Las Vegas

Yesterday’s Desert

Just one little photo from yesterday that I forgot to upload not that anyone cares, right! I’m about to head out to the desert for a ride since it’s Monday and many of the tourists and locals have left. Time… Read More ›

Blood Suck Morning

Here are two photos from early this morning, too early on the way to the hospital for a blood draw. Again… A beautiful sunrise today with nill clouds and a calm wind for a change. The latest Wind Storm lasted… Read More ›

The Summerlin Spiral

Taken from east of Downtown Summerlin, the Summerlin Spiral as I call it protrudes above the higher foreground yet is dwarfed by the Front Range behind it. Beyond these small front ranges are two mountains covered in snow. Those peaks… Read More ›

Walking The Stripes

A Las Vegan crosses a busy intersection. If I were that dude, I’d have my head up and scanning around for numb nut drivers man! Last year there were around 400 pedestrians killed in Las Vegas for different reasons. KNOW… Read More ›

Sky Life

I rarely get to travel in an aircraft, so when I get the chance I’m on it. Usually it’s flying to and from Michigan twice per year, as soon as the weather warms the hell up in Michigan, I plan… Read More ›