This Dude’s Trippin’!

I had reason to go just the other side of the Strip this morning and spotted this dude just shakin’ it in an empty parking lot. Must be some really good shit eh? Before I shot this video, he was seriously dancing around though. Welcome to Las Vegas my friends!

We Win!

It was a hell of a good game to watch on the toob! What looked like a spankin’ at first turned out to be a great game!

iPhone Photos

I was looking for the donkeys near Bonnie Springs today, just getting out for a bit and snapped these photos with the iPhone 7. Click a photo, looks better…

Photos From The Canon

During my trip to Michigan, dad and I were talking about cameras which is something we never discuss. Suddenly, he asked me if I would like to take a Canon camera home. Next goofy question please? Turns out, this is a Canon Rebel XS which he purchased in Florida in 2010. This camera is in mint condition and was used just twice in the last seven years which is really mind-blowing to me as I have ran the shit out of my Nikon over the last year or so since it’s purchase. Gladly, I have an extra camera bag!

So I charged the batteries up and cleaned the two lenses that came with the camera. I believe this purchase was also a Kit purchase as was my Nikon. Whether or not the 70-300mm lens came with it I’m not sure, I purchased my 70-300mm after the initial sale. in any case, the camera also has an 18-55mm lens as does the Nikon at purchase. These photos are test photos to me, and I’m aware that they are rather redundant. What say you about these photos? I find the focus is better on my Nikon…

Up With The Sun

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley! I awoke much earlier than assumed but that’s OK, look at the fantastic views. I’ve got several things to deal with this week beyond photo processing. I’m going to try to sign up for volunteering at a local Home to help the elderly as well as some other personal items. Time to adult up! Funny how talking with your father can give you so many great ideas, he is almost ninety years young and still going full on strong. I hope I can make it that many years! Back later today!