The View Beyond My Neighborhood

Heading home from the store this morning I stopped to grab this photo with the 200mm lens of the range on the north end of the valley. This cold weather and rain have dropped some snow up there, probably above 5000 feet, my best guess. I can’t see the range from my backyard though which sucks. It’s so cold and damp today that it reminds me of a blustery January day back in Michigan. The cold chases me!

Pretty Palms

These photos are from the Nikon, I got a short 5-mile bike ride in today and have some iPhone photos coming up later. At only 55 degrees, I had a sweater under the usual jacket, and a thin hat on my head under the helmet to keep my brain warm. Happy Friday!

Not So Good Photos

These photos have been idle in a folder for a week or more except for the photo of the doctor’s office. A silly photo. The mountain photo is so bad and blurry! 54 degrees and clouds are up for today, too cold for a bike ride, it’s not fun when you feel cold. Remember the wind chill factor…