Las Vegas

The Yellow Road

This stretch of Cimarron Road was recently repaved, the yellow concrete islands repainted a screaming yellow. Such strong  contrasts against the fresh bituminous pavement. That’s a 7000 foot mountain in the distance which is part of the Las Vegas Range,… Read More ›

Symmetrical Graffiti

This nonsense was painted on the side of a large cube truck, destruction of private property. Isn’t that what graffiti is all about? Inner City Rebels? You can leave anytime you want you know…

The Valley

Just outside of Las Vegas you can find some serious peace and quiet almost anywhere. The rat race that is a big city gives way to calmness and serenity of the Mojave Desert. ❤️

Fabulous Colours

Here is a rework of a recently uploaded photo I took last week on the Linq Promenade on the Vegas Strip. The colours are much augmented and an overlay was added for a bit of a vintage look. It’s just… Read More ›

The Cool Down Begins

I’ve been looking forward to the end of the summer heat for a while now, and here it is! I do love the summer swelter but as usual it becomes a bother toward late summer for me. Enough intense heat!… Read More ›

High Roller Five

Here are the last five photos from my visit down to the Las Vegas Strip a few days ago. Finally done! I take one hundred plus photos when out and about shooting, by no means do they all make the… Read More ›