Las Vegas

Lake Views from Yesterday

Here are three more photos from yesterday when it was sunny. Today we have full overcast and fifty four chilly degrees at my home just now. I really miss the consistent sunny days of summer in the valley.

Ducks, Palm Trees and A Lake

I took these photos earlier today, it’s such a fabulous day today, too damn nice to set around the house all day! I have always loved ducks, all ducks for their beautiful colours and beautiful flight. Quack! The mountains beyond… Read More ›

Lined Up

Palm trees and hydro poles all in a row, from yesterdays travels. This is the ‘other’ Las Vegas… 😎

An Accident

Not me gladly, but on the way home from purchasing a new (and smaller) microwave oven I passed by this sad sight. I’ve been in some serious accidents over the years but none resulted in hospitalisation.

Northbound Physics

I’m northbound with a tiny piece of the Las Vegas Range many miles distant. Many Miles. If you look at the arrangement of the high voltage power lines at left and its wooden pole supporting structures, the leverage ratio is… Read More ›

It’s All I Have Today

I’ve been very busy today getting several things done around town, and now I’m stuck at home waiting for Cox Cable to show up and replace my almost dead cable box. Technical shit you likely don’t care to hear about…. Read More ›