Egg Rabbits & Old Barns

Both photos are iPhone photos, from a summer visit to Michigan 2017. The barns house several different things, the little egg-rabbit is something my mother bought years ago as a decoration. We miss you mom. It’s another gray day here so I hit the grocer, the drug store and another item. No new photos today, tomorrow’s another day.

WABX 99.5 FM, Deetroit

See that sticker on the heating duct exhaust? That sticker was placed there by yours truly during the late 1970’s and has obviously been there ever since. I lived in the house on the lake where this garage is until I graduated High School and my folks tossed me out. I mean that in the nicest way possible of course. You always remember your own first (party) place.

My two buddies and I had a (guess what) garage band here and WABX was our favorite radio station. WABX Rock left the air decades ago, it became a Jazz station I think. We had some great times jamming in that little garage, complete with built-in heating system and room for my drum set. The better we drank, the more the beer sounded… heh!

Locals will pronounce the extra E for Deetroit. Not Ditroit.