This Dude’s Trippin’!

I had reason to go just the other side of the Strip this morning and spotted this dude just shakin’ it in an empty parking lot. Must be some really good shit eh? Before I shot this video, he was seriously dancing around though. Welcome to Las Vegas my friends!

We Win!

It was a hell of a good game to watch on the toob! What looked like a spankin’ at first turned out to be a great game!

Chili – The Next Experiment

The latest batch. This one is a bit more mild than a couple weeks back, I used a mix of hot and mild powders, beef with a skosh more fat and added almost one entire white onion, finely chopped. Yum! And some better quality tomato sauce and beans too, it really makes a difference. I hope your weekend has been as tasty!

iPhone Photos

I was looking for the donkeys near Bonnie Springs today, just getting out for a bit and snapped these photos with the iPhone 7. Click a photo, looks better…


A new TV commercial on my local cable provider associates Christmas (Real meaning – Birth of Jesus Christ) with making purchases at this big box store. Music in the background inserts the word(s) Hallelujah. Seriously? Surely you jest… Shameful. ✝️

Farm Equipment

Here are some very old implements that I’ve dragged around turning the ground under over the years with some very large tractors. Via my Nikon and 35mm Primary lens.


We Northeasters use different words to describe things in a different way than those here in the Desert Southwest. In conversation with people here in Nevada I find it funny that people here don’t see the LP fuel tank below as a Pig. Nope, no legs, no coiling twisty tail or pink snouts or oinks here! Nor are there any breakfast foods either but I can certainly recommend using the LP gas in this tank to cook your bacon for breakfast!