The Buildings in Las Vegas

Here are the last photos for this little set. Moving on to jet aircraft photos for tomorrow at some point. Private jets I think, still awesome flying machines! Hope your Hump Day was good.

Chronic Shit

I’m gonna change the theme a bit by telling you a bit about me, if you care to read! So then, what is chronic here? My blood pressure. About one year ago, my BP simply went kaboom after years of… Read More ›

Site Updates

Thanks for stopping by! Recently, I’ve made some changes to this humble little photoblog, the largest of which was changing the theme itself. I wanted my photos to be at least a bit larger. As always, each photo is clickable… Read More ›

Alaskan Blastoff

This is a series of photos watching an Alaskan Airliner lift off from Las Vegas yesterday. How nice it is that the frozen folks in Alaska have such an easy (but not cheap) way to escape the clutches of the… Read More ›

Colour & Texture

More photos from yesterday as I slowly moved through the Red Rock Scenic Drive which is about twelve miles total length. As I drove through the entrance yesterday, I noticed a paper sign taped to the drive-thru pay booth. It… Read More ›

500 Posts

The fine folks at alerted me this morning that I’ve reached five hundred posts on Las Vegas Photo Blog! Wow, how’d I get to that number already? It’s kind of like my Instagram account reaching three thousand uploads already…. Read More ›

The Manfrotto Mount

I used this mount and tripod to capture the Diffuser video the other day. I used the Nikon for this photo with the wide angle lens attached. Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. Are you sad? Or… Read More ›

Merry Christmas To You!

Good morning and Merry Christmas from Las Vegas Photo Blog. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous 2018. Let us remember the real reason for the Christmas season.

Fast Cars

Inside the Stratosphere Hotel the other day I came across this really cool car. The one photo will give you the details for the car but after looking at the interior, this car just can’t be comfortable to drive! But… Read More ›

One Hundred!

Just a quick note – thank you to all one hundred awesome folks whom followed my meager photoblog! I appreciate each and every one of you, this just tops off my day man. At times I’m discouraged with the blog… Read More ›