Wind Assault

Yesterday was just another windstorm but this one had some vicious gusts in it as the video shows. My previous post showed just how thick the dust was yesterday. Nothing is covered in a thick layer of sand this morning! Partly cloudy and 77 degrees are forecast for today, this latest storm pulled the daytime temperature down ten or so degrees. The photo was taken with the iPhone the other day, the video with the Nikon.

I Tried To Visit the Neon Museum…

But the damn place doesn’t open until three PM which is ridiculous. I visited the museum about two years ago when the hours were normal so I made the assumption that it would be open when I got there before noon. So ridiculous. I don’t go anywhere at night as a rule but some night photos would be very nice. I can’t use my Nikon for the photos because a few years ago, some European tourists took some photos, took them back to their country, and published them in a large magazine or something like that. Hence, I and everyone else must pay for the sins of these Europeans. So nice, isn’t it? So, I grabbed some photos along the way through downtown Las Vegas, passing the very nice Fremont Street along the way. Thanks for nothing, Neon Museum!

Great Gas Prices!

$4.99 and up up and away! Ain’t this great? And when I started driving 45 years ago the price of one gallon was less than one dollar! Three of these photos were taken yesterday on the way to the church, the others are from this warm and calm morning. I think today will be a good day for a bike ride, happy Monday!

Will This End?

The windstorms have been much closer together and more frequent in the last month. I don’t mind a windy day but when these storms come every three days or so, it becomes too redundant. A bit like my photos, eh!

And this time the temperature is going to drop much more thanks to a powerful low-pressure system far north of Las Vegas over the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to those hot evenings relaxing in the backyard.

Riding Around Town

Today I headed south on a hunt for some new antennas for my truck, the ham radio antennas that is. I snapped several of these photos heading west on Sahara Avenue. In the far distance, you can see the giant fault line located near Red Rock Canyon. That’s about ten miles away!

Two photos were taken with the iPhone while I was figuring out why the darn thing wouldn’t take photos. If it had worked correctly, I would have more photos from inside the church Sunday. It was 91 degrees today, it feels great and a bit of a tease for the 100+ degree months that will arrive soon. Can you handle the heat?

Thank God for air conditioning!

Shelled Peanuts

I got ahold of some peanuts and tore into them, it’s been a long time since I did this, it was tasty. The other photos are from yesterday’s bike ride. Yes, redundant photos, sorry! Today’s forecast is for 81 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Grocery shopping is in my future today, the cupboards are getting mighty bare!

Scenes From Downtown Summerlin

Needing to get out of the house on this beautiful day, I headed south for Downtown Summerlin for a sandwich and to shoot a few photos. There is always something new to photograph here regardless of doing shoots here before. It’s only 64 degrees today but still comfortable in just a T-shirt and shorts. Hello Las Vegas! 😎🌴

Palm Trees And Mountains

Good Thursday morning folks, I hope your week has been going well. The palm tree photo is an older photo with a great view, this is the west side of the valley. The silly photo was taken the other night while shining for scorpions. The black light makes some colors really pop, so Mr. Clean here is looking very bright.

File that photo in Goofy Photos too! Sunshine and 82 degrees are the forecasts for today and I love it. The bike will be going to the shop today as there’s something out of alignment possibly in the rotor and brake pads. This bike has been to the shop many more times in a few months than my truck has since 2015!