Among The First Photos

Sitting here bored on the couch, I started digging deep into the archives of this blog. It’s obvious to me that my photography has improved these days. The bottom two photos are my little backyard showing its rebuild in 2019. The top photo is much more recent. Notice that the trees on either side at the rear are still there, they are long gone, nasty, dirty trees!

I became so tired of cleaning up after that filthy African Sumac. The little tree was slowly croaking anyway, so it’s history too. This design is my own, some may find it a bit too simplified, but I absolutely do not tolerate clutter inside or outside of my home. How many ladies could deal with my OCD around my home! Probably only a few at best…

A Wispy Sunset

Rolling the rubbish cans to the road, as usual, every Monday eve after five PM, I looked west which seems like an automatic thing. I saw this view and dashed into the house to change the lens on the Nikon to the 200mm lens. I snapped just these two photos, gladly, they aren’t fuzzy like a peach.

This time of year, the sun sets below the horizon further to the south, hence, I don’t get any decent sunset photos from the backyard. Out the front, we go and stand on the road keeping ears wide open for the approaching speeders in the neighborhood.

Looking Deep Into The Deep Blue

Good morning friends, welcome to Monday morning, I hope you have a wonderful, blessed week. I took these photos in the backyard early this morning since I have zero new photography. Last night, I wrote a post in an external editor regarding this blog. It’s a draft at the moment but to sum it up, this blog is not what I wanted it to be. It’s not as successful as I had hoped for.

Of course, I have everything to do with this. My photos are pretty darn good for an amateur photographer, but the blog lacks a broader list of subjects such as more trips into the desert, or day trips where I could go to Death Valley, or Laughlin or Hoover Dam for example. The pandemic has plenty to do with this, of course, it’s not so smart to be out and about too much is it?

I’ve been using Instagram for at least three years now under the same account name and I very much enjoy the platform. I have over three hundred followers there, and many more of those followers interact with me on a daily basis than do here on WordPress where I have at this moment, two-hundred-fifty-one followers. But, only a small percentage ever come back to visit.

Last night, I was considering leaving this blog as-is and basically walking away from it regardless of the fact that there is a small fortune invested in it in terms of money and so much of my time putting posts together and all of the photography processing. Honestly, the investments are at this point, not really worth my time and effort. The other option is a complete, total takedown.

I need to think about this a little longer

Good Sunny Tuesday Morning!

As Mr. Rogers used to say, It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Sunny and 66F is the forecast for today which makes this guy a happy Las Vegas local. I’ve zero plans for the day other than watching my favorite programs on the idiot tube and maybe cooking up something yummy a bit later for lunch. The perfect couch potato day is now underway! Fresh Nikon photos for you.

Nothing New For You

It’s true, I have nothing new for you today. What to do? Just grab some random photos in the kitchen and outside the kitchen. Welcome to my very peaceful and sunny Sunday morning! Partly sunny and upper 50s are forecast for Las Vegas today, warmer temperatures are coming next week in the low 60s, sounds wonderful in January, doesn’t it?

How do you like that pile of medications on the kitchen counter? Lovely pills, aren’t they? They are mostly blood pressure medications but since I’ve altered my diet recently, that middle pile represents many of the pills I haven’t needed! Wonderful, isn’t it? I can still make a good decision these days… Happy Sunday to you!