Mother’s Flowers from 2012

My mother loved her flowers and gardens so much, these flowers are her work. She could grow anything! She passed away in 2012, our family has never been the same. The death of a parent is a life changing experience.

Water Pump

This is one of the old fashion water pumps, it’s in Michigan at my folks’ place. They’ve added some sophisticated plumbing!

Alone and Abandoned

I spent decades on a private estate in Michigan doing this sort of work. Not on a tiny lawn mower pictured above, but the big sixty inch front-mounted mower decks and zero-turn radius kind of John Deere tractors. I mowed… Read More ›

Triple Busted!

I saw these three Metro units from a good bit away, had the Nikon ready but knew this is what I’d get! I pointed the cam at the scene and took the shot whilst my eyes were On The Road… Read More ›