Chili Fries

The other day I ordered a potato slicer gadget from Amazon. It showed up yesterday as I was making a fresh pot of super spicy chili so naturally, I had to try the slicer out and make chili fries! The fries cook much better than slices. Talk about a delicious late-night snack, yum! Sunshine and 92F is our Las Vegas forecast today, not bad!

Thank You For 200K

I want to say a warm thank you to each of my followers for this wonderful milestone for this simple photoblog, run by an amateur photographer who loves his photographic journey one day at a time. Thank you! I found the potatoes and chili iPhone photos on the phone, so why not add them in? Have a delicious day my friends.


Am I a foodie by uploading these freshly made chili photos? This pot tastes so good so far, but I forgot one item at the store so it won’t taste the same as the previous pot which is a bummer. Will you try a bowl with me later?

Food and Fireworks

Why food and fireworks? Because I have nothing better for you this morning! The weather here still continues to amaze me even after eight years. The current windstorm has been raging all night long, each time I woke up briefly, I look outside at the top of the palm tree and see the fronds being whipped around fiercely.

How can these trees survive the constant pounding of these storms when they can blast up to 65 miles per hour? I keep thinking about that vaccine shot tomorrow morning. Am I fearful? Yes. These vaccines haven’t had the same kind of trials that vaccines normally get before being made available to the public and that bothers me.

But I will go ahead and take both courses of the vaccine and pray that I’ll live to see another sweltering summer here and of course my family soon I hope. The smeared fireworks photo is from July 4th, 2020 in my backyard, oops. And the redundant Strip photo is from several days ago via the Sony RX100. Happy Wednesday my friends!

Cubed Beef, Mac Noodles and Alfredo Sauce

Oh, and one can of dark red kidney beans too, one more can would be just right. This is another idea I came up with the other day for lunch or dinner. Is this an actual recipe? Hey, I’m just a bachelor, right? That’s my excuse haha. But man is this too delicious and too salty for me but what are blood pressure medications for? Men like a real meal!

Chili Taters

Once again I have some iPhone photos of another late-night munchy time. This time, I used the fresh, new chili over the small, red potatoes that are so delicious even when nuked and splattered with butter. They seem to have a slightly sweet flavor to me which is why I always keep a bag handy in a dark cupboard.

The taters were slowly baked using extra-virgin olive oil, a pinch of ground-pepper, faux salt substitute, and a pinch of red cayenne pepper. Yum. I didn’t finish the entire bowl which was a good thing but accidentally dumped the remainder into the fresh pot of chili. Duh.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that the extra seasonings didn’t alter the flavor of the chili. I use paper plates and paper bowls frequently since I live by myself, and don’t like to waste water washing regular dirty plates. That’s the single life for ya! I want to try making chicken soup again, so delicious.

Recent Eats and Fun With Photography

I am not a fan of this time change nonsense even though time itself hasn’t been altered. We lose an hour of wonderful sleep, humans seem to love those hours when we are disconnected from the world, very deeply. Yesterday I got to work messing up one photo with lots of overprocessing, I hope you like it, haha.

I tried a slightly different set of ingredients in my next batch of chili and wow, it’s really good! Sunshine and 62 is forecast for the valley today and  77 degrees this Thursday which sounds great!

After A Really Good Lens Cleaning…

After a good cleaning of the 200mm lens last night, I snapped some test photos, here they are. I have to blame myself for this one. Taking a good look at either end of this lens, I found basically zero dust on the lenses at either end, great! What I completely forgot about is the damn screw-on dust cover in front of the lens. Doink! The 24/70mm lens doesn’t have one of these, it should though.  now let’s take it outdoors for the next round.

The Chili Is Back

Sitting in the dentist chair staring at Wendy’s across the way, I thought why not just go get the stuff and make chili again? It’s the salt that has stopped me from making it but I’ll manage for this pot of deliciousness. I was also thinking about what I can do to improve readership on this meager blog, any ideas you might have are valued.