Las Vegas

Water Brakes

As part of flood control in Las Vegas Valley these concrete dams and pilings help to slow the flow of water coming down from the surrounding mountains. There are also several very large Detention Basins around the valley as well…. Read More ›

Lone Mountain Road Construction

Just a quickie photo from yesterday while on a wander around the area… Always the road construction in Las Vegas! You are looking east with the two fifteen freeway directly behind you.

The Balloon

OK, I freely admit that these are really goofy photos! The balloon is floating over newly built homes for sale… Too rich for my blood. but the housing boom is still going strong in Vegas.

Dapper Dude

This looks like the same fella I photographed a few weeks ago in North Las Vegas. In any case, he’s not doing something bad! Keep in mind that it’s almost 100 degrees in Las Vegas Valley today!

Steak and Lobster

I had some things to take care of today so away I go with Nikon in hand. I finally have a nice pair of flip flops! Passing by the Rampart Casino I grabbed a couple photos quickly. This is a… Read More ›


Seven Eleven “gasoline” begets smog. Such a cozy relationship these two businesses have! Gasoline – a stupid word. Is this even an actual word in English? I’ve always found it stupid…