Kay’s Sunset

Since the outer bands of tropical storm Kay are rotating counterclockwise over Las Vegas, why not use Kay for the title? Overcast and a high of just 86 degrees are forecast for the valley today which is really wonderful after months of 100+ degree weather. I think the 100s may be gone for the rest of the year. Hello, Pedego! Let’s take a nice 20-mile ride, shall we? What are you up to this weekend?

One photo is much more processed than the other, which do you like best?

I Took A Hot Ride Yesterday

And, I needed a damn shower afterwards! Today is even cooler than yesterday being in the 80s but it’s the humidity that gets me sweating hard so I’ll pass on riding today but it was a nice, quick three-mile ride. The other photos are from 2019. Have a great Friday and weekend, friends!

A Very Hot Sunset, Two

Just two more photos from last night, these were taken in the backyard. My eBike is in the living room since last night, it’s been stuffed away in a spare bedroom for weeks now since the weather went into full summer mode and I miss those 15 or twenty-mile rides almost daily.

No way am I gonna roll out of bed super early to ride though, and even then it can still be 90 degrees. Back home, it’s the winter weather that shuts down biking, down here, it’s the summer heat and very powerful sunshine that shut it all down for me. Everything is a tradeoff, a compromise in this life, isn’t it?

Among The Desert Beauty

Here are a few more photos from the desert floor the other day, I never tire of this beautiful place. The temperature was already at 90 degrees when I woke up at seven this morning, and a high of 109 degrees is on the way for today. I took a very short ride around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon on the Pedego, that little ride confirmed that I made the right choice to stand down from riding in the summer heat. Wow!

The Unattended Wreck

This afternoon, I was heading for the main office for my HOA to get a new gate opener, the old one up and died. On the way, I saw this wrecked car sitting at the traffic light in the left turn lane, completely unattended. Umm, why? On the way back, I snapped the closeup of the destroyed front end.

I’ve never seen this happen before here, there were zero police or any other vehicles around. Also, I was sitting at a different traffic light waiting and saw a bicycle on the sidewalk that was missing its rear wheel and tire.

What the heck?

In the parking lot about twenty feet away was a Nevada Highway Patrol car with its gumballs spinning. I happened to be going to that party store/gas station. A few moments later the NHP officer came into the store and asked if the smashed bike can be left at the store briefly while the officer goes to the hospital across the road to see the guy who was hit on the bike.

The officer said that the guy who took the hit is okay, he’s banged up pretty good though, he’s damn lucky! That intersection is always a madhouse during the daylight hours. As a guy who rides a bike around the city, the chance of being hit like that guy was is always on my mind, gladly I have not been hit! I won’t resume riding until the autumn probably which reminds me to charge the bike’s battery. Another weird day in Las Vegas!