Grocery Flowers

It was a busy morning including taking some iPhone photos of the flowers at the grocery store. Today’s weather is sunny, 90 degrees with a stiff wind but over the next few days Las Vegas will heat up to 110 to 112 degrees, the heat warnings are already being broadcast on the NWS transmitters and online. I hope the old AC system in this home will get through another scorching summer. And I’m still waiting on calls or emails for work which sucks…

Stay Single?

I pass this sign occasionally and have photographed it before but my Nikon wanted another photo. This sign kinda grinds my gears since I’m three-times divorced and will remain single until the day I kick the bucket. It’s cheaper in terms of both money and one’s sanity! A girlfriend? I’ve been all by myself for five years now… It’s a peaceful life.

Anyway, I was driving to near the south end of the valley for some Ham Radio parts for my truck radio. It’s only in the low 90s today but we have a very high wind warning until 8PM this eve and man is that wind howling now!

The Stratosphere Tower is a long way away…

Vegas Heat

Las Vegas Valley has a high heat warning until late Friday night. I’m used to it, it seems that most people here are but it still kicks your bum anyway. Just carry plenty of water with you, and seek shelter from the direct sunshine when possible. If air conditioning systems had never been invented, there would be far less population here. I hope that this summer will not see a sustained high temperature like this for weeks on end like last summer. 🔥🌴🌞🌵

Over Lake Mead

Nearing Las Vegas and home the other day I snapped these with the iPhone. Next time I need to get the Nikon out of the suitcase for the flight. Looking closely, you can see the ‘bathtub ring’ left on the canyon walls as the lake level has fallen for many years now. Lake Mead hasn’t been at full pond since the 1980s, it’s very sad!

Note – this post was uploaded in 2019 so I’m drawing from the blog’s archive here.