A Palmy Day

Good morning from my backyard where it’s 41 degrees currently, a high of 57 is forecast for today. Meanwhile, back home in Michigan, it’s 32 with a high of 34 today. Do the math! I’ve been thinking about how much I seriously need to get out of the house much more often.

A short hike in my favorite basin sounds good, there are two other places I like to walk too so get off your couch potato ass, John! It’s getting motivated to go that’s difficult. I had a nice text chat with my dad yesterday, his left knee recently had surgery, and the knee is healing much better now, so wonderful. Nothing can slow down this 92 years young guy!

What are your plans for the coming week? Work I suppose but there’s more to life than that. I’ll try to get my ass outta the house for some new photo opportunities, and some exercise for a change!

Palms and Snow

While towing the trash bins to the street, I saw a bit of snow high in the foothills to the west. The forecast is for snow above 5000 feet so there ya go! And a few weeks ago, it was 110 degrees around here…

Late Night Palm Tree

Good morning from an overcast Las Vegas. There are winter storm warnings in the mountains for three to five inches of the white stuff today above 5000 feet. Gladly, my home is around 2500 feet ASL so no snow down here. Snow is a four-letter word! No tripod was used for the photo, it still looks decent.

Ten of My Best Photos

I have one folder in my cloud account that holds what I think are my best photos, here are ten of them. To print properly for framing, they should be no less than twenty megabytes in size, obviously, these are only a few hundred kilobytes.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day wherever you may be. I spent the day home in full couch potato mode. I am feeling positive about what is to come in 2021, and that Covid will fade away thanks to proper vaccines becoming available. Positivity can be positively positive!