Peaceful Sounds and City Views

I really like the peaceful sounds of the woods around my folks’ place, happy birds chirping and so much beautiful green, far more than we have here in Las Vegas! The photos were taken on approach to the awful O’Hare International Airport. Yuck, but I got some decent ground shots and one not-so-good photo of Downtown Chicago. The video and photos are via the iPhone. The colors in the video are WAY off, sorry.

Blondie Knows How To Relax!

I was watching Blondie as she rolled and twisted about on the chair, she struck this pose while probably half asleep. I had just enough time to get the photo of this sweet baby! My dad and I met up with a couple of his buddies for lunch in Capac, Michigan where I saw the rusted truck and had to get a shot of the rotten, rusted-out quarter panel. That’s what happens when you live within the Rust Belt!

And, the cute fella in the little black car is so cool! The photo of the wood is looking toward the big shed where the old tractors I used to use to brush hog the trails and fields are housed. I miss those days!

Touchdown At Las Vegas

Here are two videos I recorded with the iPhone last night, one while still in-flight within the aircraft cabin and the other video is two minutes long showing the approach to LAS, or Las Vegas. The video is two minutes long, feel free to skip to the end if you don’t want to view the entire video. It’s amazing that the turbulence was incredibly strong at all three airports on this trip when taking off and landing. What’s up with that?

In-Flight Photography

The iPhone took these photos as the Nikon was stuffed in the suitcase in the overhead bin. Not super good photos but you do get a lovely view of one of our beautiful Great Lakes! It’s always nice to see these big beautiful freshwater lakes again, if not the largest on Earth they are very massive and beautiful.

I totally enjoy flying and have no fear of it. These aircraft are constructed to take the punishment of powerful turbulence and very hard landings, both of which were experienced traveling to and from Michigan this time.

I’m Back

Not me, you! It’s nice to be back home in the valley even though I came back to the usual windstorm and can’t even see my beautiful mountains this morning. This was such a fun trip home to see my family! It rained all day one day but it was still a wonderful trip.

I took 1.63Gig of photos, probably split between the iPhone and the Nikon, this set isn’t so good but it’s all from the Nikon. I am not used to so much humidity in the air or the damn skeeters flying around everywhere which I was stung by. Much more to come so I hope that you will stick around, friends!

Hover over each photo, it should have a brief description.

iPhone Magic

I made an oops when I mentioned that there were no more Seven Magic Mountain photos. These were snapped on the way back to the truck, the iPhone did a darn nice job, didn’t it? I’ve been getting my things packed up for tomorrow’s departure for Michigan, it will be so good to see my family!

Cops and Aliens

Two very silly photos in this post, the cop had a customer pulled over under an overpass along the 215 freeway, busted! The speed limit is 65, but many folks exceed that limit by a large margin. The alien sticker is on a pole where you enter and exit the long dirt path that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. What can I say, man, I notice weird things and get the shot! It’s currently 88F at noon O’Clock, let’s get hot, baby! 😂🔥😎🌞🌴