Green And Blue

Green and blue make a beautiful view! The street lamp photo is from my kitchen windows, the other in the backyard this morning where it’s just 55F, slightly cool to me and a high of 64 today. Summer has definitely left the stage! Next week promises the mid to upper 70s which will be so wonderful. Happy hump day my friends! Nikon Z6 at 50mm.

Pottery In The Desert Sunshine

Today is beautiful with full sunshine and 72F, really nice! I’m bored so I carried these pieces of Navajo pottery to the backyard and started snapping with the Nikon and 50mm lens. I don’t think they are very good photos though because of the lack of space between the pots and the edge of the pics.

I bent over for the photos, pulling the Nikon’s view screen out and tilting it flat, pointing upward. Hence it’s hard to get a well-focused photo framed properly. It’s hard for me to stand back up because of my lower back, so I did it this way, bummer! Some days that handicap tag in the truck comes in handy!

Clicks From Yesterday

It’s been raining steadily all morning which is so nice, we need the rain so badly down here. The silly collage photo was taken with the iPad in the backyard yesterday afternoon, I didn’t know the iPad had these fun photo options. I don’t think the iPhone has them, better have a look. The sunset photo was an identical photo of one posted.