Early Morning Sunshine

Good morning from my backyard where it’s 78 wonderful degrees. Here are four photos of the sunshine at a different angle than the day, the light seems softer. Wilson is also enjoying the morning sunshine too! I hope your day has been good. 😎

New Flowers!

A few more flowers have popped out since yesterday on the ‘west’ Lantana. I was concerned that the plant was already root-bound but apparently not! As I snapped these photos, a bee was buzzing around the flowers but it looked more like a wasp. It soon came after me hence I headed back into the house! The fertiliser I added recently must be working, we shall see.


Whilst watering the flowers early this morning before the heat, I noticed that the plant on the west side has several new flowers begin ing to emerge. Meanwhile, the plant on the east side is still popping beautifully with color. Late last evening, I added some fertiliser to both plants in equal portions. I’m interested to see what happens. Can you tell I’m not a Green Thumb guy?

The East side

The west side