Setting Up The Nikon For The Stars

The other afternoon, I had set the Nikon up on the tripod intending to head to the backyard after dark for star photos. I never went out there. Doink! Maybe tonight, eh?

No plans are planned around here today, just more couch potato time, what about you? Today’s weather will see 107 degrees, beginning Friday through Monday, we have yet another extreme heat event with temperatures reaching 113 to 114 degrees.

As I’ve said in this space recently, this is easily the hottest summer I’ve seen in seven years in Las Vegas. No wonder my Ash tree had to be cut down, the heat probably killed it this summer. Be safe, be well my friends, and please do wear your face masks out there.

Screaming Happiness

Good mid-day from my backyard, friends! Another beautiful, sunshiny day is underway in the valley. We’ve been blessed by Him to see yet another day. Let’s be happy and thankful! 🌴

Don’t they just scream happy!!

Taters and Other Things

Good morning! Here are a few photos taken around the house yesterday, I made these potatoes a bit differently, They are soaked in water for a while to remove the starch, then seasoned with Italian and other seasonings and some olive oil. Covered in aluminum foil and baked at 375 for one hour. Delicious!

The antenna is just the two-meter 1/4 wave antenna on the truck for VHF FM ham radio. Did the sunset photo turn out decent? I’ve enhanced the image a whole lot to try for the colorful glow and silhouette. It looks Okay.

The palm tree photo (are ya tired of them?) photo was enhanced big time too. My backyard looks better now that the dead Ash tree is no longer dumping dead leaves everywhere! I’ve been out very early this morning watering the Lantana and those apparently dead Sago Palms too. I think they are dead…

I was going to head into the mountains this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow as I have got to head to the bank and take care of some financial stuff. The mountains will be there tomorrow, eh? I may have a ride out to Calico Basin though, I’ll decide that in a while. It’s cooler today with the high around 101 for a change, better!  I’m back here later.

Twelve New Photos Taken Today

Here are twelve new snaps for ya! I’m trying a new post format by uploading twice a day instead of uploading so much content each day. I think I’ll like this format.

If things go correctly, I plan to take a ride into the mountains tomorrow for some much cooler air and fresh photos outside of the usual things I photograph too much these days thanks to you know what.

The Lantana continue to thrive with the addition of fertilizer, and it’s been nice to have that dead Ash tree removed since yesterday. No more dead leaves blasting into my garage, and into the backyard too. The neighbors will like that.

Ash trees are not well suited to the desert climate really, according to the tree company’s owner I’ve worked with for two years now at this home. I’ll be back…

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Early Morning Sunshine

Good morning from my backyard where it’s 78 wonderful degrees. Here are four photos of the sunshine at a different angle than the day, the light seems softer. Wilson is also enjoying the morning sunshine too! I hope your day has been good. 😎

New Flowers!

A few more flowers have popped out since yesterday on the ‘west’ Lantana. I was concerned that the plant was already root-bound but apparently not! As I snapped these photos, a bee was buzzing around the flowers but it looked more like a wasp. It soon came after me hence I headed back into the house! The fertiliser I added recently must be working, we shall see.


Whilst watering the flowers early this morning before the heat, I noticed that the plant on the west side has several new flowers begin ing to emerge. Meanwhile, the plant on the east side is still popping beautifully with color. Late last evening, I added some fertiliser to both plants in equal portions. I’m interested to see what happens. Can you tell I’m not a Green Thumb guy?

The East side

The west side

Starry Palm

Here are three clicks from late last night, happy Friday my friends! Today’s forecast heat will be 113 degrees, and I’m still so amazed with the high temperatures and the duration of the excessive heat in Las Vegas this summer, wow!! The cool nights in the backyard are great. 🌴🍺

Checking The Lantana Plants

I am keeping close eyes on the two Lantana plants in the backyard. The plant on the west side had plenty of blooms a few days ago, now they are all gone except for some others trying to grow and bloom. The plant on the east side has suddenly burst out with new growth and plenty of blooms. What’s up with this? A plant expert I am not! The Sagos got some Moon Juice today.

A Bug Buddy!

A bit ago, I was dinking around in the backyard with the Lantana plants and noticed this cute grasshopper hiding just around the corner of the house from the powerful sunshine. Smart grasshopper, eh! They look different here than in Michigan…

Sunrise Before Six!

I awoke a bit early this morning, it happens once a week or so, I had a look outside to the backyard and saw these scenes with my foggy eyes. I quickly walked to the living room for the Nikon and slipped outside. Good Monday morning, Las Vegas!

Stars and Party Lights

Late yesterday, my neighbors over the fence in a different HOA had their usual big party. They have plenty of small parties, but this one is complete with three little tents, a pool that’s there to stay, and a bouncy house. I’ve never met them but don’t complain about the music volume.

Downloading this photo from the SD card this morning was a nice surprise, I love how clear the moon and palm tree are! And the stars too. The lighting on the right is from the aforementioned party, complete with those Edison-style light bulbs, all hanging above everyone.  More to come.

Yellow and Green

I have two potted Lantana in the backyard, one plant is growing beautifully, the other has been slow to grow. Why, I don’t know but the last few days it has begun to bloom more.

I suppose it’s the fertiliser I added several days ago which I didn’t think would help that much. Here is one of its fresh new blooms photographed yesterday.

Old Sunset

The sky here has been so clear lately that no sunset photos can be taken, I always prefer clouds in the photo to add colors and interest to the image. I’m so bored today, and really don’t feel like going anywhere either. Back in the days before this virus bullshit hit the fan, I was out and about so much more. Have you too had enough of this ridiculous, angering situation?

The Moon Has Spoken

I again drove back to the nursery today where the Sagos were purchased. I showed the gal the photos to which she quickly replied that the trees are not dead at all. We’ve had an odd summer this year as the summer heat arrived one month early, then came five or so days of one hundred eleven degrees and a bit higher. My Sagos are getting baked, but not to death!

A mistake I was unaware I was making is the wetting of the fronds. I never would have suspected that this was a bad thing for the trees. Oooops! Tonight after dark, I’m going to mix up another batch of Moon Juice and feed the trees along with watering them, but don’t water every day now as too much water will cause the roots to actually rot. Wow… We live, we learn.

Their Sagos are stressing too!

Dead or Alive?

I’m not sure. I plan on a short trip to the nursery again with new photos of these Sago Palms. Gladly, there is a warranty on both trees. Maybe I should have planted Med Fans instead?