Rain And Hail On A Sunny Day

This video was recorded in November 2019 which was a very wet winter. So wet that the west side of my house flooded on the outside between the house and fence. Fences here are block walls by the way. The hail was tapping on the window and the skylight over the dining room. Hail, a little taste of Michigan weather for me. The photos were taken yesterday on another fantastic joyride on another beautiful, sunshiny day in the valley.

The Approaching Sunset

This sunset was less spectacular than others but still nice to watch. I hope that the damn wind will diminish today after three days of steady gusts. Maybe the painter can complete the work today but being on a roof on a windy day is always risky business and there are two areas waiting for paint. Sunny and 82 is our forecast today, perfect.

Nailed and Lashed

That’s a terrible name for your business, isn’t it? The photo of the Catholic Church is great sans the stupid light pole. And I tossed a couple backyard photos in the mix too, good morning from a very windy Las Vegas where the wind is finally calming down after another two-day blow. The fronds on my palm trees are shredding a bit from the wind!

Straight From The iPhone

Several days ago I stopped by a local store that my cell carrier operates to have a look at the iPhone 12. I was impressed with the phone and camera but didn’t make the purchase since they are asking for a ridiculous sum of money for the phone. I don’t want to drop $1000.00 on a new phone that I really don’t need at that price.

I am intrigued by the new lenses and Lidar on the iPhone 12 but not enough to buy it, have a look at these photos that are directly out of my trusty old iPhone 10 except for the watermark and resizing the photo. Could you justify the cost of the iPhone 12 after looking at these photos? I could buy a new lens for my Nikon for $1000.00 dollars!

The top photo is a Pano view

iPhone Photo Phun

I still use an older generation of iPhone, the iPhone 10. A few days ago, I stopped by my carrier and inquired about an upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro. That transaction didn’t happen because of a technical glitch in their computer framework I guess you could say. The transaction couldn’t be completed, so I walked out with my trusty iPhone 10.

In retrospect, I’m glad that the transaction fell through the ice. These photos are from the old-timer phone, It was so nice outside that the backyard was calling my name, so calm and relaxing. Looking at them on the Mac, I decided to go nutty processing them because they are test images, I was changing the settings on the CameraPro app.

Boredom and plenty of photos to play with lets you do stupid things to your photos, LOL! 😬

A Photo Mix

Good morning to you, this is a mix of Nikon and iPhone photos from yesterday. That sunset photo looks like the one from last night but it’s a different photo with different processing. Those tiny taters are so delicious baked, fried, or nuked. They make more sense than buying a huge bag of taters that eventually start sprouting! The palm tree photos are from my backyard late yesterday before the sunset began, both trees have an appointment with the tree service in July. They need to be pruned before they go to seed which isn’t fun to deal with.

Good Night Las Vegas, Good Morning To You

Good morning! This is the best sunset photo I got tonight, last night, there was a stiff breeze but I waited on the corner of the house for the arrangement of the clouds to slowly change. There are several more photos that I will work on tomorrow to see if they are worth processing. It’s 72 degrees and 12% humidity just now. Sooo dry.