Downtown Lapeer, Michigan

These are the last of the photos from my recent trip up north to Michigan. In recent years, many businesses have left this nice little downtown area for the busy main road which is M-24 just a short distance to… Read More ›

Farm Equipment

Here are some very old implements that I’ve dragged around turning the ground under over the years with some very large tractors. Via my Nikon and 35mm Primary lens.


We Northeasters use different words to describe things in a different way than those here in the Desert Southwest. In conversation with people here in Nevada I find it funny that people here don’t see the LP fuel tank below… Read More ›

Christmas Photos

Here are twenty more photos from my recent trip to Michigan for the family Christmas. There are a few more folders to go from the trip. I plan on visiting different hotels and venues on the Vegas Strip as soon… Read More ›

The Lapeer Depot

Restored in 1991 as the sign says, I was there during the reconstruction as well as the repainting of the retired train cars. They look like hell these days, the old train nutter crew I hung around with during those… Read More ›

Five Before The Snow

I arrived in Michigan one full day before our family Christmas party to have some free time for driving around town and to visit with my dad. I miss him so much! The snow didn’t show until after dark on… Read More ›

Photos From Michigan

Here are several photos from my Nikon and the 35mm Primary lens and the recent trip to Michigan for our early as always family Christmas. I’ve tons more to come from this trip, I hope you’ll stick around my friends!… Read More ›