Palm Trees

Mojave Love

Watching the weather unfold back southeast as the weather buff I am, I’m glad to be staying put here in lovely Las Vegas. Dry is good.

In Downtown Summerlin

Yesterday I decided to finally replace my $15.00 dollar Walmart tennies as they had zero support and the cushioning was pulling up and out. Sometimes you actually do get what you paid for! So after spending a crisp $100.00 bucks… Read More ›

The Buildings in Las Vegas

Here are the last photos for this little set. Moving on to jet aircraft photos for tomorrow at some point. Private jets I think, still awesome flying machines! Hope your Hump Day was good.

After The Blood Draw

I headed out toward the desert, not ready to head home yet after that delish Subway Sub and Fasting for basically almost twelve hours! Would you like to live in my sunny state?

Mexican Palm

On one of my walks today I passed this short, young Mexican Palm, so out comes the iPhone. Like many palm trees, this one has teeth! I dare you to stick your hand in there… Gouged! It was 97 in… Read More ›

That Famous Sign

Today I drove East to the Vegas Strip and parked nearby so I could capture some decent photos of the ‘world famous’ Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. As usual, there were throngs of people (tourists) waiting to take photos… Read More ›

The Rains Have Gone

iPhone photos from this morning. The rains have left the valley giving us our beautiful sunshine back! I can speak only for myself but when the sun isn’t shining I feel droopy and sometimes grumpy. More Vitamin D please! *****… Read More ›