It was Just Good Timing…

Late last night, I grabbed the iPhone and headed to the backyard to shoot this video.

My neigbours behind me in a different neighborhood kept the party going until around one AM. It was just happenstance that they launched another rocket just as I began recording, the recording does not capture the very deep-sounding BOOM! As the rocket launched. I was fearful for my home.

I was angry and rightly so. I hope the fireworks will be outlawed inside the city borders someday, too many people are hurt every year by these things for lack of knowledge and safety issues.

More Goodnight Photos

These are the last of the recent sunset photos from the other day using my new 200mm lens. It’s 8:15 in the morning and it’s already 95 degrees outside, welcome to desert living, people! We will top out at 104 today. Why has this week been flying by so fast? Do you ever feel as though time is somehow accelerating? This seems to happen to me the older I get. But, time passes only at a fixed rate. So then, who set it up this way?