next door. That is one of the two trees I recently had removed from my backyard. I had just crawled out of bed and had a walk back there like I do many mornings. This morning, the pigeon activity was high, around a dozen birds were trying hard to hang on to the branches, wings flapping madly.

One bird was hanging sideways, it’s left-wing hanging fully extended. Watching closely for several minutes, I notice the birds are madly pecking at something on the tree branches. My best guess is that there are some very delicious buggy morsels the birds are trying so hard to eat. It’s a bit comical to watch them beating those little wings so furiously!

A video would have been nice, but as you can see in the photos, it’s a bit too dark on that side of the tree. I am glad that I don’t have to hang in a tree for my breakfast!

65 Million Years Ago

Those many millions of years ago, these big critters roamed the area. I am grateful that they are not around today! So why was I there? A few days ago, two trees were removed in my backyard as some of you know. I decided that today is the day to find some replacements and fill the empty space in each corner of the backyard.

I have looked into several kinds of palm trees as replacements, absolutely no deciduous trees!

I chose the Sago Palm for the replacements, mainly because they grow very slowly. They are in fifteen-gallon buckets right now and are still at the location I purchased them at, they will be planted June 30th. The cost for everything is less than I expected too which is wonderful! Of course, I will upload photos of the backyard when they are in place.

The Sago palm tree photo is not my work, no copyright inferred.

Backyard Time

Good morning from Las Vegas! Another beautiful day is on tap in the valley with sunshine and 99 wonderful degrees. Three of these photos were taken yesterday, the grill photo is an iPhone image from last year, note the Privet tree is still in the corner.

Wilson approves of the new look too!

Before and After Photos

Today the tree pruning crew arrived at exactly seven AM as promised. Wow, how often does this happen? The crew got right to work starting with knocking down that nasty African Sumac tree. The stump was ground out, it’s gone! The smaller Privet tree was next, it’s stump was also removed with the stump grinder.

Next, the two Mexican Fan Palms were pruned, removing the dead fronds and the stalks that would have produced the seeds in huge quantities, and the flowers that I couldn’t see from the ground. The entire backyard was a major freaking mess that the crew did a heck of a job cleaning up, wow! They saved me plenty of extra work.

I’m so glad this is done, the little yard looks so clean and minimal which is great, minimalism is a wonderful thing. I haven’t decided what to put in place of the trees, or perhaps put nothing there except potted plants and or flowers. I’m looking forward to doing far less leaf blowing to keep the yard clear. Yay!



Soon To Be Pruned

If you know anything about these Mexican Fan Palms, then you can see straight away that this one is in dire need of a pruning, and very soon! Fortunately, the tree company I’ve hired twice now will be here this coming Monday. Those stalks are what will flower and also drop seeds like crazy! Last year, the employee slapped a tall ladder against the trunk and hauled his chainsaw up there and got to work.

They give both the palms what is called the Ten-Two cut which means the remaining fronds point to both Ten AM and Two PM which looks rather nice! This morning, I snapped a series of photos of both palm trees, that stupid Privet and African Sumac as Before images. I’ll get photos of the work in progress, then photos of the palms afterward. Bye-bye, Sumac! Bye-bye, Privit! Those Deciduous trees suck LOL!!

The Wispy Sky

Whist blowing the few leaves off of my grass in the backyard, I noticed the beautiful sky floating so high above me. Having finished with the leaves, I hustled inside for the Nikon then captured these photos quickly. The photos can’t fully grasp or capture the full scale of the wispy clouds and beauty of the sky. I’ve never seen such wonderful clouds elsewhere!

Another Cycle Complete

This photo was taken a bit before sundown yesterday, but it’s close enough… Today will be another scorcher as the extreme heat warning continues today until eight PM. Today’s high is forecast at 107 degrees with a cooling trend to follow. Apparently, only heat lovers live here. πŸ”₯

An Older Sunset

This photo is from a few days ago, I found it in a folder on the desktop I don’t usually open… it’s been a busy day around my place with the two spigots being replaced, then a good wax and wipe on my pickup truck.

It’s an old fart (haha) at five years old but with just twenty-one thousand miles. the pavers were washed off and the Med Fan in the backyard got a good watering thanks to the new spigot and new, longer hose. Thank God for air conditioning!

Dripping wet with sweat makes you a sticky person!

Have a happy sunset!

A Painted Sunset

The clouds provided a bit better sunset last night though I did start a bit early. The clouds were changing rapidly so I grabbed these, soon after, this was all gone. Regarding the editor, my editor has not changed, it still looks exactly the same this morning. Perhaps the change won’t happen until later today? I hope not, to heck with your block, WordPress!