American Petrol

This must be the most patriotic station in the valley with all the flags and stars, love it!! 🇺🇸😎

Piston Power

This is an antique valve train on an old car, it still runs. Give me the power of petrol and pistons over an electric car any day! My sister recently purchased an electric car and loves it which is fine…. Read More ›

Around Lake Mead

Here are some archived photos from at least a couple years ago which show the extreme low water level at the lake. It’s  unfortunate that the east coast gets all that rain the last couple years or so while the… Read More ›

Dead Keurig

I couldn’t have my two morning cuppas thanks to this freaking ninety or one hundred twenty day old Keurig refusing to work properly. I tried a few things to see if it would work to no avail. The LED indicating… Read More ›