Pop -n- Coffee

Here in the Desert Southwest people refer to Pop as Soda, this sounds so dumb to me! I use the word Pop in restaurants, I sometimes get that look which says your not from here are you? No, I’m not… Read More ›

The Farm Car

I received these photos via email and have no copyright. That said, someone put lots of farm love into this one of a kind car! Or is it a pickup truck?

Booze on The Boulevard

I’ll betcha there are more gallons of booze on the Las Vegas Strip than there are people! Sin City? Drunken City! I have to admit, a cold beer looks darn good roundabout five PM! 😎

Ten Strip Photos

Nah, nobody’s getting naked on this blog, just ten photos from the other day down on the Vegas Strip. I still have plenty of photos from then which I need to pick through, toss the bad eggs…

Star Trek Voyager

I love Star Trek, anything Star Trek! Yours truly has been watching the series grow since 1966 when I was just six years young. I recall watching the black and white episodes, do you? I don’t have all the series… Read More ›

Elvis Prefers Foster’s

While people watching yesterday on the Las Vegas Strip, Elvis pulled up on his scooter (hehe) with a Foster’s beer and microphone in hand. He was trying to chat up the woman who’s turned a bit to see him. Apparently… Read More ›

Stone Faced

This Nikon image was taken inside one of the casinos I walked through today, the poor person needs water and lotion eh? Or perhaps he’s really stoned as we live in a legal state! Someone get it some munchies… 😂

The Linq

Today I headed down to the Strip, not something I usually do as the place is so nutty busy. I enjoyed all the people watching and chatting with folks here and there, then came the beautiful young ladies who walk… Read More ›

Bruce Trent Sports Park

The Bruce Trent Sport Park is a large complex with great facilities for people of all ages. It’s also a good place for people watching if your into that! We are all the same yet so different…