Las Vegas

Copper Chopper

Roughly every hour or so during the daylight hours, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police fly directly over my current residence. I’ve become accustomed to the sound and the occasional rattling of things in my apartment. Since I am moving shortly,… Read More ›

Las Vegas in Winter

Through the winter months here, this is basically what you will see along with the occasional few overcast days in a row. Las Vegas is in the High Desert which means it’s cooler here in winter than other areas of… Read More ›

Nice And Level, Captain!

For more years than I can remember I’ve loved airplanes, all kinds of aircraft. They look majestic in the sky, like poetry in motion so high up there. The physics of flight are super interesting to me as is physics… Read More ›


For this photo I was simply setting in my truck in a fast food parking lot, it’s just seconds from touchdown!