Parking Wars

Chances are you’ve watched this program before. I didn’t until fairly recently but the problem is that the show just pisses me off. I get angry when seeing the absolute racket these cities are running. Some of the violations are… Read More ›

Summerlin Centre

Well what do ya know, some Americans do know how to spell the word Centre correctly! Our wonderful English language has fascinated me for longer than I can remember. I’m so glad that I was born in an English speaking… Read More ›

A Walk in The Park

About mid day today I decided to have a nice walk someplace so off the couch went my ass to the park! Here are several 35mm photos from the short walk. Some thoughts – my heart is compromised so walks… Read More ›

What Are They For?

Every time I drive down this road which isn’t very often I have to wonder why these little islands are here. It’s a residential area! Maybe it was a project to keep union employees busy some time in the past…

Heading East on Sahara

Here are a two snaps from early today, the smog level has dropped significantly! This sounds goofy but I hear people here pronounce the name Sahara as Sahaira. Read each letter, now put it together. Think ‘Sahaara’!!