Horse On The Loose

Imagine what could happen should this larger-than-life horse actually gets loose and runs onto Charleston Boulevard? The carnage… He’s at the north entrance to a large and very high-end neighborhood. The pigeon is giving you a great glamor shot, isn’t it?

The photo of the rollercoaster locate at New York, New York is also about three years old. The high temperature today will reach only 99 degrees and believe me, you can feel the difference. Have a great Sunday!

Indoor Abstract, Two

I took several photos of this scene but only two were even close to being used. Today’s weather is a carbon copy of yesterday’s weather with 104 degrees and sunshine in the forecast. Could you deal with the day after day heat and sunshine of Las Vegas Valley? Do you remember “running through” a credit card transaction?

More Goodnight Photos

These are the last of the recent sunset photos from the other day using my new 200mm lens. It’s 8:15 in the morning and it’s already 95 degrees outside, welcome to desert living, people! We will top out at 104 today. Why has this week been flying by so fast? Do you ever feel as though time is somehow accelerating? This seems to happen to me the older I get. But, time passes only at a fixed rate. So then, who set it up this way?