Palm Trees

Vehicle Recall

My truck has had a recall notice for some time, today I finally went to the dealer and had the recall performed. It’s software programming, nothing more. It had to do with the braking system and computer which is serious!… Read More ›

Summerlin Centre

Well what do ya know, some Americans do know how to spell the word Centre correctly! Our wonderful English language has fascinated me for longer than I can remember. I’m so glad that I was born in an English speaking… Read More ›

Moonlight on Palm

I seriously need to purchase a tripod as you can see in this nice looking oops!! photo from after dark last night. I have a mono-pod but rarely use it. The wind has been blasting all night, at sun-up today… Read More ›

Deep Blues in The Park

Heading out early this afternoon and getting off the damn couch I headed for a local park. The place wasn’t too busy so I was able to get some very colourful photos, especially one of those fancy dandy children’s gym… Read More ›

Desert Rains and Hoover Dam

Good morning from sunny and windy Las Vegas Valley. Well, not much to talk about in this space today as I’m hanging at home waiting for my doctor appointment regarding the stones. I’m so tired of feeling like this, the… Read More ›

Mountain Chili

New schedule – I’m uploading just once or twice per day now, that’s the new schedule around here, I’ve got to slow the pace down! I have spent most of new years day being a couch potato but did head… Read More ›