Palm Trees

Palms And Rock

Did you know that palm trees are absolutely not native to this part of the Mojave Desert? If anywhere in the Mojave, I’ve read about a group of people that want the palm trees out of Las Vegas. Seriously? Good… Read More ›

Fire Hazard

You have probably seen dead fronds like these hanging on palm trees before, but did you know how flammable these things are? I never thought about it either until my tree service guy mentioned this last week. This is another… Read More ›

My Golden Palm

OK, forgive me please for uploading another photo of my palm tree, but this was Golden Hour and look at that beautiful golden colour! This was just before the “neighborhood fireworks” kicked off. By that I do not mean that… Read More ›

A Fiery Sunset!

I was pleasantly surprised to see this sunset going on last night! I thought to walk to the backyard and check with the 35mm lens on the Nikon. Sweet! I did very little processing to these images.

Return of The Ten Two

A couple days ago my tree trimming company stopped by to cut off the flowers and what will become tons of Palm Tree seeds. After the first of the year I found myself in the backyard daily for one purpose:… Read More ›