The Hand Washer

The mailbox contains the soaps and towels, a cool idea my dad come up with years ago, and it’s still in use today! Directly behind me is a major man cave, complete with hydraulic auto lift, tools and a fridgy… Read More ›

The Pontiac Mall, 1967

Somewhere in this blog are photos of the exteriour of this mall which was renamed Summit Place Mall many years later. I spent plenty of time at this mall as a young man toting his girlfriend along. Oh those high… Read More ›

Urban Decay

These iPhone photos are from 2017 in Waterford, Michigan at the now long-closed Summit Place Mall. My old stomping grounds looked better decades ago. Sad. I was in Michigan for the family Christmas, took the day before the gathering to… Read More ›


Long ago, this deer skull was dropped in a pot of boiling water to clean it off, then bleach was added to brighten it up and sterilise it… Memories of my Michigan life!

From Whence I Came

Some of you know that I’ve been in Las Vegas for six years now. Some of you know that I come from Michigan and specifically, the sticks. These photos represent the life I once lived, the photos on my blog… Read More ›