Mountains and Lakes

Two views for you, one of four man-made lakes, and a view of the Summerlin Peaks. Powerboats are not allowed on the man-made lakes as the lakes are slender, and I suspect the risk of wave damage to the shorelines is in play. That’s too bad as there are fish planted in the lakes, and the water quality seems to be very high too.

As far as I am aware, only the locals refer to the peaks, or foothills as the Summerlin Peaks. Many miles northwest of what you see in the photo are Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston, both at just under twelve thousand feet. I think one of these mountains is visible from the far east area of the valley, but not at my place!

Plants in The Beautiful Mojave Desert

Good morning, people! Another sunny day is underway in Las Vegas Valley. Today’s high temperature will be 105 degrees, and 106 degrees forecast for tomorrow. Welcome to the desert life. Today I’ve pulled several photos of desert foliage from the archive for you. I don’t know the names of many of these so I can’t say but they are wonderful looking plants, and fun to photograph like flower photography. I hope you’ve had a dandy weekend so far, G’day!

City View Desert View

Here are eleven photos taken yesterday, I have an overflow of photos apparently! The sequence of the photos is going from the desert, back into the city. Yesterday, I had a nice long chat with my dad up in Michigan, got caught up on all things family which just warms my soul. It’s the best many of us can do during this trying time I guess. He’s an amazing man, he’s ninety-two years young, but has just one ailment – a bad knee! I hope I will fare so well.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary if you could call it that, of a death in the family. Most difficult to deal with but we all pull through the sorrows together, regardless of the distance. I’ve found that in my fifty-nine years of this life that ‘rolling with the punches’ works well for me. There are things we just can’t change, the best we can do is to adapt to the situation as best we can and keep on rolling down the road of life. Hang on, it’s a wild ride…

Today, I had planned a ride into the mountains but ya know what? I’m not into that just yet, even with my daily one cuppa down the old hatch. Maybe I’ll feel the travel bug in a bit but right now, I am a two hundred ten pound couch potato! Believe it or not, I’ve gained zero extra pounds these last several months since COVID came. It’s rather difficult to find the balance to keep the pounds off when you enjoy the foods I do, and a cold one (or two) in the eve!

Thanks for letting me ramble on this morning, happy Saturday, people!


Taters and Other Things

Good morning! Here are a few photos taken around the house yesterday, I made these potatoes a bit differently, They are soaked in water for a while to remove the starch, then seasoned with Italian and other seasonings and some olive oil. Covered in aluminum foil and baked at 375 for one hour. Delicious!

The antenna is just the two-meter 1/4 wave antenna on the truck for VHF FM ham radio. Did the sunset photo turn out decent? I’ve enhanced the image a whole lot to try for the colorful glow and silhouette. It looks Okay.

The palm tree photo (are ya tired of them?) photo was enhanced big time too. My backyard looks better now that the dead Ash tree is no longer dumping dead leaves everywhere! I’ve been out very early this morning watering the Lantana and those apparently dead Sago Palms too. I think they are dead…

I was going to head into the mountains this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow as I have got to head to the bank and take care of some financial stuff. The mountains will be there tomorrow, eh? I may have a ride out to Calico Basin though, I’ll decide that in a while. It’s cooler today with the high around 101 for a change, better!  I’m back here later.