Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

Yuck. I wish I’d have seen the filth on that table before I ordered yesterday! Taco Hell, I mean Taco Bell dropped the ball! Strippers don’t get me excited. The last time I was in such a place was back in the 1980s when some friends and I took our buddy across the border to Windsor, Ontario where we could drink legally as the age was 18 at the time.

I felt very uncomfortable in that joint but meanwhile, my friend’s eyeballs were popping out as the gal gave him the lap dance and whatever else she did. No thanks, that’s so cheesy! Here I am decades beyond those days and strippers are still cheesy to me! So demeaning and derogatory to women and that makes me mad. Thanks for listening…

Never Ending Road Construction

It seems like anywhere I travel around Las Vegas, I come across more road construction be it the freeways or sub streets. It’s annoying but what can we do about it. As with southern states, the work can progress all year round too. I sometimes think that the workers being unionised are simply milking as much cash from the job as possible.

I have never been a fan of unions…

Las Vegas, 2017

Here are a few older photos from my collection in 2017. Did I ever tell you that after my third and final divorce, I deleted gigs of photography taken during that marriage? That is five years of photography. Why? Pain. Anger, Anguish. Sorrow. And some of those feelings are still with me today regardless of my certainly making some stupid choices. In retrospect, I am actually grateful to be a single man again. It’s wonderful to have full control over each area of my life.

Nexar Dash Camera

My new dash camera arrived yesterday, I need to install it today. Considering the number of idiots driving in Las Vegas, I think it’s a very good idea. Example: Walking into the grocery store this morning to get some items I forgot the other day, a driver drove like a bat out of hell to the end of the lot, slamming the brakes on and kicking up a cloud of smoke.

He then turned around and drove to the other end of the lot where his rampage began. This asswipe can’t control his anger! He then walked into the satellite ER building. What the **** is wrong with this moron! Another good reason to have a dashcam in your vehicle. Some of the people in this city are very scary to me! Visit the Nexar website.