Las Vegas

Yesterday’s Walk

The trees and bushes are blooming out beautifully now here in Las Vegas, the air smells really nice in the little park behind my home. Flowers and the many pine trees fill the air with a sweet scent. Things I… Read More ›


Waiting for me to toss something out to eat! But I’ve stopped feeding them as there are too many birds crowding around now. Sorry guys but there are too many of you! A half dozen or more birds fighting over… Read More ›

Around The Luxor

Here is the last set from my visit to the Luxor hotel yesterday. I like this property but it’s well south of what I view as the main part of the Vegas Strip. The Tram does stop at this location… Read More ›

Centre Of The Strip

Yesterday as I moved slowly south on the Vegas Strip, there was some construction (big surprise) going on directly along the road with a huge crane in the road, lifting things. As I waited for traffic, out comes the Nikon… Read More ›

Luxor Blue

I saw this beautiful shade of blue and had to try for the best photo I could get. Yes! Have a click, it looks better bigger

At The Luxor Hotel

Today I went to the Luxor Hotel here in Las Vegas to meet the lovely Dave and Sue who write the wonderful Travel Tales Of Life blog. I have been following these great Canadians for about five years, it was… Read More ›

Bird Boogie

That’s what my brain told me when first viewing this photo. Kind of a dud, yet look at the difference in the positions of the bird’s feet! The little toes can really bend, while the other foot seems flat and… Read More ›

Las Vegas Metro Helicopter

I saw this police chopper touching down in the desert yesterday, and headed toward it for these photos, best I could get! This police chopper and others like it fly over my place frequently. They fly through the canyons and… Read More ›