Climbing The Switchback

This is a super short video of the bike climbing a short switchback path that comes out of a wash where a trail runs right through it. You don’t want to be down there during monsoon season or if there is a rainstorm within say twenty-five miles. Flooding happens fast in the desert! I’ve noticed that the phone sounds like it is amplifying the sound of the electric motor located in the rear wheel hub. It never sounds that loud to me when riding so I’m sorry about it being so loud! That said, I will not go back to riding a non-electric bike.

I tossed the silly photo in because it reminds me of how I was during those married years. 😂

Crossing The Lake Mead Bridge

Today I tried making some videos while riding the bike and made four videos. This one as the title suggests was taken on the short pedestrian and bike bridge. The phone mount won’t twist any further hence the camera does not see any higher up which sucks. I would have to use a Go Pro on a helmet cam for that, or loosen the phone bracket and rotate it a bit on the handlebar. Such a beautiful day to be alive!

Shelled Peanuts

I got ahold of some peanuts and tore into them, it’s been a long time since I did this, it was tasty. The other photos are from yesterday’s bike ride. Yes, redundant photos, sorry! Today’s forecast is for 81 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Grocery shopping is in my future today, the cupboards are getting mighty bare!

Bruce Is Gone…

Here are some photos from my bike ride today. I did the full 15 miles including a pass-through of Tivoli Village. That place is always super busy and the food smells so good as I slowly ride along. The first photo, or top-left, is where the homeless man named Bruce was sleeping for several weeks. Yesterday, I took another bag of goodies to him via the truck and found that he had left this place. I sincerely hope that he has a proper place to sleep now, a home with someone, and good food. Everyone deserves this. It was nice to meet you, Bruce. 🙏🏻

Bike Repair

My still new eBike has been in the shop much more than my old pickup truck has in seven years on the road. It needed some adjustments again, the brake levers were pulling closer to the handlebars which happen over time so those were adjusted and there was some friction between the brake pads and the rotors when I was just pushing the bike. You could hear it too when riding.

That has been repaired now so the bike is ready to roll. However, I still feel like I need a break from dodging the fools in the 6000-pound bullets. I have other things to keep me busy today anyway. Oh, I was not charged for the adjustments which are amazing, and I was told to stop using the Squeal Out on the rotors which work for me. Hopefully, the brakes will as quiet as possible!

I took the photos along the way to the repair shop this morning, such a beautiful day!

Palm Trees And Mountains

Good Thursday morning folks, I hope your week has been going well. The palm tree photo is an older photo with a great view, this is the west side of the valley. The silly photo was taken the other night while shining for scorpions. The black light makes some colors really pop, so Mr. Clean here is looking very bright.

File that photo in Goofy Photos too! Sunshine and 82 degrees are the forecasts for today and I love it. The bike will be going to the shop today as there’s something out of alignment possibly in the rotor and brake pads. This bike has been to the shop many more times in a few months than my truck has since 2015!

Delivery Completed

Every other day or so recently, I have been dropping food and water off for a homeless man living on one of the pedestrian/bike bridges I cross on my rides. He was not there today but his blankets were so I pulled one down off of the rail and used it to cover up the bag of goodies I dropped off and then I left.

I’ve spoken with him a couple of times now and he seems a very nice man who is way down on his luck. I wish that I could do so much more for him but it’s not really possible. There is more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there. This country is ridiculous.

Our loser government is wasting billions on weapons and so much more while its citizens go hungry and die on the streets. Piss me off. I’ll stop right there before I get really angry here.

The other thing I want to vent about is that the last two, perhaps three times I’ve been out riding the bike I have been cut off and nearly avoided incursions with cars. I’m becoming very frustrated with this BS. Last week, I was even cut off in my own neighborhood!

I followed the driver down to the traffic light and gave them a good ass-chewing. Today, an ugly four-door pickup did the same thing just down the road from my home, and, I know who the SOB is too, he lives on my street! I am considering taking some time away from riding to let myself simmer down.

The bike needs another tune-up anyway, the brake system is acting up and something is out of alignment too. I’ll take the bike to the shop tomorrow. At least nobody can run me over while I’m behind the wheel of a 4000-pound pickup truck…

Scenes From Today’s Ride

I am already getting a bit cooked by old sol so riding this summer may be difficult or less frequent which sucks! The freeway I’m crossing is once again Summerlin Parkway, I was on my way back to Tivoli Village again. The village is hosting an after-dark market tonight which is different, it’s usually on Saturday mornings.

Drainage Channels and Parkway Views

Here are a few more iPhone photos from today. I suppose that drainage channels aren’t very interesting, but there are miles and miles of them here to control any flooding that comes down from the mountains during our monsoon season. The road photos are of Summerlin Parkway which is an east/west connector between the 215 freeway and the 95 freeway. It’s always super busy, and getting onto the 95 from the parkway can be tricky. The drivers in Las Vegas can be very aggressive and not always willing to merge which is illegal.

Firefighter Training

On today’s ride, I passed some of Las Vegas’s finest doing some training. They had a rope slung around the very top of a Mexican Fan Palm so I guess they were learning how to climb palm trees in a rush? I said a quiet thank you to one of the men. Isn’t the graffiti ugly?

It’s painted on a wall that hides a large apartment complex and you can see areas all along this wall where the graffiti has been painted over. Paint wars in Las Vegas I guess. This tunnel is not the tunnel that has all of the rubbish and dirty blankets and such where homeless folks are sleeping.

I have taken the advice of some of you here and stopped riding that way which is really no big deal. There are better places to ride anyway.

The mountain’s photo is of the west side of Las Vegas Valley, part of which is an ancient fault line. I mentioned yesterday about the lower tire pressure causing more drain on the battery, today I used a little more leg power which seemed to even the balance of leg power and battery usage after a solid fifteen-mile ride.

Skateboard City

Along the path on yesterday’s ride, I came upon two skateboard parks, bowls, or whatever people call them. I was able to ride the bike into one of them and tried banking off of the sides which didn’t go well. I prefer to not taste dirty concrete! Sunshine and 73 degrees today, then sunshine and 82 for tomorrow which is even better!