Las Vegas

The Sigma Five

These five photos are from yesterday near my favorite place – Red Rock Canyon. I consider them test photos but they are looking pretty good, I’m really happy with this new lens! As with anything photography, this little one pound… Read More ›

Testing The New Lens

Most of if not all of these photos were taken with the Sigma 10-22mm lens I purchased the other day. I’m still finding the best ways I can use it but these were fun test photos. It’s a super wide… Read More ›

Hydrolines & Sharp Peaks

The drive to Hoover Dam gets more interesting for me as you approach the checkpoint. The mountains are incredibly sharp and steep, yet the power company gets these big towers up there anyway for power transmission. Such an amazing place,… Read More ›

Bridge Walk One

The first set of my visit yesterday to the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge that crosses the Colorado River directly in front of Hoover Dam. If you’ve got the time and a good camera I highly recommend making this trip… Read More ›

Hoover Dam Via iPhone

Yesterday I drove to Hoover Dam just for the Bridge Walk. I’d not been on this bridge before except crossing it with the truck. The Bridge Walk is a great thing to do if you have the chance, it’s the… Read More ›