My Back Yard

Eye of The Frond

Here are two photos from last eve in the backyard waiting for a possible sunset photo. Funny how the human brain works, we are programmed to see faces in objects!

The Stray Cat

Last eve I set in the backyard relaxing as this apparently stray cat wandered past on top the fence. He or she went a couple backyards over, stopped, plopped and stared back as if to defy me. Click! Gotcha!

Overnight Rains

Good afternoon from Vegas! I awoke at seven AM today to my phone telling me there was a flash flood watch at three AM. Damn. I really dig watching thunderstorms! All I got this time was a small mess in… Read More ›

Dull Bulb

More goofy photography from John’s backyard again! Note the hot filament inside the bulb.