Las Vegas

The Overpass

Here is a view from inside the Spaghetti Bowl in Las Vegas which connects several freeways. This was a point-and-shoot photo, I had no idea what the camera would capture. Gotta keep one’s eyes on the road!

Partly Sunny or Partly Cloudy?

Or perhaps mostly sunny or mostly cloudy? I don’t know how meteorologists determine this, but it’s actually very nice today with some sunshine, low seventies for the high and a breeze that’s actually not gusting to sixty miles per hour… Read More ›

Eye of The Frond

Here are two photos from last eve in the backyard waiting for a possible sunset photo. Funny how the human brain works, we are programmed to see faces in objects!

Desert Walk

Hey all, I took a day off from this blog yesterday and enjoyed it! I took a ride outside the city for some photos, here are just three from then. I’m thinking about cutting back on uploads as I post… Read More ›

Flat Clouds?

They do seem rather flat to my eyes, hovering over the Queens Ridge Condominiums. These lovely and terribly expensive condos are located at Rampart and Charleston Boulevard. Pancake Clouds?