Sunny Fronds

I spent some time in the backyard today soaking up the wonderful 82 degree breeze and sunshine. My Latino neighbours behind me playing some traditional Latino music but not too loud for a change.

Other neighbours outdoors working on their yards also enjoying the sunshine. A quick chat about my electric leaf blower from much more than six foot apart. My windows open allowing a soft warm breeze through the house.

I thought why not grab the Z6 and take a few more redundant palm tree photos? Another wonderful day in my little piece of Las Vegas. 🌴🌵🌞

People Are Out and About

Las Vegas is a city of about two million people, many of them are still out and about doing their daily things. My drug store and pharmacy now has signs taped to the floor with blue tape forming a line with a six foot spacing. Why six foot? Overall things seem very much normal around my area of the city which I’m grateful for but let’s keep things in perspective, be safe.

Today is sunny with 82 degrees. 🌴🌞😎

Sunny Blue

Good morning from sunny Las Vegas, today we have full sunshine and 81 wonderful degrees on tap! It will cool to the seventies after today which isn’t bad at all.

Night Palm

These photos were taken well after dark last night, the glow on the trunk is the low wattage bulb used to light the backyard at night. Should turn it off next time I try this. I actually used the new tripod I purchased when getting the new Nikon Z6 recently. I’m surprised these photos are a clear as they are considering I don’t know how to do night photography…

Another Windy Day

This iPhone video was taken yesterday in my backyard, the gusts were up to fifty miles per hour! That wind is supposed to continue today although it’s currently calm. Those Isobars are getting further apart apparently. These windstorms can last up to three days.

Heart of The Palm

The heart of this Mexican Fan Palm is not too far below where the fronds attach to the trunk. Looking at both of my palm trees, the area is a bit darker than the trunk below it. You could say that this is where the magic happens for this tree, directly in the heart. Tired of palm trees yet?

Palmy Skies

These photos were taken yesterday around mid afternoon after a few rain showers had moved out of the valley. The palm tree looks really nice at this angle doesn’t it? This morning I made a food, water and beer run and found good success at a local chain market store. I added more water to the supply I have stashed and bought several new food items to add to my stockpile. Wow, how things have changed. I believe this situation will pass in time. Be safe my friends!

Quarantine: Backyard

I am fully aware how redundant my backyard photos are but honestly, it’s a nice bright spot in my days. I scuffle-hoe those pesky weeds that go POP! overnight seemingly by magic right out of the ground, root and all. Weeds suck. I keep that wonderfully green faux grass blown and picked clean daily as well. A few minutes ago I found some nasties out front, two more kills for the old hoe. I have another set of these taken today for later. Pardon my redundancy!

Empty City Streets

I took a quick ride to the beer store this morning, it’s so odd and a bit creepy to see these streets like this that are usually bustling with Las Vegas Locals like myself. I slathered up with hand sanitiser before going into the store, and before getting back into my truck and touching anything inside. These are scary times, my friends. Stay safe, stay home if you can.