Everything She Owns

This makes me sad. I was on a six-mile bike ride this afternoon since it’s so beautiful today and saw this woman pushing the shopping cart across a large parking lot. To get the shot, I waited behind a minivan for her to come from behind it. This should not be happening in this country!

I believe that if our government and entities such as NASA which I don’t think is a government entity, stopped spending billions to go to a damn dead world called Mars, and stopped spending billions on better ways to kill people on planet Earth, our sad homeless problem could either be eliminated or at the least, these people around our country could get a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.

The sickening, skewed priorities of those in high places of authority in this country need to be shoved off of their thrones. All people matter no matter their skin color. A dead world billions of miles away from us has zero value to humanity, so what is the point of going there? There is no point!

Face Mask Pollution

Almost every time I take the bike out for a ride, I come across a discarded face mask. Welcome to the new cigarette butt replacement as the most littered thing on Earth. Well, maybe not as bad as a lazy smoker tossing butt after butt out the car window or dropping the spent dispenser cartridge of addiction on the ground. But it’s ridiculous. Anyway, at least the lovely mountain views aren’t polluted. One of these photos was shot at 16mm which makes the light poles appear to be falling over. Partly sunny and 61F are on deck for today, cloudy and 34F is the high in my Michigan hometown today.

Truths Of Days Of Old

In my view, if you remember these things then you are very lucky to have lived those years. The meme that mentions giving you something to cry about is related to a conversation I’m having with some brainwashed dolt on Instagram this morning. This person believes that disciplining your child is abuse.

My reply was that we grew up having respect for our parents, elders, and people in general. The politically correct army has brainwashed this poor bastard and I feel sorry for him. This kind of thinking will only lead to more anarchism. I am so grateful that I was born in 1960 and have such great parents and family. Amen.

How It Used To be

Some days I so wish that the clock could be rolled back several decades to what I see as a better, vanished time. The world was somewhat friendlier, people had respect for each other, and children like myself actually went outside and played with the other neighborhood kids. We built tree forts, underground forts, rode our bikes everywhere together, and even built our own bikes! today’s world is not the world in which I grew up in… What happened?

I’m getting a late start on the blog this morning as my garage door lift gave up yesterday, a brand new system was installed this morning very early. The old system was thirteen-years-old and lived a good life but all things end. 😂