Ditch Construction

More roadwork! Yay for living in a larger city, right? Back home, there was very occasional traffic congestion and having to be wary of Whitetail Deer leaping across the road in front of you.

Yeah, I hit one in 1998, a really crappy experience. Anyway, this stuff goes with the territory and is a tiny backup obviously. It’s sunny and 89 degrees just now by the way. Another perfect day!

Equine Eyes

On a short jaunt to the party store today, I stopped by the park for a quick walk. Looking around, I noticed that there were horses under the big roof of the horse arena.

Great, and I have the proper lens on the Nikon too.

Of course, I asked permission to take these photos from the owners, a younger couple who were very nice, and definitely knew what they were doing with these big, powerful animals!

It’s those eyes that get me every time. Such big, beautiful eyes. They are powerful yet graceful animals that I love to watch run, gallop, and walk. Years ago, I tried riding a horse circa 1981.

I sucked at it apparently, as the horse reared up and almost ditched me! That’s good enough. Since those days, my horsepower comes in the form of a 4.3 litre V6!

Phantom Fireworks

This company sets up locations all over the valley in parking areas, and in gas stations which seems like a very bad idea. It’s a black and white image that I’ve reworked a bit. I’ve seen fuel fires in stations here!

Wild Horses in Lee Canyon

Happy Tuesday to you. These photos were taken at least three years ago in Lee Canyon, very close to the ski area. The image quality isn’t too good but it was so cool to see these beautiful, totally wild animals. Today’s forecast is for sunny skies and ninety-two degrees. We’re barely hanging on to those nineties!