Apartment Life

The joy continues today. Yesterday I stopped by the main office to show someone a photo of this. The manager of the complex was shown my photo. As you can see, this new management company doesn’t give a shit about… Read More ›

Why My Apartment Sucks

The rent was not raised at my request before signing the new one year lease. Imagine the wonder of seeing this bullshit whenever you look outside. My rent should be further reduced. So then why did I take this completely… Read More ›

Aunt Jane’s Pickles

I love pickles. Do you love pickles too? Me too! I snapped this photo during summer, 2017 in Michigan with the iPhone. Where was my Nikon? Back home in Nevada dammit! You can read more about Aunt Jane’s Pickles. This… Read More ›

Birdie Closeups

More Pigeon photos! I cropped the crap outta these and cleaned them up as much as I could. My old bread and muffins always go to my avian friends. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

Where’s The Racism?

Over the last two days, I’ve had three conversations with black men. All of which were very pleasant. And – each man called me Brother! My new neighbour, a lovely young black woman and her mother are so kind, and… Read More ›

Mojave Love

Watching the weather unfold back southeast as the weather buff I am, I’m glad to be staying put here in lovely Las Vegas. Dry is good.

In Downtown Summerlin

Yesterday I decided to finally replace my $15.00 dollar Walmart tennies as they had zero support and the cushioning was pulling up and out. Sometimes you actually do get what you paid for! So after spending a crisp $100.00 bucks… Read More ›

The Homeless in Las Vegas

I hadn’t noticed this homeless camp in this photo until it was viewed on my MacBook Pro. I am saddened by this. Las Vegas has countless homeless people, asking for money from passers by and also those stopped at traffic… Read More ›

The Buildings in Las Vegas

Here are the last photos for this little set. Moving on to jet aircraft photos for tomorrow at some point. Private jets I think, still awesome flying machines! Hope your Hump Day was good.