When Petrol Was Cheap

Here are some collages I made from photos my friend in Michigan sent me some time ago. One of the collages refers to gas as Petrol which I find interesting. It shows me how American English (if that can make… Read More ›


While not a technically tough job, the sun has no mercy on the sign flippers! Need a butch?


This was sad to pass by today. But I fail to see how this can happen when it was 90 degrees and sunshine. Texting? Drinking? Smoking weed? All of the above? This should never happen…


Arret! Stop! Workers were doing some road repairs on a side street which had this person directing traffic this morning. Many many miles beyond you can see out of focus, the Las Vegas Range which forms the northern border of… Read More ›

Sport Park

I pass by this park fairly often, never stopped in! I just like the action figures out front. There’s one more out of frame. And yes, this another one of my drive-by photos today! Never try this, children!