Site Updates

Thanks for stopping by! Recently, I’ve made some changes to this humble little photoblog, the largest of which was changing the theme itself. I wanted my photos to be at least a bit larger. As always, each photo is clickable for a better look.

I have also cleaned up the About page and updated it as needed but still don’t completely like the way I present the page in terms of text. I have never been any darn good at writing anything including my About page! It’s a bit drab.

A couple days ago, I added a few Widgets to the bottom of the site, It was looking rather barren down there and it’s also space that can be put to better use. Today, I went to work on the Links page and let me tell ya, it was way overdue for a cleaning!

I found several dead links which is a concern with SEO, not that I’m really into that stuff. In all, almost twenty links were taken down from this page. I added a Page Updated too, really meant for me but whatever. Should I take the Links page down?

Also, I’ve had some different header images but removed the header images for now. Somehow they seem too large on this theme, but without, the site seems much more bland. Boy howdy, am I a serious nitpicker or what! It’s enjoyable and relaxing though.

That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it!

Alaskan Blastoff

This is a series of photos watching an Alaskan Airliner lift off from Las Vegas yesterday. How nice it is that the frozen folks in Alaska have such an easy (but not cheap) way to escape the clutches of the frozen north. Good bye folks! I hope you enjoyed your Las Vegas visit!

Beer Pipes

I was having a brew with a friend at the local casino up the road tonight, snapped these photos with the iPhone since the Nikon would be a bit out of place. The pipes carry lots of hoses which transfer the brew from the dozens of different types of beer kegs which you can see through several windows. A beer lover’s haven. A bit abstract?