This Ski Doo’s For You!

Last night, I came across this fun old TV commercial for the Elan model Ski Doo, a sled that members of my family owned in the early 1970s when our family traveled to northern lower Michigan almost every weekend to ride hundreds of miles on our sleds, and always pulling a trailer sled that had all of the food and booze for a nice campfire late in the day. Those days of riding were great fun, so many wonderful memories! Sadly, most of those family members, aunts, and uncles have passed. They are gone now, yet they still and will live on in my heart.

In Valor There’s Hope

Here are the last photos from yesterday at the Southern Nevada Police memorial. I try to avoid shooting in Portrait mode because of the vertical length of the photos, but sometimes it’s the best way to capture your subject. Portrait style photos never work well on Instagram either. According to the National Weather Service, Las Vegas will see 101 degrees today.

The Memorial

I will start with this set taken today at the Southern Nevada Police Memorial. This time, I used the 24/200mm lens and I really like the results. My optics need cleaning… Thank you, police!

The Lonely Horse

Not one child was seen in the park today where I photographed the Police Memorial, I’m still working on those images. Everyone I talk to about the virus has had well more than enough of this shit. It’s tough to keep a positive perspective on this, to believe that it will eventually end and I believe that it will, but we can’t let our guard down for one moment. Be alert, folks.