NOAA Weather Radar Station

Located in White Lake Township, Michigan. I snapped this shot with the iPhone this past August when I was visiting my daughter and her new husband. Her first and only marriage shall we pray? If your a weather geek like… Read More ›

Dad’s Hotrod

My father has been a car man his entire life and has ran very successful car businesses. Hence he can afford his big boy toys! The main difference between men and boys are the price of they’re toys! This car… Read More ›

Mother’s Bird House

Many years ago my mother installed this very tall wood piling and placed a large multi-dwelling bird house atop it. She then planted the vines you see that have taken over this little house! I’m surprised it has been let… Read More ›

Mom’s Antique

I snagged this from my folks home in Michigan, along with several other items to keep close to my heart. We miss you mom.


Just two of several in my cap collection. The Wildcat Lodge was a hunting lodge my parents owned in Hillman, Michigan around twenty years ago. My dad had several of these caps custom made, I’ve had this cap for a… Read More ›

Tin Cup Sulphur

I’m not being paid for, nor would I ever accept payment for stating that seeing an advertisement on the tube reminded me of the early 1980’s when my parents purchased a large wooded property in Northern Michigan. Awesome freaking memories… Read More ›

Lake Angelus, Michigan

Another photo via the iPhone7 from this past August in Michigan. This is the lake I grew up on and were certainly the best days of my life. I had a dandy childhood here!