Palm Trees


Taken today at Lone Mountain, the photo gives you an idea of the size of the mountain beyond the people and palm trees. It may look large but Lone Mountain isn’t very tall or large as mountains go around here.

Up The East Side

Up a good bit higher than the valley floor as you can see. You’re looking west toward Red Rock Canyon and the Red Rock Escarpment as well as the Spring Mountains. I pulled these photos from my archive since I’ve… Read More ›

Flags On The Boulevard

This is an older photo of mine, taken last year on the Big Boulevard as I call it. The American flag was a bonus, and note a little piece of a Spire at the Excalibur Hotel in the background too.

KLAS Tower

This is the aircraft control tower at KLAS, or Las Vegas. This shot was taken while driving which I do not recommend!

Snow On The Mountain

This is the first snow that has fell in Las Vegas Valley in ten years, so sorry I was here to witness it. It’s beautiful if it stays high in the mountains where it freaking belongs. Life in the High… Read More ›

Freezing Palms

This scene looks wonderful but it’s sooo cold and windy today! I purchased a new bed frame and work desk for the bedroom office today, got a few photos along the way.  

Snow Blind

Today began with bright, glorious sunshine. Then this shit rolled over the western mountains. I hate snow.