What’s The Name of This Range?

I don’t know either, I forgot! And, I can’t find it specifically either with an extensive search which is odd. Anyway, the big clouds under a much bigger sky make a beautiful photo. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet as usual and relaxing.

Just right of center about 2/3 the way down the photo you can see some much lighter-colored rock. In this area is Red Rock Canyon proper, it can’t be seen unless you are directly on or near its edge and it drops way down! Think of it as a giant gash on the surface of the earth. Ouch!

Remembering The Storm

A few weeks back there was an all-day rain with cold temperatures and driving winds. I took two photos of the mountains to the west of my place, this is the other photo that didn’t make it here. I removed the street lamp post in front of the palm tree. I’ve had conversations with all of my family this morning which is so fun, my dad, son, and sister are having dinner together and I wish I were there! The consolation is that I will be flying up there in just a few days for the family Christmas!

Big City Driving

These photos are from this afternoon, the Stratosphere Tower is seen several miles east of my location on Sahara Avenue. You have got to be on your defensive when driving here, there are so many nutter drivers man, stay alert! The flag at this gas station needs to be replaced because it is tattered which I think is wrong. The other photo is driving north on Buffalo Avenue with a bit of a mountain seen in the extreme distance. It was 66 today so I squeezed in a quick bike ride. Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 140mm lens.

The Visitor Center

I think these two photos were taken while I was standing in the parking area for the visitor center. It was cold up there at around 45 degrees. I have been looking at Youtube videos this afternoon about the techniques to get better photos with your iPhone.

There are lots of iPhone photos on this site but I’m not always satisfied with their quality of them. I recall one or two though that were really fantastic, as in you can’t tell the difference between my mirrorless Nikon Z50 body and the iPhone 12. The iPhone camera – the one camera that is basically always with you.

Approaching The Snow Line

This is Kyle Canyon Road about 14 or so miles west of Interstate 95. From this point, you will need tire chains if there was a big blow moving through the range. That was not the case on this day, if it were I would have headed back down. No snow or road salt for my pristine truck!

Bald Mountains

Our mountains that are visible from the city are bald which seems to shock some people. Why I don’t know because they are still mountains! The little mountain in the photo is Lone Mountain, it’s a baby at just 600 feet high and a favorite with we locals for climbing although I can’t climb because of health issues. Just take Kyle Canyon Road west and you’ll end up where the highest mountains are shrouded with trees.