Photos From The Canon

During my trip to Michigan, dad and I were talking about cameras which is something we never discuss. Suddenly, he asked me if I would like to take a Canon camera home. Next goofy question please? Turns out, this is a Canon Rebel XS which he purchased in Florida in 2010. This camera is in mint condition and was used just twice in the last seven years which is really mind-blowing to me as I have ran the shit out of my Nikon over the last year or so since it’s purchase. Gladly, I have an extra camera bag!

So I charged the batteries up and cleaned the two lenses that came with the camera. I believe this purchase was also a Kit purchase as was my Nikon. Whether or not the 70-300mm lens came with it I’m not sure, I purchased my 70-300mm after the initial sale. in any case, the camera also has an 18-55mm lens as does the Nikon at purchase. These photos are test photos to me, and I’m aware that they are rather redundant. What say you about these photos? I find the focus is better on my Nikon…

NOAA Weather Radar Station

Located in White Lake Township, Michigan. I snapped this shot with the iPhone this past August when I was visiting my daughter and her new husband. Her first and only marriage shall we pray? If your a weather geek like me, you’ll appreciate a photo like this. I was able to drive up to the buildings near this structure, should have tried a shot from there. Next time, my Nikon is going!! Love you iPhone but your camera is lacking…

A Wall Along the Road

On the way home from the beer store a bit ago today. Never drink and drive! I’ll beat your ass if you do. Nikon with Primary lens… Hope y’all had a good weekend!

Which Lens Should I Take?

Take on my upcoming flight to Michigan? I’m not going to make the same mistake twice with traveling up there. In August, I was at my daughter’s delayed wedding reception. Delayed by design. I opted to leave my Nikon back home and paid for it. Paid for it in terms of shitty iPhone photos that just couldn’t do the work that a Nikon can. My bad, and I felt bad for my daughter. She wanted better photos…

, for our early December family Christmas (we always do this early) I’ve been messing around with two of my lenses, deciding which to take because it’s a matter of room in my tiny carryon bag. The 18-55mm lens has a bit of zoom capability, the Primary lens does not. The Primary is the smallest lens I have and works as well as the 18-55mm does though. Sans the zooming. I’m leaning toward the Primary lens for this trip.

travel size coupled with decent performance sans the zoom of course… It’s going to be wonderful to see my family again and I want to get the best photos I can get this Christmas. I can’t help but feel time is creeping up on me. Recently our family lost another family member. My uncle Ron passed away a couple weeks ago. He was healthy as hell all his life then found out he had cancer and just a few days to live. He’s gone.

of my aunts and uncles are gone now except one aunt. My dad said he has watched his friends die around him in the last two years and he’s correct. I feel sad for him and stay in contact frequently, he’ll be ninety years young this coming April. My mother passed in twenty twelve, our Christmas’ are just not the same without her love of family and holidays. It’s tough on me to be so far away yet I stay here by choice.

finances will improve nicely inside of one year from now when certain obligations from the divorce have been met, and more of the debt I agreed to assume as part of the divorce, are paid off. I’ve paid off plenty of debt already. Marriage isn’t an institution that I care much for. Her and I both made some stupid decisions. But living this life as a single man is so much simpler and cheaper. Love – you’ve been bad to me…

(NOTE: Sorry but I noticed I’ve chopped off a bit of the text in this post)

The test photos, the woman was a random photo!

Mount Charleston, Last Set

Sorry for the number of uploads today, I need to clear some folders off my desktop that have photos ready to go. I just click too many photos! It’s always so beautiful up high in our Spring Mountains! Since I encountered a bit of snow on the ground, and icy spots on the roads at the higher elevations on this trip, I won’t be driving back up the mountain until spring. That nasty Road salt is never allowed to touch my truck!

California Beach Bikes

This is what these two guys riding these bikes told me they are called. They had these bikes strapped on the back of their California car so I assume they know what they are talking about! I did look up these bikes, what I saw looked nothing like these bikes.

The simpler looking bike was welded together and never painted. They both have three speed shifts with the shift mechanism inside the rear wheel hub. They have custom chains as well, I’d love to ride one! But it was windy as HELL this day. Vegas Wind Storms!

A low pressure centre was literally blowing through the valley which blew me ass over tea kettle while squatting down for the shots. Love these bikes! Don’t love being blown over!