Las Vegas

Going Up, Looking Down

This photo is looking West on Lake Mead Boulevard from the East side of the valley. Frenchman Mountain is to my left, the Muddy Mountains to the right. Lake Mead proper is several miles East behind me. I am easily… Read More ›

Rear View Mountain Views

On the way to the hospital yet again today for some test results which were absolutely fabulous! I grabbed this shot looking North in the side mirror. That snow up there at 7000+ foot won’t be up there much longer.

Hospital Bound

Good morning from the valley! I had an appointment with a treadmill at the hospital very early today, these 10-20mm lens  photos are all I captured on the way. I didn’t complete the treadmill test, couldn’t make 85% as they… Read More ›

Yesterday’s Desert

Just one little photo from yesterday that I forgot to upload not that anyone cares, right! I’m about to head out to the desert for a ride since it’s Monday and many of the tourists and locals have left. Time… Read More ›