Idiots With Guns

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this video overnight. I told him that I’ve seen 99% of these videos on that show called Ridiculousness on MTV. I’m about done with anything MTV today by the way because of the… Read More ›

Mexican Food and the Best Pastor

Here are two oldies taken a couple years ago on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard. I still don’t know who it is that may be the best Pastor on the planet though. Hmmm…

Is He Truthin?

Or is he fibbin’? I passed this guy on Fremont Street probably a couple years ago now which has me wonder what has become of him? Was he just panning for extra cash? Where do we come from, where will… Read More ›

High Symmetry

At a four-way stop I had a quick second or so to grab this photo, it has a companion photo too. I was pleased with the symmetry processing with this photo! It’s a bit creepy isn’t it? 😵

Desert Tourists

I made some different versions of this photo of tourists just learning what a great place Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave Desert really is.

Posing or Stuck Up?

After I pulled the SD card from the Nikon and transferred this and other photos to my MacBook, I noticed that this gal seemed to be striking a pose. Or not? Maybe it was just the way she was standing,… Read More ›

Drag Boat 1979

Actually more like 1979 or 1980. This was a time when I had just graduated High School and was traveling with dad around the country racing this liquid quarter mile drag boat. Exciting and wonderful days they were! The man… Read More ›

Mother’s Bell

Hi mom, it’s me! I brought another one of your things back home with me from Michigan, I hope you don’t mind mom. I just want to keep you close to my heart. I miss you every day mom. ❤️

What Year Am I?

Today I passed two antique cars of roughly the same year I think, but was able to photograph just this one on the fly. I sent a text to my antique car expert (aka dad) for the actual build year…. Read More ›