Bonnie Springs is Dead

Bonnie Springs was recently sold to the damned developers. Apparently Bonnie Springs was not doing well financially which I don’t find surprising when you have a good look at the place. It just grind my gears that homes will be… Read More ›

A Terrible Choice

Considering the unfortunate things that have happened within our US Post service, this is a horrid business name. Shame on this company which apparently lacks respect and compassion for the victims of madmen.


YES! NO!  If you are like me, you’ve had enough of the insulting TV and other ads. Thank you.


One for the haters. Too bad. I snapped this on Spring Mountain Road near the Strip, waiting for the light.

Hate Mail

This morning I sent WordPress a rather nasty message telling them just how badly WordPress sucks these days. I’ve been using this service since 2000 or so and I can guarantee you that WordPress isn’t what it used to be…. Read More ›

Highway Death

Videos rarely make an appearance on this site because of the storage space they use up, thank you very much WordPress for removing our ability to purchase more storage space and instead hand us a $300 per year business plan… Read More ›

While Updating the OS

Apple released OS updates a couple days or so ago for my IOS devices, the MacBook and the iMac. Always keep your apples fresh! This was a dumb photo… 😂


Ever since drugs were first made, the world has become one global drug addict…

It’s True…

And I am very sad that Bonnie Springs Ranch has been sold to developers. Greedy money grubbers. I don’t know all of the details so I can’t say more about it, it doesn’t matter. I was born and raised in… Read More ›

Recycle Me Please

Until I moved into my new home and neighbourhood late last year, I was not concerned at all with recycling anything, most of the recyclables automatically went directly into the kitchen trash bin. As with many communities on the West… Read More ›