Woodlands in Sepia Tone

I took these photos many years ago, they have been in this space before but this set has been processed with HDR software but only gently so. These Michigan woods are super special to me as they have been owned… Read More ›

Mall Of Ghosts

As a young man I used to take my gal to this mall to shop and just hang out so many years ago now. It’s just so sad to me to see a part of my young life now slowly… Read More ›

The Crossing

The Canadian National Railway crosses a rural road in Michigan. Just a bit up is M-21, a State road that runs east-west. Cam: Sony RX100.


It’s been a few years now since I hooked up a Three-Point hitch to the back of a real farm tractor. Need your dirt flipped?

The Yellow Restaurant

This coney joint has been at this location longer than I can remember, but it wasn’t always painted this brilliant yellow colour either. It’s a hell of a colour contrast to it’s surroundings – typically gray Michigan skies. Repaint the… Read More ›