Palm Trees

My Kitchen and Backyard

These are iPhone 10 photos I snapped yesterday to send to a friend here in town. The white cabinets are new and my design as is the backyard rebuild in early 2019. I did OK eh? 😎

Beautiful Canaries

Nope, not the bird, rather these Canary Date Palms. Spell Check doesn’t like the other spelling. I don’t recall where in the city I snapped this photo but I like the bright B and W look. 😎🌴

Gass Peak and Mexican Palms

Taken today, not a great photo I suppose but yours truly love these mountains and palm trees. Gass Peak is a 7000 foot mountain at the north end of Las Vegas Valley. 😎😍

Valley Views On High

You are on the east side of Las Vegas Valley, note the beautiful Spring Mountains far to your west. You can also see the peak that is directly above the ski lodge in Lee Canyon too. From a palm tree… Read More ›

The Pink Sunset

Last night was another cloudless sunset over the valley. I snapped these photos with the 35mm thinking that they would suck. Opening them this morning proved otherwise with the pink colors.

Mojave Distances

Distances here in the Mojave Desert seem different to me because of the lack of trees down here. Take a drive up to our Spring Mountains and the Alpine altitudes, you’ll find all the trees you could ever want. I… Read More ›