Long And Tall

I’m looking long and tall with the wide angle lens, and that plant will be pulled up today, it lived a long life!

Backyard Peace

Good morning from my sunny little piece of Las Vegas where it’s currently 70 degrees with full sunshine! Sadly the weather won’t stay like this all winter but still never be anything like weather up north! Nikon with 10-20mm wide… Read More ›

Buick Fire

With plenty of processing this Buick grille emblem looks as though the engine compartment is burning! 😎

Bird Launch

At the boat ramp in Anclote Park, I tried to get a bit closer to this gorgeous bird as I had the 35mm attached. The damn thing flew off so fast, such a chicken shit! 😂

The A 19

That’s what I call Alternate 19 that is west of U.S. 19 and close to the Gulf of Mexico passing through lots of small towns along the way. Lots of memories around here from the 1990’s and beyond. Nikon and… Read More ›

The Signal Device

I came upon this thing at the Anclote River Park and still don’t understand it’s functions exactly. Obviously it’s meant to be heard and it has a lighting device. The black item on the left appears to be a sensor… Read More ›

At Anclote River Park

Here are four 35mm images from recently in Pasco County, Florida at the Anclote River Park. I was on the docks at the boat ramp just before walking over to this beach. One photo shows an older woman in neck… Read More ›