The Players

Do you play any card games? I haven’t played anything for longer than I can remember, except for Go Fish and Uno. I don’t understand the card structures or values as they change from game to game. Duh! 😂

Departing Las Vegas

This iPhone video was recorded December fifth as I headed for Michigan, it’s two minutes long. It shows some really great views of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip and the valley as we head west after liftoff then turn right… Read More ›

Posing Whilst Eating

As I wandered around the Christmas party happily snapping away, my niece’s son froze for this photo without my asking him. Such a young ham, he’s got two years of high school left. Again, where have the years gone? The… Read More ›

The Feist

My friends whom I worked with in Michigan for over twenty years recently adopted this very high spirited dog. In fact the animal has so much energy that it made me crazy in the five minutes I was around it…. Read More ›

The Family Christmas

Here are four photos from last Saturday with my family up north in Michigan where there was zero snow on the ground, yay! It’s always sad though when we have to go our separate ways after having so much fun… Read More ›

The Gottlieb Machine

My friends over at Roadtirement are curious about this old pinball machine from previous photos so while in Michigan recently, I snapped these photos with the Nikon and 35mm lens. Here ya go guys, a better look at the old… Read More ›

Snow Seen From 4000 Feet

As the Boeing approached Las Vegas, several snow squalls were visible to the south which I captured with the iPhone. They sure look different and beautiful from one mile or so above the desert floor!

In The Valley, Above The Valley

It’s iPhone photography time in this post. The terminal photo was taken in Terminal Three at our beautiful McCarran International Airport. How many airports have you seen “slot” machines in? Not many I’ll bet. The photos taken aboard the Airbus… Read More ›

My Boy and I

Here is me in the bathroom the other morning being a dork and showing my addiction to photography by taking this shot not long after hopping out of bed! My boy is of legal drinking age these days, it’s kind… Read More ›

Pooped Pepper

Pepper is ten years old and has the hip issues that German Shepard dogs get as they age. With proper medication, she has been able to run a little and keep up with Blondie. Her quality of life is still… Read More ›