A Couple of Thoughts

Yesterday I had a pedicure done by my usual lady named Holly. I’m sure Holly isn’t her real name as she’s a Vietnam immigrant. In Las Vegas it’s normal to see entire families involved in the Mani and Pedi business…. Read More ›

Unlawful to Abandon Animals?

This sign shouldn’t even be here. It wouldn’t be here in a perfect or better world but people actually do this terrible thing. It’s sickening! I suggest abandoning the humans who do this cruel thing out here in the scorching… Read More ›


Along this road were many more people than this with shopping carts loaded with whatever had been collected by these homeless folk. The irony of it. Drive a bit either way, you’ll see the Vegas Strip in very sharp contrast…. Read More ›

Political Bullshit

Politics are absolutely not any part of my humble amateur photoblog yet once in a long while I’ll upload something political like these images I received from an old friend back home in Michigan. Yes, Michigan will always be my… Read More ›


If you care to have a look again, here is another set of our Las Vegas Strip from many miles away. I really can’t bring myself to drive down there and park so I can get some actual photos. Why?… Read More ›

Legal Weed

Weed, or Marijuana for the purists, has been legal in Nevada for about two years now I think and guess what? The city is still standing! Nothing seems to have changed here. The flip side of this is that I… Read More ›

MTV Is Dead

If you are like me, you recall the early days of MTV when the station actually played music and music videos. Do you remember those good old days with Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood and others as the VJ’s? That… Read More ›

Terrible’s Terrible Car Wash

A terribly terrible name for a car wash and a business. It’s terrible that the terrible owners ever conceived such a terrible business name. I wonder what other terrible businesses these terrible people have started? The whole damn thing is… Read More ›

McTerrible’s and McDeath

McDeath: fatty, salty and high blood pressure. McTerribles: cards you for alcohol purchase even if you are 95 years old. I’m not joking. These two companies are match made in hell.